Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

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    The State Department's site says:

    A person wishing to renounce his or her U.S. citizenship must voluntarily and with intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship:
    1. appear in person before a U.S. consular or diplomatic officer,
    2. in a foreign country at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate; and
    3. sign an oath of renunciation
    (emphasis in the original)

    Note that it must be in an Embassy or Consulate.​
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    Didn't Wilhelm II. abdicate in this timeline and spend his retirement boisterously pursuing his hobbies? I would have thought he'd have been remembered as happier.
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    While the history books have the perspective of Wilhelm of enjoying his post abdication life, that is just what the public saw, what his family was was something much different, a man who is considered by most people to be the man most responsible for the First World War, an incompetent ruler and finally a tragic figure who lost his son and grandson before their time.
    This is why this timeline is great, we are seeing things from multiple Points of View from unreliable narrators which leaves the reader the freedom to interpret what is going on.
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    You are Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and I claim my five pounds.
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    Nancy just needs to bring a couple of friends with her. Kaiserin Kira, Countess von Mischner, the current Reichskanzler. No matter how pissed LBJ might be, it is just not worth a second unhappier rerun of the Trent incident.
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    I think you place too much on the OTL telling of history. In this TL the Entente powers can not white wash themself and their responsibility will be more in the front and talked about. Also their actions, ie. the blockade, will be much more discussed and be seen, at least IMO, in a worse light then OTL.

    So while Wilhelm II will get his dues, it will be much less them OTL as others will also be ponted at.
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    Very true and without WW2 the "Sleepwalkers" analysis will be arrived at without German action at WW2 to keep nationalist feeling enflamed and create the Lewis Namier school of historiography. And TTL Asquith and Grey will be John Charmley's bete noires rather than an obscure bankbencher called Winston Churchill.
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    Yeah, I imagined WWI is seen more as a collective nightmare with a sea of grey, along with some villains. I forgot, did Edith Cavell get executed ITTL? That was just one of several things that also helped to make the Germans the "bad guys."
  9. Threadmarks: Part 76, Chapter 1139

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    Chapter One Thousand One Hundred Thirty-Nine

    11th July 1955

    In Transit, North of Bremen

    Kiki knew that at that same time she should have been at the hospital volunteering. Oddly, because she had been spending time in the hospital along with the efforts of some of the others the entire Troop was being rewarded with a trip to the seaside. It seemed that they had far exceeded the number of hours that they were supposed to do during the just finished term. It made them look good and it made the Troop Leader look good.

    “Don’t look so surprised” Zella said, “Kat has always known how to get people to do the things she wants by having it be what they think they want.”

    Kiki fell silent after that, listening to Zella and Aurora talk to each other. She didn’t want to contribute to the conversation because she knew that she would start complaining. No one wanted to listen to that, particularly because they were supposed to be escaping from their lives for a few days. Kiki was left questioning the reality that she really that easy to manipulate.

    “What do you want to do for your birthday this year?” Zella asked. It took a few seconds for Kiki to realize that she was talking to her.

    “I had nothing planned” Kiki replied, “The whole birthday in July thing was for public consumption and I’m no longer considered a public figure.”

    Zella and Aurora just laughed at that. Few in the Press had gotten the idea that Kiki was to be left alone. So far, no one had discovered that she was volunteering in the hospital because of some clever shifting of her around. Strangely, Kiki felt a bit of guilt that she would be out of town for a few weeks and would not be in the hospital despite the patients encouraging her to go.

    “How we celebrated Kiki’s birthday in December was loads of fun” Aurora said, “She is right about July being so much empty frippery.”

    “Roasting marshmallows?” Zella asked, “Not to mention when we got into trouble for stealing that stuff and making a mess.”

    Aurora didn’t respond to that. She had very seldom caused trouble in her life and in this instance, she didn’t regret it, not for a second. Zella on the other hand was constantly getting in trouble for something, she saw that as just one more time that she had gotten caught.

    “We’ll do that again” Kiki said, “Except on the beach and it will still be loads of fun and there will others too. A formal party wouldn’t be.”

    Fort Meade

    Parker had learned his lesson, keep two sets of manuals. One for the men to have access to, the other he kept locked in the drawer of his desk. If the Base Commander or any other Brass came through on an inspection, the one that he kept locked up would be the one they could look at. If anyone asked, he was to tell them the truth. Anyone who had been around long enough to get promoted knew what the score was. Parker could have a complete set of manuals, or he could give the men in his Squad complete access, but he couldn’t do both. It was the same reason why in the motor pool many of the Noncommissioned Officers refused to let the Enlisted even consider using whatever tool kits they had. From an organizational standpoint it was atrocious, but it was just how things were done.

    Jonny and some of the other Sergeants joked about what they had seen in Mexico. That other Armies in the world did things differently. How the German Army was devastated because the taking of Mexico City had occurred twenty-three minutes forty-one seconds behind schedule. Jonny had said that he had watched once as their mechanics had worked on the engine of one of the assault guns that was supposedly the most common type of armored vehicle in the German Army. He said it was like watching surgery except it was diesel engine and transmission, not a tool or part out of place. The other thing he had seen was that the French Tank crews had figured out how to use the heat from the engines of their tanks to cook food. Parker suspected that Jonny had been pulling his leg with that last one.

    As Parker got further into the swing of things, life did get easier. He still had his father and few of the Officers on Base pressuring him to accept the billet for Officer Candidate School. Jonny had told him that if he did that, they would probably send him to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Jonny had not elaborated but he said that would be a stupid move and not just because their posting was a CIA cover. If he still wanted to go down that road, he should hold out until he got a better offer. To top it off, their involvement in the Silk Road Rally had been nixed this year. For some reason both the CIA and, more worrisome, Ford were keeping their people close to home.

    At the moment, everywhere outside the base felt heavy, like the air right before a lightening storm. While nothing had happened yet, they were all holding their breath. Jonny had reacted with his usual bravado when Parker had talked with him about it. “What’s the matter Parker?” Jonny had said, “Afraid of being a real soldier?” Parker didn’t mention that he would have to be insane not to be, he had asked about whether or not as being soldiers assigned to the motor pool they would be on the front lines. Jonny had just laughed at that before he explained to Parker what the score was. Jonny had come from 10th Mountain and Parker was regarded as Airborne because he had done jump training with the CIA. If everything went to shit, they should expect to immediately be reassigned to Studies and Observations Group which had recently been moved to Fort Drum, New York. That was when it occurred to Parker that Jonny had been asking the same questions months before he had.
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    I take it that they have not heard of the British Boiling vessel (it must exist in this timeline, too, a tank without tea is unthinkable!)
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    You might not be able to roast a pork loin til its fork tender, but a modern engine sure still gets hot enough to cook a steak.

    Depends on the design, but if it has split cylinder banks, that would be the best place to put it.
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    You can cook flank steak very nicely on the downpipe of a Land Rover Exhaust.
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    That would only apply to some patients in "Ward 8"... the psychiatric ward. Some but not all, as it would all depend on what one's mental illness was & how it manifests. Some mental health patients find some types of TV to be soothing.

    Regular patients aren't prisoners or wards of the state; they're free persons who may watch anything they choose of what is offered …. broadcast TV would be more limited in it's 'menu' than a cable setup. But for the hospital to try to limit what a non-psych patient watches would cause all kinds of problems. Believe me, almost nothing is worse than being in a hospital for any length of time with jack-diddly-nothing to do except listen to the beeps of the equipment, the snores of your room mate, and counting the holes in the acoustical tile on the ceiling above your head.
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    Oh boy
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  18. Threadmarks: Part 76, Chapter 1140

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    Chapter One Thousand One Hundred Forty

    15th July 1955

    Langeoog Island

    Kat was watching the girls on the beach from the back porch of her house as they celebrated Kiki’s “birthday” by roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, something that Nancy had introduced them to. It was nice to see them acting their age as opposed to being in such a rush to grow up. Between her having a definitive date for her service to end and Leni, who certainly deserved to be happy, getting married. Like the girls Kat had been a rush as well and lately she had learned that she had gotten a vast number of things wrong. Kat had run into one of her teachers in the market and she had gone on at length about how it was such a reward to see everything that Kat had made of herself. The teacher’s memory of things had been shockingly different from Kat’s. Her teachers as a group had been doing everything that they could for her in the Realschule that she had been attending that had been the only real option in her neighborhood. Later, Kat had been one of a handful of students who they had gotten into University preparatory classes in hopes that they might have a better life.

    At the time Kat had thought that they were trying to force her out. Standing there in the market Kat had realized that for years she had resented people who had tried to give her a chance at life, she had just been too hurt and despondent to care. She had confused their concern with condescension. Kat was left wondering what else she had gotten wrong in her life. Worse, she had felt the burning at the back of her throat and the coppery taste in her mouth that suggested that the ulcer was back the entire time she’d had that conversation. Taking the girls to the islands had seemed like an easy way to take a break without actually taking a break.

    She had talked with Doctor Holz about this, he had felt that it was good that she was finally examining her life. It was something that was far overdue. He had then scheduled her to have her stomach examined and a more general health check so that they could take care of the ulcer before it became a problem again. As soon as she got back from this Scouting trip, she had that to go to and it was something that she wasn’t looking forward to.


    When Helene had jokingly suggested that Gia pay to put out a hit on Fyodor Volkov, she considered it a serious possibility. First had come the letters and gifts. Small trinkets that were uniquely Russian; mostly in the form of bad poetry, chocolates and vodka. Gia had written back a few times, trying to gently discourage him from trying to woo her this way, an effort that had quite the opposite effect. Eventually, Gia had written to the one person she knew she could depend on to give her the skinny on what was going on in the Czar’s inner circle. A week later Gia got the letter that Lidiya, the Czarina of Russia had written back confirming that, yes, Fyodor was sweet on her and it was cute. Worse, he had asked Georgy as the head of the Romanov family if he had permission to court Gia and Georgy, the bastard, had basically wished him luck. Gia was rather certain that they must have had a big laugh about that over drinks in Moscow. Gia knew what they called her in the Czar’s inner circle, the Ice Saint or Grand Duchess Zima. She didn’t even want to think about the sorts of jokes that went along with those names.

    Then Fyodor had gone quiet for a few weeks. Gia would later learn that he had been sent to Siberia as a representative of the Czar, in a letter that had had been in a small package that had arrived at Gia’s house. Included with the letter was what Gia had thought was a piece of quartz the size of her thumb in a velvet bag. It seemed like strange gift for Fyodor to have sent her. In an effort to figure what the Russian Major was up to she had gone to the Gemology department in the University of Berlin. The Department Head had nearly had a heart attack when he had taken one look at the stone which had turned out to be an uncut diamond.

    Because Kat was out of town, Gia had gone to Helene for advice. Helene, being as practical as she was, had jokingly suggested that Gia sell the stone and use the money to rid herself of the troublesome Russian suitor. Then Helene had turned around and said that considering that it was an incredibly thoughtful and valuable gift it was, perhaps she should consider going on a date with Fyodor the next time he was in Berlin. The contradiction, not to mention the whiplash, was infuriating.

    It was later when Gia had been eating dinner with Anya that she regretted encouraging her ward to venture her opinions. Anya said that having a real family was an exciting prospect. Gia had told Anya not to be silly, they were a real family and Anya had disagreed. To Anya they were a good start, but to her an ideal family would consist of a mother, father and children. They were still far from that. In that moment Gia was very tempted to ask Anya what she would have done if Gia had not broken up with Asia but had thought better of it.
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    Romantic shenanigans.

    Personally I hope it winds up being a German story and not a Russian one...
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    Eine kleine verspätete Deutschstunde:
    False friends:
    Klinik =/= clinic
    Klinik (Krankenhaus, Klinikum, Hospital, Spital) = hospital
    Universitäts Klinik(-um) = main teaching and research hospital of a medical faculty
    Ambulanz = clinic
    hau ab, zieh Leine, verpiss dich