Run Through the Šar-Plannina: A Springtime of the Vardar Basin Timeline

After making so many jokes about Vardar Insurgents in other threads, I'm actually going to make a timeline about said Vardar Insurgents.
August 11-12, 1903:

President Nikola Karev of the Kruševo Republic, seeing that the 18,000 Ottoman troops marching on Kruševo will inevitably overwhelm the 800 Republican irregulars in the town, publishes the Second Kruševo Manifesto, declaring the Republic to be the first Marxist state in the world, believing that it is better to throw a light into the future than die for no advancement.

However, Pitu Guli, an Armãneashti commander in the Kruševan Army who was already hostile to Karev do his personal leanings (Guli believed that a coalition of Christian Constitutional Monarchies should succeed the Turks versus Karev's Pan-Slavic Marxist Federation) responds to this by awaking his ~370 light cavalry and skirmishers and crossing the Turkish lines in the dead of night (spiking several Turkish guns on their way out) and escape across the Demir Hisar, reaching the foothills of the Galičica range.

Karev furiously declares Guli a traitor, but the declaration is lost as Kruševo is burned to the ground as the Turks breach the walls.

August 15, 1903:

Meanwhile, outside of Skopje, Bashibozuks overwhelm the monastery of St. Vančo. Nikola Pushkarov and twenty-six other rebels hijack a train a mile south of Skopje and proceed to ride it as far as Čelevec before the tracks are destroyed. The rebels dismount, and all but two make it to Salonika whence they sail for Athens.

Also meanwhile, Guli and his band are ferried across Lake Prespa by a flotilla of masked Rrãmãneshti fishermen who deposit them at Prespes before returning to their docks in Albania. Guli rides south.

August 15-31, 1903:

Pushkarov attempts to round up any surviving IMRO fighters in Athens, where he is confronted by the various Vardar Serbian and Vardar Greek fighters who claim that the IMRO cares only for the Vardar Bulgarians. Pushkarov begrudgingly agrees, and on 26 August 1903 VBLO, or Vardar Basin Liberation Organization.

Guli sets up a base of operations in Karvasaras, Greece, and begins organizing for another revolution......

In Armãneashia.
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Some naming issues -

Armãneashce, Armãneashti, and Rrãmãneshti all refer to the same people. The Rrãmãneshti are the Armãneashce living in Ottoman Albania and the Vardar Basin, and the Armãneashti are the Armãneashce living in Greece.

I will be using "Vardar Basin" to refer to FYROM/North Macedonia/Macedonia, F-You-Greece. Vardar Serbs, Vardar Greeks, Vardar Bulgarians, Vardar Turks and Vardar Aromanians/Rrãmãneshti are the current terms for the denizens of the Basin as a Vardar Macedonian national identity wasn't widespread until at earliest 1908.
September 1903:
Shula Guli, Pitu Guli's 19-year old son, arrives in Bucharest, being hurried into Sectia-II headquarters as soon as he steps off the train. Nothing is known of what was said, but when Shula leaves two days later his train car's manifest lists several famous figures of the Armãneashian Revolution, particularly Mitre Pandzharov and Lakia Neagev, and the passenger''s luggage were filled with 150 Steyr PHM rifles, 9,000 rounds of .577 ammunition, and most importantly, three .577 Maxim Guns and a disassembled 1897 75mm Cannon with 25 75mm rounds. The train went to Tulcea, before the men and weapons were put on a ship.
260 Armãneashti volunteers arrive in Karvasaras.

October 1903:
130 Armãneasht fighters arrive in Karvasaras

November 1903:
The Romanian arms shipment arrives in Karvasaras. Guli moves north to Gardiki, inside the Ottoman Empire. The town's populace welcomes him with open arms, and the town is fortified within the span of two weeks.
Gheorghe Diamandi, an Armãneashti fighter, fortifies the town of Avdhela and quarters a band of 40 in the town. Other bands begin fortifying small towns and caching weapons across the Sanjak of Yannina.

December 1903:
The second Romanian arms shipment arrives in Karvasaras. This one is much larger, with 310 Winchester 1892s, 60 Steyr PHMs, 11 .577 Maxim Guns, 60 75mm rounds, 4,000 .577 rounds and 3,000 .44 rifle rounds.
Hum, quite a good , promising start. The Spirit of the Anti-Ottoman revolt should be lighted with full pride!! Now, without jokes, it's really a good TL