ST15RM's Handy Dandy Basemap Size Comparison (or SHDBSC)


so, i've been thinking, hey, wouldn't it be cool if i made a size comparison image to compare all the basemaps of so i made this... thing. as you can tell, it ain't done.
so far, i will list all these basemap families (with their respective colors).
WorldA/QBAM(and derivatives) will go from the zepto-worlda (a joke map that is 1/729th the size of the worlda) to the MBAM
EqualX which will cover all planned sizes (if @ksituan can ever finish it)
XK-BAM which will go from the 2K-BAM to the VT-BAM (i didn't want to create a single category for that one map that's basically the same)

if you know any other basemaps that are used, have been used, or even joke maps, send an image and i'll add them (as long as you have an image). i will not include vector maps, maps that have not completed their coastlines, or maps used solely for one project.

added the worldM and the Q-BAM

oh, and btw: what those abbreviations are:
z-WorldA is Zepto-WorldA
a-WorldA is Atto-WorldA
f-WorldA is Femto-WorldA
p-WorldA is Pico-WorldA
n-World is Nano-WorldA
μ-WorldA is Micro-WorldA