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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Though the Velvet Underground spent 1969 touring, they made periodic stops at The Record Plant to record some of the new songs they had developed on the road. These recordings likely would have made up their fourth album, had MGM not dumped them and kept ownership of the tapes; moreover, by the time they signed to Atlantic, their musical direction had shifted and they opted to record a brand-new batch of songs instead. The Plant sessions would be shelved until 1985, when they (along with some earlier outtakes) were rediscovered, brushed off, touched up and put out as VU and Another View.

    These two compilations have been a source of fascination and frustration ever since their release: fascination, because it gives a look at "the lost fourth album"; frustration, because that fabled album is split across two records and with unrelated sessions thrown into the mix. Thus, it's been a popular past-time for Velvets fans to put together their own version of the so-called lost album, using tracks from both compilations. This is my own take on such an endeavour— but, since this is an alternate history site, I've given it a bit of a spin. Instead of being built around what was recorded, this is built around what could have been recorded (based on what the band had written and was performing at the time) had things gone differently.

    So, the POD: The Velvets aren't prematurely dropped by MGM. Maybe new CEO Mike Curb (who purged the MGM catalogue of underperforming acts, including the Velvets) is brought on a bit later, and/or the Velvets are given a reprieve and allowed to fulfill their contract (since it was almost complete anyway— this would have been the second album in a two-album deal). Whatever the case, this means that the Velvets continue their periodic recording sessions— specifically, that they return to the studio through November and December to record several songs they had been debuting and testing live: "Only You", "New Age" and "Sweet Jane".

    At this point the band believes they have more than enough material to work with (17 songs total), and were beginning to figure out what they wanted to do with their next album— make it sound like their live shows: energetic and rollicking rock-and-roll, with a bit of an eye to a more 'accessible' and 'catchy' sound. The completed album is named Good Times with The Velvet Underground, in reference to the lead single "We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together" (itself a wry, sardonic joke about being 'more accessible').

    Good Times… was a relative hit for the band— peaking at 157 on the Top 200— but nowhere near successful to avoid MGM's washing their hands of them. "Sweet Jane" and "Rock and Roll" would later become minor radio hits in the mid-late 70s, when they became staples of Lou Reed's solo performances.
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    I'd lile to see someone try and do a Buggles thing, or some other one-hit winder OTL who'd be absolutely massive in another timeline. Am I being weird?
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    A little background on this album, in 1959 while stationed in Germany and during his off time he went into a local bar and saw a group of young men playing some music and love their sound so when they were finished he went over to them and was meet with them fanboying out once they saw him. Elvis befriended the group and had a jam with them, which he would record then he sent them to RCA for them to listen. Eventually he was discharged and invited the group (now known as The Beatles) to his mansion in Memphis where they would jam out more, they would eventually be signed by RCA and they would play with their idol on their debut album.



    song title lead vocals writer (if one of the beatles)

    Side A
    1. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Elvis, Lennon, and McCartney) (Lennon/McCartney)
    2. Fever (Elvis)
    3. I Will Be Home Again (Elvis with backing vocals by McCartney and Lennon)
    4. Dirty Dirty Feeling (Elvis with backing vocals by The Beatles)
    5. Thrill Of Your Love (Elvis)
    6. Solider Boy (Elvis with backing vocals by The Beatles)

    Side B
    1. I Wanna Be Your Man (Elvis and Starr) (Lennon/McCartney)
    2. Such A Night (Elvis with backing vocals by The Beatles)
    3. Hold Me Tight (Elvis and McCartney) (Lennon/McCartney)
    4. Girl Next Door Went A-Walking (Elvis with backing vocals by The Beatles)
    5. The Girl Of My Best Friend (Elvis with backing vocals by The Beatles)
    6. Reconsider Baby (Elvis and Lennon)
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    Hey dude, it’s not cool to copy albums
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    Jesus, atleast give me credit
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    Following their debut in the music scene, The Beatles would make their film debut as cameo roles in Elvis' film G.I. Blues. Following the release of the soundtrack and His Hand In Mine, they and Elvis would work on their second album together.

    song title lead vocals writer (if one of the beatles: Also if the beatles aren't mentioned as doing the background vocals or singing, they're doing the instrumental)

    Side A

    1. She's Not You (Elvis with background vocals by The Beatles)
    2. Thank You Girl (Elvis and Lennon) (Lennon/McCartney)
    3. Suspicion (Elvis with background vocals by The Beatles)
    4. I Call Your Name (Elvis and Lennon) (Lennon/McCartney)
    5. Kiss Me Quick (Elvis with background vocals by The Beatles)
    6. Stepping Out Of Line (Elvis and The Beatles)

    Side B
    1. She Loves You (Elvis, Lennon, and McCartney) (Lennon/McCartney)
    2. Night Rider (Elvis)
    3. Roll Over Beethoven (Elvis and McCartney)
    4. That's Someone You'll Never Forget (Elvis with background vocals by The Beatles)
    5. I'll Get You (Elvis with Paul McCartney) (Lennon/McCartney)
    6. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Elvis)

    This album would outsell their first album and would follow up with The Beatles and Elvis touring the US.
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    Side A

    1. Talking and Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis)
    2. She Loves You (Elvis and The Beatles)
    3. Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis)
    4. (Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame (Elvis)
    5. Such A Night (Elvis and The Beatles)
    6. I'll Get You (Elvis and McCartney)

    Side B
    1. Jailhouse Rock (Elvis and The Beatles)
    2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Elvis and The Beatles)
    3. Thank You Girl (Elvis and Lennon)
    4. She's Not You (Elvis with The Beatles)
    5. Roll Over Beethoven (Elvis and McCartney)
    6. Hound Dog (Elvis and The Beatles)

    Each track was taken from a single show in the tour with the beginning and the end being the same show. The album cover would become controversial after President Kennedy's assassination in 1963 and was replaced with the following.
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    After the success of the previous three albums with The Beatles, Elvis and the band would star in a movie together entitled A Hard Day's Night. This would be the first time The Beatles would have a starring role in a film, all previous appearances were cameos.

    Side A

    1. A Hard Day's Night (Elvis with Lennon and McCartney)
    2. What A Wonderful Life (Elvis)
    3. If I Fell (Elvis and McCartney)
    4. I Got Lucky (Elvis with The Beatles)
    5. And I Love Her (McCartney)
    6. Tell Me Why (Elvis)*

    Side B
    1. Home Is Where The Heart Is (Elvis with The Beatles)
    2. I'll Cry Instead (Lennon)
    3. I'm Happy Just to Dance with You (Harrison)
    4. King Of The Whole Wide World (Elvis with The Beatles)
    5. You Can't Do That (Elvis and Lennon)
    6. I'll Be Back (Elvis with Lennon and McCartney)

    A Hard Day's Night was the first album to have a song not to feature Elvis singing for the first time, Col. Parker was heavily against this but he could do nothing about it.

    * Tell Me Why was originally recorded in 1957
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    I love this series Hulkster! Hopefully the Beatles are happier to stay together ITTL and Elvis doesn't become unhealthy.
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    Aaaaaand just like that, tragedy strikes.
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    What do you mean?
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    I guessing he means you've jinks it.

    But we'll just have to wait and see... ;)
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    Return To Sender

    Side A

    1. Return To Sender (Elvis with The Beatles)
    2. No Reply (Elvis and Lennon)
    3. I Don't Wanna Be Tired (Elvis)
    4. Rock and Roll Music (Elvis)
    5. Because Of Love (Elvis with The Beatles)
    6. I'll Follow The Sun (McCartney)
    7. One Broken Heart For Sale (Elvis with The Beatles)

    Side B
    1. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey (Elvis and McCartney)
    2. They Remind Me Too Much Of You (Elvis)
    3. Honey Don't (Elvis and Starr)
    4. Words Of Love (Elvis)
    5. How Would You Like To Be (Elvis)
    6. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party (Elvis with Lennon)
    7. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Elvis with The Beatles)
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    Sgt. Rutter’s Only Darts Club Band- The Rutles

    Side 1

    1. Major’s Happy Up and Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    2. Rendezvous- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    3. The Equestrian Statue- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    4. Nevertheless- (O’ Hara)
    5. Good Times Roll- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    6. Another Day- (Nasty - McQuickly)

    Side 2
    1. Doubleback Alley- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    2. Piggy In The Middle- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    3. The Knicker Elastic King- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    4. Joe Public- (Nasty - McQuickly)
    5. Bring Back the Time- (O’ Hara)
    6. Cheese and Onions- (Nasty - McQuickly)​
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    To Come Of Age- The Doors

    Side 1

    1. To Come Of Age- (Morrison)
    2. Tightrope Ride- (Manzarek - Kreiger)
    3. I’m Horny, I’m Stoned- (Manzerek - Kreiger)
    4. Ghost Ship- (Morrison)

    Side 2
    1. In the Eye Of the Sun- (Manzerek - Kreiger)
    2. Hour For Magic- (Morrison)
    3. An American Prayer- (Morrison)
    4. Wandering Musician- (Manzerek - Kreiger)​
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    Full Circle- The Doors

    Side 1

    1. Black Polished Chrome- (Morrison)
    2. Latino Chrome- (Morrison)
    3. Hardwood Floor- (Kreiger)
    4. It Slipped My Mind- (Kreiger)
    5. 4 Billion Souls- (Kreiger)

    Side 2
    1. Ships w/Sails- (Manzerek - Kreiger)
    2. Newborn Awakening- (Morrison)
    3. The Piano Bird- (Conrad - Densmore)
    4. The Peking King and the New York Queen- (Manzarek)​
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    Other Voices- The Doors

    Side 1

    1. Get Up And Dance- (Manzarek - Kreiger)
    2. Baja Bus- (Kreiger)
    3. Verdilac- (Manzarek - Kreiger)
    4. Hardwood Floor- (Manzarek - Kreiger)
    5. I Won’t Be Alone Anymore- (Kreiger)
    6. He Can’t Come Today- (Manzarek)

    Side 2
    1. Good Rockin’- (Brown)
    2. Variety Is the Spice Of Life- (Manzarek - Kreiger)
    3. Down On the Farm- (Manzarek - Kreiger)
    4. The Mosquito- (Densmore - Kreiger)​
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    Following up my last post on an alternate Velvet Underground album, here's another:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Essentially, this is an alternate version of Loaded. The fundamentals of the story are the same: the Velvets part from MGM and sign to Atlantic; the band, encouraged by their label, make a consciously "commercial" album; Maureen Tucker is (mostly) absent from the sessions owing to maternity leave; and the sessions result in largely the same songs as in OTL. The details, though, is where it diverges a bit.

    First, the Velvets are in a slightly stronger position, so to speak. Signing to Atlantic fresh off of an album— the biggest of their career, at that— makes the band a bit more confident and the label a bit more willing to trust in them. This means that while there's still an expectation and pressure to produce a "commercial" album, the request for an album "loaded with hits" is never said (Atlantic presuming the Velvets have a bit more of an idea of what to do) and the band is a bit more ambivalent about the direction… that they are "playing follow the leader". Thus, instead of naming the resulting album Loaded as an in-joke, they call it Follow the Leader as a self-depreciating one.

    Second, the band having a bit more leeway means that while the songs are still written with an eye to commercial success, the production is less slick and clean. Follow the Leader has a bit more of a "rock" edge to it compared to Loaded (although ITTL FtL is still regarded as the band's pop album). This also means the album isn't edited, mixed and sequenced against Lou Reed's wishes, which in turn means he doesn't quit the band prior to the album's release (as IOTL).

    Third, although the sessions are similar, the final tracklist is different. OTL's "Sweet Jane", "Rock and Roll", "New Age" and "Ocean" obviously can't be on the album, since ITTL they were on Good Times already. Instead, a few other songs that predate the sessions are recorded here: "Follow the Leader" and "Sweet Bonnie Brown". Otherwise, all the songs here were actually recorded at this time IOTL, and it's just a case of them making the cut ITTL (yes, "Satellite of Love" originated here IOTL. Weird to think they didn't use it…).

    Fourth, Mo Tucker actually appears on the album! IOTL, she came to the sessions once and, while there, sang lead vocals on "I'm Sticking with You" and played her usual drums on "I Found a Reason". Neither made the album ITOL, but they both do here.

    Finally… Follow the Leader does better than the OTL Loaded did (having the bandleader still in the band helps)… but it's still not really a hit, and underperforms TTL's Good Times. This is very dispiriting for the Velvets, particularly Reed. But rather than suddenly and abruptly quit as he did IOTL, Reed brings his concerns to the band first, who voice their own unease about the future: Sterling Morrison has gone back to school and is more interested in his studies than music, and Mo Tucker just had a child and is raising a family; Yule's still interested in a music career but doesn't want to push the rest of them into it. Ultimately, the Velvets disband, on good terms, in mid 1971. Squeeze is released as a Doug Yule solo album ITTL, and without the band name as an albatross around his neck, he goes on to have a modestly successful career.
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    What If The Sons Of The Beatles Made A Band?
    The Shoots- The Shoots

    1. Breath Of A Salesman- (Lennon - Claypool)
    2. Peyote Coyote- (McCartney)
    3. Boomerang Baby- (Lennon - Claypool)
    4. Never Know- (Harrison)
    5. Alice- (McCartney)
    6. Captain Lariat- (Lennon - Claypool)
    7. Summertime Police- (Harrison)
    8. Too Hard- (McCartney)
    9. Paralysis- (McCartney)
    10. Downtown Tigers- (Harrison)
    11. Bubbles Burst- (Lennon - Claypool)
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    They'd be better off with Julian than Sean IMO.