Star Trek: Enterprise; An alternate history of 21st century's science-fiction.

Prelude to Enterprise, Part I

"- Houston, we have a problem.
- What?
- Have you ever watched Star Trek?"

The first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise was aired on September 26, 2001 - fifteen days after unsuccessful attempt to destroy World Trade Center towers in the New York City, NY. Fifth live-action TV series set in the Star Trek universe was created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga who had based the concept upon Gene Roddenberry's classic 1966's Star Trek. One of the few innovations introduced to the Star Trek's story planning was use of Internet and pages related directly for the clearing of Star Trek's canon to improve episodes of the series. Extensive marketing of the "science fiction created by the fandom" (not exactly true) has generated immerse success of the first series' season.
Prelude to Enterprise, Part II
"Read my lips, no new races"


"As part of the preparations for the Enterprise, we have made an agreement. No new races - unseen or non-mentioned in previous series would be introduced to the franchise. It was tempting to include Temporal Cold War concept, or Klingons to the show. But we were inclined to fulfill promise made to the Trek's fandom. No new races. This time, promise had to be fulfilled." - Brannon Braga; 2009

Star Trek: Enterprise, a "prequel", set a century before the time of Kirk and Spock had to be correct with the previous series, if not more correct than some of them. For example, an arguments about Henry Starling, Augments, World War III and rise of the Federation would be explained through all seven seasons of the show. Some of the changes in initial script were made to fulfill fandom's demands - just like Human wars against the Hegemony of Kzinti. Some of them were not necessary but had been made to make the show more "classic" and "Trekkish". Thus, Starfleet was replaced by the Spaceflight Command - a subordinate of the United Earth Space Probe Agency. An old ilustration from the Star Trek: The Motion Picture depicting USS Enterprise XCV-330 was made into reality by creating yet another Enterprise, a victim of the First Human-Kzinti War.

Star Trek: Enterprise was meant to bring whole franchise into the 21st century. And it succeeded.
Foddering the Canon - Part I

"19th century was a century of rapid industrialization, increase in the quality of life for millions people of the Globe. 20th century was a time of rapid development of various techologies that transformed whole Manking. I believe, I am truly convinced that the 21st century will be a new age of exploration, century of the spacefaring civilization colonizing new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations. Boldly going where no one has gone before. The Mankind conquered land. The Mankind conquered sea. The Mankind has to conquer space." - Last interview of Henry Starling.
Henry Starling was introduced by the Star Trek: Voyager as a man who stole Federational technology from the future, adapted some parts of it and sold as his own, spending a life of a billionaire. Voyager did not clearly stated if Starling was a part of the Canon timeline or it was some sort of an alternate timeline creating by the Braxton's time travel. Concept was, however, taken by the Enterprise's director as the excellent explanation of the rapid technology growth mentioned in the Original Series and the Next Generation. Cryogenics, Sleeper ships, Millennium Gate, technology of genetic enhancement used for the Augments and nuclear space drive were all inventions of the Chronowerx or related corporations.


Dr. Rowan Nichols was an invetor of the transparent aluminium during late 20th century. Or, at least he was believed to be inventor of that. In truth, it was Mongtomery Scott, officer of the Starfleet from the 23th century who had passed vital information about invention to the late 20th century man in order to escape from 1980s Earth. Plexicorp was bought by Nichols and transferred into international corpration that lended heavy support toward Genetic Augmentation Project in order to create ne breed of Humanity.

Mysterious Doctor from the Future or Leonard McCoy was a major person in the rise of modern medicine. Pills given to the old woman who gained new kidney was re-created in early 2000s, saving thousands of people from death or incurable diseases.

None of these Starfleet officers were mentioned by name onscreen during Star Trek: Enterprise.


UESPA Enterprise (XCV-330) was an ambitious project undertaken by the United Earth Space Probe Agency to create an explorationary starship - a symbol of the quick recovery of the Earth destroyed by nuclear warfare. Built on 2123 with visible influences of Vulcan starships, it became one of the first victims of the First Human-Kzinti War.
Foddering the Canon - Part II
"Advances in sublight propulsion technologies make the sleeper ships obsolete" (TOS: "Space Seed") - 2018 vs 2118.


One of the most curious details of the United Earth's history included in the ST: Enterprise were sleeper ships. Travis Maywather, whose grandfather piloted one of them found a mistake in the historical accounts of the Institute of Early History in Paris which mentioned that sublight propulsion technologies made the sleeper ships obsolete around 2018 years. In fact, it was a small error of an experimental voice recorder used by local historian, Valery Picard who intended to mark that with the date of 2118. Unfortunately, it has not been corrected.


SS Valiant was an experimental starship sent by Zefram Cochrane on 2065 to explore space around the borders of the Solar System. Crew composed from the 9 volunteers under the command of Jane Kirk perished without trace few weeks after launch.
Alternate 20th century: List of American Presidents - Part I

President of the United States Richard M. Nixon (1969-1977)
Commander in Chief of the New Horizon (2161-2213)
Member of the Section 31 (2213-2372)
Emperor of the Nixon Empire (1776-)
Malfunction of the nuclear missile launched from the McKinley Rocket Base, American-Soviet Diplomatic Crisis, enacting of the military conscription to the Vietnam War during early 1968 have crippled the Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson and reputation of the Democratic Party. Three-way split between Democrats, Southern Democrats and Progressives effected in a landslide victory of Richard M. Nixon and huge gains for the Republican Party in US Congress. He had heavily supported eugenics as means of breeding new brand of humanity, by financing forcible sterilization of Native Americans, and subsidizing Genetic Augmentation Project. (ENT: "Cold Station 51")

Watergate Scandal took place during the second term of Richard Nixon's administration. As a result, his Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned from the office and was replaced by Gerald Ford.

Nixon made his historical visit to the People's Republic of China which was observed by the Vulcan survey starship.

Nixon created the first federalized, universal healthcare during the last year of his presidency.

(ENT: "Escape from Vulcan")

He was an idol for Arik Soong. (ENT:"Who Mourns the Augments?")


During visit to Beijing he was replaced with an impostor surgically altered to look like United States' President. It was a temporal intervention of Captain Malcolm Reed of UESPA Edmond Halley NX-11 that saved the original President and ensured survival of the timeline. Unfortunately, one his crew left small communication device by accident and fuelled the Chinese microelectronics as a result. In accident, Nixon gained some knowledge about future.

(ENT Novel: Temporal Assignment)

Shortly before his death Richard M. Nixon was frozen and send in a cryogenic probe to space. He was revived in 2152 by UESPA Copernicus NX-02 crew. He returned to Earth where he chose to find his direct descendants.

Twenty years later he was found to be Commander in Chief of the New Horizon's colony located on the rich M-class planet. His project turned to be one of the most successful 22nd century human colonies. He had extended his life through placing his conscioussness in a cloned body of himself. During years as a Commander in Chief he had supervised a rapid rise of local industry, invention of modern food replicator by Charlotte Nixon, introduction of Universal Basic Income in the colony (later it was copied by the United Earth and adapted by the United Federation of Planets).

(ENT comic:"Nixon's Back I&II")

Richard Nixon under cover of Ensign Arthur Dixon performs Section 31's mission to spy on James T. Kirk to check his sanity after "founding the Greek god". He bugs his cabin.

(TOS comic: "Nixon's Back III")

It was rumored that one or more of the Nixon's clones rose to the officer of the President of the United Federation of Planets.

(DS9 novel: "Conspiracy")

USS Voyager's shuttlecraft with Harold Rumsfeld (Nixon) crashlanded on the medieval-era planet located in Delta Quadrant during the first half of 18th century. Using remnats of Federation technology, cloning device he always had with himself and extensive knowledge (of United Earth, Federation, various members' worlds, Section 31) stored in an electronic computer implanted in his brain he was able to establish a world government with himself as an eternal young Emperor restoring his 1950s appearance. He had supervised development of the planet since the arrival to the establishment of the Empire of Nixon, spanning on the half of a Delta Quandrant. He had defeated Borg and forced it into submission.

(VOY novel: "Ruler of the Universe")

Three years after Voyager return to the Earth, new Borg Queen asked Federation for political asylum for herself and her species.

(VOY novel: "Hobus")
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This one, I'm assuming.

Thanks fo the link, I read it long time ago. Maybe it's a time to refresh some things from that. I have wondered about what impact Spock left on eugenics and selective breeding. Strange Asian American associated with a well known, popular social worker who have just disappeared. Shortly after he also disappeared. I think that some proponents of breeding a super race could use this as an argument (Nazis, white supremacists, other nuts).
Alternate 20th century: List of American Presidents - Part II

President of the United States Gerald Ford (1977-1985)
President Ford continued Nixon's policies on Eugenics by secretly funding Genetic Augmentation Project and various other scientific projects. (ENT: "Cold Station 51")

Ares I performed manned flyby over Mars during his last year of Presidency. Gerald Rudolf Ford's Martian Space Station was named after him. (ENT: Mars)

He followed Nixon footsteps in foreign and domestic policies. (ENT: "Escape from Vulcan")

His wife openly admitted to having sex as often as possible in Queens' Bedroom. (ENT:"Good Old Archer")
Alternate 20th century: List of American Presidents - Part III

President of the United States John Glenn (1985-1993)
Have sent United States' Armed Forces to the Middle East during opening stages of the Eugenics Wars. (ENT:"Who Mourns the Augments?")

During his Presidency "Spending on NASA went over the roof". He supervised creation of the first Martian space station and spearheaded nuclear power as a spacecraft's drive. Was frozen shortly before his death and sent into space. His Vice President was Geraldine Ferraro. (ENT:"Good Old Archer")

He supervised creation of the supersecret Department of the Extraterrestial Technology codenamed Section 31 after the "Chekov's Incident"[1]. Also led to the fall of the Soviet Union through economic sanctions and rollback strategy.
(ENT: "31s")

Was refrozen by UESPA Enterprise NX-01 and escorted to Earth. He had described "things from the future" to Archer - phasers, more advance communication devices, cloak technology from a 23th century's Federation Starfleet Officer[1]. Few years later he was briefly mentioned as an Spaceflight Command's observer on the Zefram Cochrane's Space Base located on asteroid in the Solar System.

(ENT: "An Astronaut, Soldier and President", ENT:"These are the Voyages")

Played by John Glenn in ENT: "An Astronaut, Soldier and President".

[1] Obvious reference to the ST: "Voyage Home".

Fell into Nexus and met James T. Kirk. Emerged in the 29th century and met Captain Braxton.
(ENT novel: Two Lives)
Alternate 20th century: List of American Presidents - Part IV

President of the United States Hillary Rodham (R) (1993-2001)​

The first female president of the United States. (ENT:"Flasbacks")

Committed more troops against Khan Noonien Singh. Reinstated military draft (ENT:"Who Mourns the Augments?")

Started Millennium Gate Project with the help of Plexicorp, Chronowerx and Keeler's Corporation. Supervised the first manned landing on the Mars. (ENT:"Millennium")
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Persons of Special Interest - Part I

Supervisor Shannon O'Donnel (2001-2050)
Was recruited to the Section 31 in early 2001. She have rose in ranks to Supervisor and commanded her own spacecraft later in life. Was noted by Agent Reed (under strong intoxinating drink) as the most exceptional aerospace engineer of her time. He mentioned that it was Section 31 which blocked her admission to NASA.

(ENT: "31s")

While in his early 20s, Archer fell in love with Catherine Janeway[1] but she refused due to her pursuit of "spaceflight, exploration and the coffee". Archer noted that pursuit of coffee will lead her of her descendants into serious troubles - just like stranding a starship thousands light years away.

(ENT:"Good Old Archer")

Vice-Admiral Catherine Janeway commanded Task Force 1 during battle of Vulcan. [1]

(ENT: "Escape from Vulcan")

[1] Both played by Kate Mulgrew.

Shannon O'Donnel performed several missions against Augment facilities in China, India and Indonesia.

(ENT novel:"Agent O'Donnel")

During one of her missions she had helped time-displaced USS Voyager to return to 24th century. She met Kathryn Janeway and told her truth about her involvement in the Section 31.

Shortly before her death, she had performed slingshot around Sun and transported herself in time to 2378. She was rescued by modern Federation medical technology and lived several dozens of years after time travel.

(ENT novel:"Time Traveler")
Performers considered for the Captain of UESPA Enterprise' role

Claudia Black was chosen by producers of the Star Trek: Enterprise to play Captain Florence Reilly. Previously she has played Ensign Moira McPherson on Star Trek: Voyager (1 episode).


Scott Bakula was the original choice of Brannon Braga for the role of Captain Jackson Archer. He was rejected due to popular demand for a female captain (as measured by series of Internet polls). Bakula was given role of the First Officer of Enterprise Jonathan Archer.


According to the rumors of one of the filming staff, Amanda Tapping was approached with an offer to play Captain Erika Hernandez of the Enterprise. She has never confirmed nor rejected those rumors.


Jeri Ryan stated in an interview (2018) that she had been offered to play major role in the Star Trek: Enterprise. It is rumored that she have meant a role of captain.​