Sea Lion Press New Book Releases Announcements Thread


After three years and sixty publications, we've decided it's time for Sea Lion Press to listen to its customers and become more of a hub for alternate history. No longer merely a publishing house, Sea Lion Press is now setting out to be a crucible of activity in the counterfactual fiction world.

That's why today, we are unveiling a new 'magazine' feature front-and-centre on our website, which will publish articles from Sea Lion Press authors and leading thinkers on alternate history about on the current state of alternate history, reviews, comment pieces, and occasional short stories. We're also launching a brand new forum, for discussion of Sea Lion Press titles, alternate history and more.

The forum will be where all our articles are discussed, as well as a place for budding writers to swap notes, publish drafts, and eventually flag up their ideas to be submitted to Sea Lion Press. We'll be happy to look at anything that comes our way from the forum.

With more examples of alternate history reaching television, film and video games than ever before, alternate history is making the jump from niche literary interest to mainstream phenomenon. It's time for Sea Lion Press to move with the (OTL) times, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

More paperbacks

We’re also thrilled to announce that five more paperback editions of our books are now available, with more coming very soon. Visit our paperbacks page for more info.
It would be a dream to have a book of mine published.

Either I would use my forum handle, or the pseudonym Alexandr Torenov (A character from an old election game I was in.).
Great, another website to waste my time on - in the best possible way :p.

(Yep, already registered, with the same name - boring, I know, but with my memory... :rolleyes:)