Santa Anna dies during the Pastry War

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    Aug 24, 2018
    I was googling around about the Republic of the Rio Grande and skimmed over the Pastry War between Mexico and France, finding out that Santa Anna had been hit by a grapeshot in his leg, which had later been amputated and fueled his future rise as he exploited it as propaganda for political gain. Now what if Santa Anna had been hit somewhere else and died, or succumbed to his injuries or infection before he could have been saved?

    I don't know much about Mexican History, in fact, at all, but as I understood, Santa Anna was a driving force behind centralizing Mexico and leading to the multiple split-off states afterwards. What could have possibly happened if he had died instead? What would change in Mexico?
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    Wrong forum
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    Whoopsie. I usually frequent After 1900, so I made a.. massive mistake. No wonder I got zero responses.
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