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    POD: For a variety of reasons, the "Buggles" lineup of Yes is better received by fans, and instead of disbanding after the Drama tour decides to work on a second album. With the band rejuvenated and feeling a burst of creativity, they would record their first double album since 1973's Tales From Topographic Oceans. Unlike that album, however, this one would only feature two side-long tracks, bookending the album; the middle two sides would feature shorter songs.

    Yes - Fly From Here

    Released November 1981
    All songs credited to Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Trevor Horn, Chris Squire, and Alan White.

    Trevor Horn: lead vocals
    Steve Howe: guitars
    Chris Squire: bass guitar, vocals
    Geoff Downes: keyboards, synthesizers
    Alan White: drums

    Side 1:
    Fly From Here - 23:49[1]
    - Overture
    - Part I: We Can Fly
    - Part II: Sad Night at the Airfield
    - Part III: Madman at the Screens
    - Part IV: Bumpy Ride
    - Part V: We Can Fly (Reprise)

    Side 2:
    Heat of the Moment - 3:50[2]
    Adventures in Modern Recording - 5:48[3]
    Go Through This - 5:32[4]
    Life on a Film Set - 5:06[5]

    Side 3:
    Satellite - 7:32[6]
    Beatnik - 3:39[7]
    Vermillion Sands - 6:48[8]
    Can You See - 3:34[9]

    Side 4:
    Mind Drive - 18:34[10]

    Much like Genesis' Abacab released in September of that year, Fly From Here was generally praised by music critics, particularly in how the band melded their progressive roots with their forward-looking pop sensibilities.

    [1]Pretty much the same as OTL, only released 30 years earlier.
    [2]With apologies to John Wetton; TTL Asia won't be formed.
    [3]Originally from OTL's album of the same name by the Buggles.
    [4]A song performed by the Drama lineup live IOTL but never featured on a studio album.
    [5]Also another Buggles track.
    [6]Instrumental; the same track as OTL's Song No. 4 - Satellite found on the Special Edition of Drama released in 2004.
    [7]Yet another Buggles track.
    [8]See #7.
    [9]A track originally worked on by XYZ (a supergroup composed of Squire, White, and Jimmy Page) IOTL that would become Can You Imagine on Magnification.
    [10]Another XYZ track; similar to OTL's track released on Keys to Ascension 2 but with the vocal and keyboard parts obviously different.
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    What reasons led to this era of Yes being more successful?
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    I love OTL Fly From Here (sadly the last good album under the Yes name at this rate), and Drama is a favorite of mine, so TTL would be interesting for Yes. "Heat of the Moment" might be like "Owner of a Lonely Heart" OTL, although I like "Owner of a Lonely Heart" more in terms of cheesy 80s songs. I think the album would have fairly mixed appraisal in the long term, when you mix some grand prog songs like the Keys to Ascension bits and especially "Fly From Here" with Buggles songs.
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    Personally, I think a timeline in which the Buggles became a massive name in the 80's instead of being a one-hit wonder in most people's eyes. I think how it would start is, after Yes disbands in '81, MTV starts up, except it's all over the east coast instead of just a small bit of New Jersey due to due an increase in funding, and the interest in their music due to theirs being the first video played results in their debut album The Age of Plastic re-entering the charts, possibly hitting no. 1. This would lead their record label, Island Records, to give the people what they clearly want and release the title track of their upcoming album as a single ahead of the release of the album, which would be a no. 1 single. I also believe the timeline would feature people utilizing technology in different ways and the Buggles creating sci-fi rock operas, I dunno. Does this seem plausible; how would you go about creating a timeline like this?
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    Or, maybe just a single (or a couple posts) on this thread would be better than a whole timeline lol.
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    “This was The Beatles’s swan song” Rolling Stone said in 1970, by that time the group was splitting apart after the disastrous recording sessions of Get Back, The Beatles 12th album. Inclinations was

    recorded after a year of hiatus from the group only releasing 1 single throughout the year of 1969-1970. The album was very well received in the US and the UK, reaching #1 on the Billboard charts and on

    the UK charts.


    Inclinations- The Beatles

    Released: April 20, 1970

    Recording: December 10, 1969- March 23, 1970

    Produced: Phil Spector, George Martin

    Genre: Rock, Pop, Hard Rock, Folk

    Label: Apple

    Side 1

    1. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)- (Lennon)
    2. Beware of Darkness- (Harrison)
    3. Hold On- (Lennon)
    4. That Would Be Something- (McCartney)
    5. Man We Was Lonely- (McCartney)
    6. If Not for You- (Harrison)

    Side 2

    1. It Don’t Come Easy- (Starkey)
    2. Well Well Well- (Lennon)
    3. What Is Life- (Harrison)
    4. Every Night- (McCartney)
    5. Remember- (Lennon)
    6. Maybe I’m Amazed- (McCartney)


    John Lennon: Rhythm Guitar (3, 8), Piano (1, 5, 12), Vocals (1, 3, 8, 11)

    Paul McCartney: Guitar (4, 5, 10), Bass (All Tracks), Vocals (4, 5, 10, 12)

    George Harrison: Lead Guitar (All Tracks), Vocals (2, 6, 9)

    Richard Starkey: Drums (All Tracks), Vocals (7)

    Phil Spector: Producer (1, 2 ,3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11)

    George Martin: Producer (4, 5, 10)
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    Nov 18, 2017

    Side 1
    1. Earth Angel
    2. Don't Stop Believin'
    3. Celebration
    4. Ben
    5. Jesse's Girl

    Side 2
    1. Twist and Shout
    2. Frankie's Man, Johnnie
    3. Great Balls of Fire
    4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    5. Don't Stop Me Now

    After a couple of months after his friend's death, Elvis finally gets back into the mood to record a new album. Which would unironically put him back on top.
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    Imagine Elvis doing Comfortably Numb
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    Smile- The Beach Boys (1967)

    Side 1
    1. Our Prayer- (B. Wilson)
    2. Do You Like Worms?- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    3. Heroes and Villains- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    4. Cabin Essence- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    5. Barnyard- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    6. My Only Sunshine (The Master Painter)- (Gillespie - Davis - Mitchell)

    Side 2
    1. Good Vibrations- (B. Wilson - Love)
    2. Look (Song for Children)- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    3. Child Is Father of the Man- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    4. You’re Welcome- (B. Wilson)
    5. Wonderful- (B. Wilson - Parks)
    6. Surf’s Up- (B. Wilson - Parks)
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    The Beach Boys (1968)

    Side 1
    1. Meant for You- (B. Wilson - Love)
    2. Be Still- (D. Wilson - Kalinish)
    3. Wake the World- (B. Wilson - Jardine)
    4. Let the Wind Blow- (B. Wilson - Love)
    5. Little Bird- (D. Wilson - Kalinish)
    6. Passing By- (B. Wilson)

    Side 2
    1. Diamond Head- (B. Wilson)
    2. Gettin’ Hungry- (B. Wilson - Love)
    3. Be Here In the Mornin’- (B. Wilson - C. Wilson - Love - Jardine)
    4. Wind Chimes- (B. Wilson)
    5. Busy Doin’ Nothin’- (B. Wilson)
    6. Friends- (B. Wilson - C. Wilson - D. Wilson - Jardine)
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    Ringo!- Ringo Starr

    Side 1
    1. It Don’t Come Easy- (Harrison- Starkey)
    2. Coochy Coochy- (Starkey)
    3. Loser’s Lounge- (Pierce)
    4. I Dig Love- (Harrison)
    5. Only You (And You Alone)- (Ram)

    Side 2
    1. Early 1970- (Starkey)
    2. Photograph- (Harrison- Starkey)
    3. Woman of the Night- (Pickard)
    4. Nashville Jam- (Starkey)
    5. Back Off Boogaloo- (Starkey)
    POD: “Sentimental Journey” and “Beaucoups of Blues” aren’t released, Ringo! Is a moderate success, reaching #22 in the US and fared lower in the UK with #40. And wasn’t AS attacked by critics as much as those 2 albums were in OTL.
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    Abracadabra- The Beatles

    Side 1
    1. I Want To Tell You- (Harrison)
    2. I’m Only Sleeping- (Lennon - McCartney)
    3. 12 Bar Original- (Lennon - McCartney - Harrison - Best)
    4. For No One- (Lennon - McCartney)
    5. She Said She Said- (Lennon - McCartney)
    6. Strawberry Fields Forever- (Lennon - McCartney)

    Side 2
    1. Doctor Robert- (Lennon - McCartney)
    2. Taxman- (Lennon - McCartney)
    3. And Your Bird Can Sing- (Lennon - McCartney)
    4. Good Day Sunshine- (Lennon - McCartney)
    5. Isn’t It A Pity- (Harrison)
    6. Here, There, And Everywhere- (Lennon - McCartney)
    POD: The Beatles sign with Decca, Pete Best is kept in the band, and The Beatles split with Decca after releasing the “butchered” version of this album. Signing with EMI/ Capitol

    The Beatles EMI/ Capitol Debut Single (1966)
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    And then Sgt Peppers
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    Well... yes but in a different order and cover maybe
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    Sorry for the very late reply, but “Pepperland” is the solo version of “Yellow Submarine” released in 1970, since it isn’t a film I see it as some sort of concept album
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  16. BlackentheBorg This is going to become a bad meme

    Jun 2, 2015
    A familiar final album named after another famous London street. Apparently it has a high concentration of Bangladeshi immigrants, which would logically pique the interest of George Harrison, right?


    The Beatles - Brick Lane

    SIDE 1

    1. Because (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)
    2. Just Fun (Lennon-McCartney)
    3. Oh! Darling (McCartney)
    4. Here Comes the Sun (Harrison)
    5. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window (McCartney)
    6. All I Want Is You (Lennon)
    7. Can You Dig It? (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)

    SIDE 2

    1. Don't Let Me Down (Lennon)
    2. Something (Harrison)
    3. Suicide (McCartney)
    4. Octopus's Garden (Starr)
    5. Look Out The Window (Harrison)
    6. Oh My Love (Lennon)
    7. Gone Tomorrow, Here Today (McCartney)
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    Get Back

    Get Back- The Beatles
    Genre: Rock, Roots Rock​

    Side 1

    1. Get Back- (Lennon - McCartney)
    2. Don’t Let Me Down- (Lennon - McCartney)
    3. I’ve Got A Feeling- (Lennon - McCartney)​
    4. I Me Mine- (Harrison)
    5. Two Of Us- (Lennon - McCartney)

    Side 2
    1. Octopus’s Garden- (Starkey)
    2. One After 909- (Lennon - McCartney)
    3. For You Blue- (Harrison)
    4. Come Together- (Lennon - McCartney)'
    5. Let It Be- (Lennon - McCartney)​

    • John Lennon: Guitar, Vocals (2, 3, 5, 7, 9)

    • Paul McCartney: Bass, Piano, Vocals (1, 3, 5, 7, 10)

    • George Harrison: Lead Guitar, Vocals (4, 8)

    • Ringo Starr: Drums, Vocals (6)

    • Billy Preston: Piano (1, 3, 10)
    Get Back topped the charts in both the United States and the UK, the corresponding single “Get Back/ Don’t Let Me Down” reached #4 on the Billboard 200 and #1 in the UK. John Lennon said in his Playboy interview in 1980 “Those sessions were complete hell, we at least got a good album out of it, even though some critics don’t agree with me on that”

    “Get Back /w Don’t Let Me Down” Single (1969)
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    This is a project I plan to do it soon... a Brazilian focused one. Since Mutantes have a certain international fame [mentioning Kurt Cobain and Sean Lennon], I want to give it a shot.

    Initial POD.: Os Mutantes manages to release their first 'international' album, Tecnicolor, consisting in English versions of their albums, with a moderate success in Europe.
    The release of Jardim Elétrico (Electric Garden) is the last one under the Polydor label, since they had conflicts with the label to release the next album.

    Genre: Psychedelic rock, tropicália
    Total: 37:33

    Side A - 19:41
    "Top, Top" (Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias, Liminha) - 2:28¹
    2. "Jardim Elétrico" (Baptista, Lee, Dias) - 3:14¹
    3. "Lady, Lady" (Baptista, Lee, Dias, Liminha) - 3:33¹
    4. "Mande um Abraço pra Velha" (Baptista, Lee, Dias, Arnolpho Lima) - 7:42²
    5. "Suicida" (Raphael Vilardi, Tobé) - 2:44²

    Side B - 17:52
    "Benvinda" (Baptista, Lee, Dias) - 2:47¹
    7. "Canção Para Inglês Ver/Chiquita Bacana" (Alberto Ribeiro, João De Barro, Lamartine Babo) - 2:22³
    8. "It's Very Nice pra Xuxu" (Baptista, Lee, Dias) - 4:49¹
    9. "Apocalipse" (Vilardi, Lee) - 4:19²
    10. "The Rain, The Park And Other Things" (Artie Kornfeld, Steve Duboff) - 3:35³
    [1] Os Mutantes - Jardim Elétrico [original album]
    [2] "O'Seis - Suicida/Apocalipse"/"Os Mutantes & Fábio - Mande Um Abraço pra Velha/Corpo a Corpo"
    [3] Rogério Duprat - A Banda Tropicalista de Duprat
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    Jan 11, 2017
    I just made an album cover for the timeline, and I just loved it so much, so here's another part of the timeline.

    Brief explanation: After the release of Jardim Elétrico, the band fulfilled their contract with Polydor and signed with EMI-Odeon, interested on the Brazilian effervescence, and releasing two albums, Hoje é o Primeiro Dia do Resto da Sua Vida and Os Mutantes e Seus Cometas no País dos Baurets. O A e o Z was recorded during troubled times, with Rita Lee being briefly kicked out of the band, but she returned after Arnaldo Baptista and Sérgio Dias realized the mistake that they were doing.

    Os Mutantes - A e o Z (1973) 400px.png
    OS MUTANTES - O A E O Z (1973)
    Genre: Progressive rock, tropicália
    Total: 45:27

    Side A - 21:52
    "A e o Z" (Rita Lee, Arnaldo Baptista, Sérgio Dias, Liminha, Dinho Leme) - 8:39¹
    2. "Mamãe Natureza" (Rita Lee) - 3:42²
    3. "Rolling Stone" (Sérgio Dias, Liminha) - 6:14¹
    4. "Gente Fina é Outra Coisa" (Rita Lee) - 3:17³

    Side B - 23:35
    "Bad Trip (Ainda Bem)" (Rita Lee) - 4:09³
    6. "Uma Pessoa Só" (Arnaldo Baptista, Sérgio Dias) - 7:31¹
    7. "Ainda Vou Transar Com Você" (Rita Lee, Arnaldo Baptista, Sérgio Dias, Liminha, Dinho Leme) - 7:14¹
    8. "Paixão Da Minha Existência Atribulada" (Rita Lee, Arnaldo Baptista, Sérgio Dias) - 4:41³
    [1] Os Mutantes - O A e o Z (1992) [the album was recorded in 1973, but remained unreleased]
    [2] Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Atrás do Porto Tem uma Cidade (1974)
    [3] As Cilibrinas do Éden (1973) [Rita's first effort after being kicked out of Os Mutantes, before forming Tutti Frutti]
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    Jul 21, 2008
    New Zealand

    Can (Self-titled), Released November 1972
    Genre: Krautrock, Experimental Rock
    Total: 1:07:34

    Side 1
    1 Pinch 9:29
    2 Messer, Scissors, Fork & Light 8:23 *

    Side 2
    1 One More Night 5:35
    2 Sing Swan Song 4:47
    3 Spoon 3:04

    Side 3
    1 Bubble Rap 9:23 *
    2 Vitamin C 3:32
    3 Soup 5:25 (Edited from OTL's version, with hard ending)

    Side 4
    1 I'm So Green 3:05
    2 A Swan is Born 3:00 *
    3 Dead Pigeon Suite 11:46 *

    All tracks written by Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Suzuki.

    Following up the double-album Tago Mago with another double album.. this time, instead of issuing a nearly impenetrable 2nd disc, Can decide to thread pop tunes (or at least their version of pop tunes) in between long instrumental workouts throughout the whole album.

    This album features another innovation for Can too - taking their queue from the likes of Pink Floyd & the Beatles, they put re-occuring themes in the album by using early takes & similar jammed sections as "reprises" of songs earlier in the album (eg Sing Swan Song reappearing as A Swan is Born, the "You're losing your Vitamin C!" line reappearing in Dead Pigeon Suite, and Spoon as a edited distillation of themes in Messer Scissors Fork & Light).

    Songs from OTL's 'Ege Bamyasi' (1972)
    Except * from 'Can - The Lost Tapes' (2012)