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In 1453 the Ottoman fleet participated in the historic conquests of Constantinople, Gökçeada, Lemnos and Thasos. The conquest of the Duchy of Athens and the Despotate of the Morea was completed between 1458 and 1460, followed by the conquest of the Empire of Trebizond and the Genoese colony of Amasra in 1461, which brought an end to the final vestiges of the Byzantine Empire. In 1462 the Ottoman fleet conquered the Genoese islands of the northern Aegean Sea, which were administered by the Gattilusio family, including their capital Mytilene in the island of Lesbos. This was followed by the Ottoman-Venetian War of 1463-1479. In the following period the Ottoman fleet gained more territory in the Aegean Sea, and in 1475 set foot on Crimea on the northern shores of the Black Sea. Until 1499 this was followed by further expansion on the Black Sea coasts (such as the conquest of Georgia in 1479) and on the Balkan peninsula (such as the final reconquest of Albania in 1497, and the conquest of Montenegro in 1499). The loss of Venetian forts in Montenegro, near the strategic Castelnuovo, triggered the Ottoman-Venetian War of 1499-1503, during which the Turkish fleet of Kemal Reis defeated the Venetian forces at the Battle of Zonchio (1499) and the Battle of Modon (1500). By 1503 the Ottoman fleet raided the northeastern Adriatic coasts of Italy, and completely captured the Venetian lands on Morea, the Ionian Sea coast and the southeastern Adriatic Sea coast.

That's about the extent and capabilities of Turkish naval operations at the time.
Granada is too far away that the Turks mght do something meaningful at the time, not to mention send 3 large expeditionary armies.
I agree, their power base is the Aegean Sea, Eastern Med and Black Sea. For them to go to Iberian peninsula they need to control malta and Sicily. Otherwise that their fleet could be attacked and destroyed and they have no way of getting them back. Plus it would mean they need to strip their other territories of their naval forces
About Nova Lusitania, isn't it logical that it comprises OTL Quebec and even maybe Ontario too, because when you have Maritimes and N. England, then ST. Lawrence river is close, and there's no better mode of communication at the time... Plus Portugal will have 100+ years head start, way before France or England...