Sealion Realtime Coxed

Long time lurker, first time poster. Seen a lot of Sealion threads. Here it is in real time (Hopefully, except when I'm asleep). Used one source primarily, anybody knowing the topic will probably pick it up. Will cite it at the end. patch_g

September 21st

2100 Invasion fleet sails from French ports


2101: Invasion fleet sunk by three-inch waves.

Given how the navies have shrunk in the past 60 years what´s left of the RN could hardly stop an invasion fleet. But the shrinkage would also affect the invaders, hence three inch waves becomming an effective weapon. :D
OMG what is with these Sealion threads:/ I mean seriously Sealion is impossible, can't you people get that.... You know what screw it all, let someone else explain... I don't get it why so many Sealion Threads!!!!
Well, if you are a long term lurker, you should be aware of the typical reactions of such things. Be thankful Bill Cameron isn't around.

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Trying for bulletin style thig

0200 Home Fleet sails south from Scapa Flow and Rosyth, ambushed by U-boats, although no major damage is done.
0235 MTBs from Dover, already inside the minefields supposed to protect the invasion, intercept the invasion fleet, several barges are sunk
Any serious attempts to write something on Sealions will result in a lot of flak, so if you have thick skin, keep it up.
0500 En route to the invasion area from Portsmouth, the cruiser Manchester and 3 destroyers are engaged and sunk; 3 German destroyers are sunk as well