Soviet Russia after an early end to WW1?

Could Lenin or other Communists rise to power in Russia if Germany surrendered late 1917 or early 1918 instead of November 11, 1918? Assuming Lenin still ends up in Russia somehow.
Probably not.

If Germany's situation is that much worse, Russia's would be better, reducing the political stresson the Imperial government or any provisional government.
I didn't say that Germany's situation was worse. Just that they surrendered early.
If their situation is not worse, why does Germany capitulate sooner?
It might not Germany's particular situation; i.e. it could be that Turkey and Austria have collapsed, and Germany sees they can't fight on alone. But that would also relieve strain on Russia.

I just don't see how Germany would capitulate a year early without other major changes first, barring some kind of ASB event like a meteor destroying Berlin. Or an American inventor developing a really effective tank, and the US Army shows up in 1917 with an armored corps that blows right through the Western Front, so that from effective PoD to German capitulation is only a few weeks.