Striving for a world transformed by justice and peace - a TL from 1827

The motion from Fulham constituency Commonwealth party was debated at the conference in the morning of Saturday 1 October 1892. It would make it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of race, nationality, or religion, in the provision of housing , hotel or similar accomodation, services provided by cafes, restaurants or public houses, and financial services. It was moved by Edward Thompson. He described how he and his wife were refused homes to rent because they were black. It was based on the Civil Rights Act 1881 in the United States. (1)

Speaking for the government, the Home Secretary, Sarah Taylor, warmly welcomed the motion and promised that if conference passed it, the government
would introduce legislation in the next session of parliament to put it into effect. It was passed almost unanimously, and became Commonwealth Party policy.

Alice and Edward enjoyed their time at the conference. They went to its sessions, and heard the speech by the Prime Minister, Robert Applegarth. It received the customary standing ovation, and was fully reported by the press.

(1) See post # 1676 on page 84.