Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

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    ..Just past Macho Grande, unlike Stryker.
    Didn't anyone got it?

    HE is the Serial Killer. It seems like in this case, we are dealing with something very rare, namely MPD linked to a brain wound and PTSD.

    Blackouts, often by several Hours and incomplete I think, while is Job working, then he suddenly it's exposed to a mental trigger for the PTSD..... The problem is that the connections are mostly cut between hemispheres of the brain and the short term memory is also damaged.....

    When something triggers the PSTD, Job the delivery man is gone, and he is once again Job, the soldier in the charnel house that was Belarus, fighting against the Red Horde, not remembering anything else but killing everyone in his path, because he was alone and surrounded by Soviets....

    Like a recording, he repeats the ordeal again and again, by several Hours until the time where he escaped from the enemy and got the wound happens again and he wakes up without remembering......
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    An open topped armored vehicle it doesn't seem a good idea. It would be very vulnerable to airburst shells that would in use for at least 15-20 years already.
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    Perhaps, but in OTL the M-18 and M-36, which had similar mission and construction, though their armament was not as devastating, served in world armies until they fell apart after decades of service.
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    Thats more because they were available than anything else though. Post war military aid accounts for the majority of post war usage, and the country's that took them were either incapable of better domestic production (Greece, Venezuala etc) or replaced them as they could (Yugoslavia).
  5. Threadmarks: Part 91, Chapter 1417

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    Chapter One Thousand Four Hundred Seventeen

    16th December 1960

    Mitte, Berlin

    No one likes to be forced to act by circumstances that were far beyond their control, but that was exactly the situation that Kiki found herself in during the final days of 1960. The dormitory had cleared out for the Christmas Holiday, for lack of anywhere better to go, Kiki had moved back into the Winter Residence and counted down the days until the next term would start in January. Even if it involved spending the entire holiday babysitting Nella, she intended to do as little as possible. The problem was just like all the other problems in her life, created entirely by other people and their expectations.

    It had all started with a story that had run in the Mirror about her life on the Humboldt Campus and her activities in Korea after she had volunteered to go there. The title said everything about the angle that the journalist who had written it was taking; The People’s Princess and it featured things like Kiki using mass transit, spending her spare time with her friends, working shifts in the hospital as a trainee Surgical Assistant and the classes she was taking. Suddenly, the public had a lot more interest in her then they had before. While her identity had gotten her occasional mention in the Human-Interest section of the newspapers, now she was a big deal in ways that she had never wanted and with the social season coming the questions about her complete lack of involvement had come up.

    While Kiki’s father had been content not to rock the boat as far as his eldest daughter was concerned, the Order of Louise had taken a different perspective. To them it was a question of public perception. Just why was the Chairwoman of the Capitel refusing an important portion of her duties as a public figure? That had been news to Kiki, she had never thought of herself as a public figure, nor did she want to be one. Regardless of what she wanted, a couple weeks later she found herself playing a role in a public display that struck her as old fashioned and unbelievably sexist in nature. As if the only value she had was in the purity that the white gown that she was presently wearing for her introduction to the Imperial Court supposedly represented.

    Kiki had made the mistake of mentioning that if her attendance was forced then she would be wearing the field uniform of Medical Service or something equally ugly. That had led directly to a complete betrayal by Kat. The Gräfin had said that if she had been forced to attend events like this one when she was younger then she was perfectly prepared to take the sorts of measures that would be required to get Kiki to them. Kiki had not been prepared for just how ruthless Kat was prepared to be in this regard. Especially when at Charlotte’s prompting her father had decided that yes, Kiki would make her introduction this year and had ordered Kat to make that happen.

    Finding herself basically a prisoner of Kat von Mischner, Klaus Voll and a dozen hired staff as the preparations were made was not Kiki’s idea of a good time. Then Kiki had had seen the gown that she was expected to wear and all the comments that Zella had made about such events had come back to her.

    “How do you know it’s the right color?” Kiki had asked, only to have Kat and Voll bust up laughing.

    “It doesn’t matter, because you couldn’t tell a lie if your life depended on it” Kat had replied, “And this is about the fantasy that people have of you, not you. If that makes any sense.”

    To Kiki’s complete mortification, that made perfect sense. People saw her how they wanted to and there wasn’t a whole lot she would be willing to do that could change their minds. There was also the reality that Kat would doubtlessly be aware of, that Kiki’s inadvertent chastity was mostly because of a lack of opportunity for things to be otherwise.

    What had followed was hours of sitting in a chair as Voss’ people did their work and the young woman who Kiki saw in the mirror simply wasn’t her. Even the medal pinned to the left sleeve was wrong, it was no longer the familiar Order of Louise but a gold, enameled cross with diamonds and sapphires. In recognition for her contributions to the Order and for her selfless work overseas, Kiki had been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Louise. That made her the second ever Dame Commander of the Order, equal in rank to the Kat. Just the thought of that still gave her pause. Later when she had time to think about it, she had realized that some of the more conservative members of the Order had not been comfortable with the role that Kat played and that their hope was that Kiki would one day act to counter Kat, who they laughably regarded as something of a radical.

    As Kiki walked into the ballroom, she figured that she ought to be grateful that Voss had opted for sensible shoes to go with the gown. Though he had made a dark comment about how Kiki was a lost cause as far as anything else went.

    “Princess Kristina of Prussia…” The announcement started and continued for several minutes. Very seldom had she heard all that read aloud. It included not just the title that had come from her birth but to her surprise, several other things that were the direct result of personal accomplishment.
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    Well it's a way of adding vertical working space in an already crowded turret without raising the profile of the vehicle. Yes it's a compromise and sub-optimal but the history of AFV's is chock full of sub-optimal decisions. Nobody got it right all of the time and in peacetime politics and expense also play a big role especially if they are tying to procure a cheaper vehicle with the same firepower.
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    It is also a dual use vehicle, not only a tankdestroyer but also …"Of course, the Skorpion was also played the role of self-propelled artillery". This means that when it becomes outdated for its primary task, it can be used for a long time afterwards as artillery piece. This should make the penny pinchers really happy.
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    Poor Kiki.
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    Its a Jagdpanzer though. They're not supposed to do the heavy lifting, they're primarily defensive fighting from camouflaged ambush position (ie not drawing artillery fire) and then disengage when prudent, or brought up to deal with hardened targets and enemy heavy units.

    There's a reason why they're Jagdpanzerabteilungen not Jadpanzerdivisionen.

    The modern military obsession with everything being extra super-duper survivable and specially built is rather myopic, and often interferes with ANY solution being implemented, instead of merely a good solution.

    A solution simply being sub-optimal does not make it a poor solution. The Skorpion would be fast, flexible, effective, largely survivable, available, affordable, and above all, upgradeable.

    At the cost of slightly higher casual in specific circumstances.
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    Good luck with that lol.
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    Does the Skorpion ITTL resemble or is it based on the Skorpion , (German Tier VIII TD), from World Of Tanks?

    If so, then while the splash shield around the gun is fine against small arms and shrapnel, speed of deployment and redeployment are it's biggest advantages in game. So I'd expect similar here too.
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    It was based on an article about paper projects that never made it off the drawing board in OTL and the Lynx 1 hull as described would be better suited for that role. WOT based their idea on the same article, or one like it.
  13. Threadmarks: Part 91, Chapter 1418

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    Chapter One Thousand Four Hundred Eighteen

    25th December 1960


    Almost from the instant that Sigi had gotten out of the car she knew that coming home for Christmas had been a profound mistake. Astrid, her mother was in a melancholy mood. Apparently, she had given the household staff the holiday off even though Astrid barely knew how to take care of herself. The complicated relationship that Sigi and her mother had with the family estate was extremely apparent with the dilapidated appearance of the house. Sigi’s mother had never had the resources to make the repairs. Even if she had, Astrid would probably be incapable of supervising such a project and seeing it through. The rest of the overgrown property was in a similar state. What money they had was bound up in shares of Rheinmetall stock, a good portion of the dividends went to their creditors and the remainder was carefully controlled by the family trust. When she had turned twenty-one, Sigi had been briefed on the state of the family’s finances and had been horrified by the precarious nature of matters as they stood. Yet Sigi had been unable to find a way to get out from under the stipulations of her Grandfather’s will or change the terms that her mother had been living under. It seemed that Sigi’s grandfather had thought of everything and if she or her mother had a problem with it, leaving was always an option. Sigi had long felt that they should sell the estate, but her grandfather had made it clear that she would be unable to do so while Astrid was still alive and afterwards only with the approval of the family trust. While Sigi’s grandfather had not made the issues surrounding the circumstances of her birth, the fact that she was considered illegitimate was inescapable and it colored the way that the trust treated her. It seemed to Sigi that they would sooner have the estate fall into ruins than allow her to control it and it was already well on its way there.

    Now, it was well after midnight and Sigi had found her mother in the parlor having drunk two bottles of wine. This was after refusing to eat the evening meal that Sigi had prepared for both of them.

    “What a mess I’ve made of things” Astrid said wiping away a tear. Sigi hated it when her mother got drunk because she always got incredibly morose about how things were. It was obvious that she was in such a mood now and she always expected Sigi to try fruitlessly to cheer her up the way that Sigi had as a little girl. Sigi had been past that for years, she took a seat on one of the threadbare chairs.

    “I remember when you were little” Astrid said, “You were always so happy over Christmas.”

    Sigi kept silent, she remembered. The happiness that her mother mentioned always turned to disappointment as the reality of her present crushed whatever enthusiasm she might have had. Her grandfather’s cold formality and her mother escaping into the oblivion of pills and alcohol.

    “I remember before that even” Astrid said, “When the holidays were full of light and dancing. Everything was such bliss. That was Christmas time too, before all the unpleasantness that followed.”

    “You mean the wars, plural?” Sigi asked bitterly. Astrid frowned. Even in her drunken state, she knew that Sigi was mocking her. The event that she was referring to was when Astrid had been introduced to the Imperial Court in 1936. It had also been during that time that Astrid had met Sigi’s father.

    “You judge me, and you have no right to” Astrid replied, “When you have no idea how easy you’ve had it. I allowed myself to be used by a man who was wealthy and powerful because I was stupid enough to think that I was in love. After he got what he wanted, he threw me away.”

    This was well trodden ground. Whoever Sigi’s father was had treated her mother like a plaything and had been in a position to deny Sigi’s paternity. Her mother said that he had died, but Sigi wasn’t sure if she could trust that.

    “Your damned half-brother is just as much of an arrogant ass as his father was” Astrid said as she refilled her glass, “He had the nerve to ask about you last year.”

    “I have a brother?” Sigi asked, that was surprising information.

    “One of dozens probably considering your father’s tendency to stick it into anything that moved” Astrid said, angering Sigi anew. She had walked right into that one.

    “My brother?” Sigi asked, “Who is he, where can I find him?”

    Her mother looked at her, a calculating look in her eye. Sigi knew in that instant that she wasn’t going to get a straight answer, if she got one at all.

    “Take a look at a one Reichsmark coin sometime” Astrid said gleefully. As if Sigi wouldn’t see that for the non-answer that it was.

    It was all Sigi could do not to smash the wine bottle over her mother’s head. They had been playing these stupid games since she had been old enough to start asking questions.

    “I am going to stop coming around” Sigi said, “Then you will finally be able to rot away in this coffin of a house and pretend that no one cares, all alone.”

    “No, you won’t” Astrid said, “Not until you get the answers you want.”

    Sigi was on her feet, leaving the room before she did something that she would later regret. Her mother’s drunken laughter filling her ears.
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    Shades of Ben and the 50 pfenig coin.
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  15. Threadmarks: Part 91, Chapter 1419

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    Chapter one Thousand Four Hundred Nineteen

    2nd January 1961

    Kiel, Germany

    It was snowing when Christoph called it a day. The ships he commanded might be moored to the pier, but there were thousands of details that needed to be addressed despite them being in official limbo. He was in charge of a couple hundred caretakers who maintained the ships against the day they were needed again or were stricken and sent to the breakers. With each passing year the latter was looking more likely. It was the only way that someone as junior him would have commanded such a fleet. The Battleships SMS Preussen, Rhineland and Brandenburg and the Battlecruiser SMS Baier.

    Walking down the gangplank, Christoph saw the British Naval Attaché was standing on the concrete pier. Checking to see if the ships were still moored in place. It was something that he did every week. The High Seas might have forgotten them, but their former enemies certainly hadn’t.

    “Herr Admiral” Christoph said in greeting as he drew close.

    “A cold day Mister Hass” The British Admiral said with a smile.

    “Yeah, I noticed” Christoph replied, as he the flakes of snow that were falling all about them, it was getting worse and he wanted to be inside. “Still afraid that me and the lads will sneak out of the harbor and shell Britain on a lark?”

    The Admiral laughed at that. “If only the world were still that simple” He said, “We know that you barely have enough men and resources to keep these ships afloat. Mostly it’s just nostalgia that brings me down here.”

    So that much was apparent to even the British, Christoph thought to himself sourly.

    “I know that the old girls still have a lot of fight left in them” Christoph said defensively, “They just need a chance to prove it.”

    The British Admiral chuckled at that. “That, Kapitänleutnant is spoken like a true salt” He said, “I fear that the world will probably not oblige. We’re a dying breed, you and I. There is a similar place in Portsmouth, where Her Majesty’s Navy has placed the ghosts of her past.”

    That was a bitter pill. These ships and their proud histories being left to languish here in Kiel while the world moved on. Ghosts was the right word for it and here in Kiel the ghosts were real. Occasionally, Grand Admiral von Schmidt was seen walking the decks of the Preussen and never saying a word to anyone. There were rumors. That his mind was going, that he was just a shadow of the man who had led the Pacific Campaign. Christoph might not deal in such things, but it did explain why a man who had been bigger than life and was said to be a genius had so suddenly vanished from public view.

    Mitte, Berlin

    We think you will learn a lot and it will be good for you. That was what Kiki had been told when she had been assigned to the Imperial War Museum on Fischer Island where she was to be the Aide to a ninety-year-old semi-retired General.

    The Museum was considered an active post and was the repository of the institutional memory of the German Military going back centuries. The building itself had been continually expanded since its opening. These days it was more of a complex, with several buildings added to the grounds. The exhibits included hundreds of vehicles, from motorcycles all the way up to a submarine moored on the river. Weapons of every kind, most recently a 42cm “Big Bertha” howitzer had been added to the collection in addition to small arms. Not to mention that the armored train belonging to Manfred von Wolvogle was in a specially built hall. Then there were the archives that included letters, medal citations, journals and newspapers which a small army of volunteers worked to sort through.

    General von Lettow-Vorbeck had been the Museum Director since it opened and had been a popular figure with the visitors as he had personally led tours and told stories about Africa. In recent years he had played less of a public role and there had been something of a rethink regarding just how he had conducted his campaign as critics looked at it through a modern lens. The General’s response had been to say that there were few saints in Africa, especially not when there was a war being fought. The news out of that continent lately certainly bore that out, with the British and French embroiled in colonial conflicts where just leaving wasn’t exactly an option.

    “My son Arnd has a girl your age” Was the first thing that General von Lettow-Vorbeck said to her before asking “Fischer?”

    “I was born on this island, Sir” Kiki replied.

    “It’s a good thing that you don’t try lay claim to the other side of the island then” The General said, “That might be awkward.”

    “Excuse me, Sir?” Kiki asked.

    “The Winter Residence of the Emperor, who happens to be your father, is where all the other museums are.”

    Kiki really wished that the Mirror had seen fit to have binned that article about her. It seemed like people recognized her instantly now everywhere she went. It was growing very tiresome.

    “No matter” The General said, “I’ll arrange for you to be given the grand tour of the museum. I’d do it myself, but age catches up if you understand what I mean, and we’ll have you charming the socks off the VIPs in no time.”

    Kiki had needed to hide her annoyance over that. She wasn’t here to charm anyone. She was here to learn so that she could advance her career. Instead, she had been appointed to be the aide of a General who apparently didn’t need one and was expected to be a tour guide. The spring term was going to be an extremely long one.
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    The museum posting is something that Kiki needs to do as more and more of her job both as Princess and JMS officer is going to be in the public spotlight.
    Kiki has no real perspective on how she is viewed by the public both in Germany and other countries, she is probably being compared favorably to princesses in other countries as an example on how royalty should act in a modern society.

    With this being the 20th anniversary of the start of the Second World War maybe there will be the beginning of a movement in preserving the Flagship of the Pacific Fleet that destroyed the IJN during the war.
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    She finds reasons to complain about every assignment she is given, doesn't she? :)
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    Kinda like Kat.
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    Without the Holocaust to wake people up, it may take a lot longer for everyone to recognize and acknowledge the various genocides and colonial massacres that happened in the 19th and 20th century. Not that the Herero and Nama genocide was acknowledged by the German government all that quickly in OTL, but that was perhaps because it was overshadowed by the things that came later and not from a general unwillingness to acknowledge past massacres and cruelties.

    Still without the Nazis to serve as an example of how wrong certain things are, there is a chance that in this timeline certain types of behavior will continue more unashamedly than before.

    As for Kiki, she might learn to how to do PR and politics, which she will need wether she wants to or not and she might pick up some appreciation for military history and tradition. Reading citations and diaries of people who have made great sacrifices or committed great harm in the name of the crown her father wears may put things into a new perspective for her.
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    A 19-year-old who complains, even if inwardly? I'm not sure, is that realistic?