Sacred Fire of Liberty - the story of these United States

Would you mind explaining the abbreviated state names?

Also,if Delaware is that small could it be for the Federal District,or is it just that small?
Monahannog, Spotsylvania, and Franklin

Yea, Delaware is just that small - I’m currently leaning towards placing the national capital at Wright’s Ferry
the United States, 1795

Well, it’s finally done, and a day ahead of my plan! I’ve scheduled a Reddit post for it in a couple of hours, so I’ll be sure and update this thread with the link for that when it posts.

Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback - I hope this map will be a proper kick-off for what may well be my most detailed TL yet. Cheers!

Here’s the current progress on the 1763 Europe map, slated to be released before month’s end