Sakura's World of Alternate Sports

Opening Post
Hello! Welcome to a thread I created for myself to explore and inhabit my strange fascination with sports. I initially contemplated so many times to start up my own threads to start a timeline, but instead of always starting and creating dead threads, I would just make my own where I can dump them here. Of course, I'll do my best to keep the threadmarks update and for viewers and observers of this. I don't expect to have some fancy introduction first post, but maybe I'll make it have links so everyone can have easy access to timelines or themes instead of scrolling through the long list of threadmarks.

This thread will contain various ideas and changes from my favorite types of sports, and possibly even trying to branch into other sports as well to try and develop alternate scenarios for them. However, expect a vast majority of my stories to be related to Basketball and (American) Football, since those I'm really passionate about. You may also see me delve into the world of MMA from time to time.​
I want to see

Kosho from 'The Prisoner' Tv Series

Olympic Auto Racing

Baseball going to a one game a week NFL Schedule

Relegation for all major sports to prevent tanking

Modern Day Chariot Racing