Russian Revolution & Soviet Union without Trotsky or Stalin

What would become of the Revolution and the USSR as a whole if somehow both Trotsky and Stalin were killed before Lenin died. This most likely would happen during the Russian Civil War. Would the Revolution even succeed without them? Who would even succeed Lenin if both Trotsky and Stalin were dead?
Who would even succeed Lenin if both Trotsky and Stalin were dead?
Zinoviev was an heir-apparent even with Trotsky and Stalin alive. But he was an unlikable fellow, even less popular in the party than Trotsky. Incendiary speeches without organizer's talent.
So, some kind of collective leadership.
Bukharin comes to mind, he was pretty influential in the party. Even more influential, though he was not a major theoretician, was Rykov.

Trotsky was very unpopular in the party, and even if Stalin alone had been taken out of the picture he would not have been the obvious alternative for the post of general secretary.


If Stalin and Trotsky die, maybe this butterflies the death of Yakov Sverdlov? He was certainly a promising young Bolshevik that could play a significant role in the post-civil war leadership. He was close with Lenin, a capable organizer and administrator, and one of the key figures in the early Central Committee. Also, his relevant youth could have him living until the 1960's and 1970's..
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