Rock albums from alternate timelines

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    Mar 14, 2011
    IOTL Davy Jones could play the drums but the producers of the TV show didn't want him hidden behind a drum kit, I've always wondered if the Monkees might have been a better band if Jones had been the drummer and Dolenz (who could ply a little guitar) had played rhythm guitar or bass.
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    May 1, 2018
    Maybe I'll try something like that one day, Peter even said that he should've played guitar, Mike should've played bass, Davy should've played drums, and Micky could've been the lead singer or something like that.
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  3. Mr Atoz Active Member

    Jul 28, 2018
    Tork said that the best alignment would have been for him to play led guitar, Nesmith to play bass, Jones to play drums and Dolenz to be the lead singer.

    Edit: Red Beetle beat me by one minute.:teary:
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    May 1, 2018
    In my opinion, it would still be the same as in OTL, just in live performances and the TV show the seat would be raised more so we could see Jones.
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  5. cortz#9 Obrltnt of Kampfgruppe Seelöw

    Mar 14, 2011
    Obviously we're all Monkees fans. I would say Tork could've taught Dolenz to play bass in concert and in the studio either Tork or Nesmith could play the bass and they all share the singing duties.
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    Dec 7, 2017
    After seeing this great promo image from Capitol in 1974 I decided to work it into a 70s Beatles album cover. And so...

    The Beatles - Communications (1976)


    You Can't Catch Me
    Rock Show
    Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
    This Song
    (It's All Da-Da-Down To) Goodnight Vienna

    Ya Ya
    Steel And Glass
    Crackerbox Palace
    I'll Still Love You
    Night Out

    “Every time The Beatles are lucky, people assume we're clever. When we did Communications, we didn't know about The Damned or what was happening in London or any of that[1]. We were a bunch of old rockers who'd gone completely Hollywood and were too off our faces to think about whether we were speaking to the world's youth…but we owed EMI a record! I’d been sued by Morris Levy - Apple's lawyers had managed to talk him into settling as long as two of his songs appeared on a Beatles album [2]. Paul had used up all his big ballad ideas on his own release [so] we had to rock hard, it was all we had left in the tank.”

    John Lennon, The Late Show, BBC2 1989

    “I was upset that they didn't ask me to produce it. They'd tried that before, recording an "honest" album with no overdubs; that dissolved into bickering and recrimination, so Brian Epstein sent them all home to cool off [3]. I thought that's what was happening this time. No sooner was there talk of a new Beatles album, the next thing I heard it was going to come out with the credit, "Produced by The Beatles". I felt a little betrayed, until Paul told me why.”

    George Martin, Arena, BBC1 2011

    “Somehow, we recorded a good album when we didn't really want to work together, but I think the difference between Communications and stuff like The White Album and the Get Back sessions was that in the last two, we resented each other. On Communications we were all on good terms…we just resented...working, really. We decided to be good boys and get some stuff demoed in LA…halfway through, we thought, "this is good enough as it is". So, we recorded everything at Brother Studios [4] and just sent that to EMI. People say "The Beatles invented New Wave". No, they didn't. The Beatles just released their demos!”

    Paul McCartney, The 100 Greatest Albums of All Time, VH1 1997

    “It wasn't sloppy by any means. We did overdubs and everything, but not of outside musicians, just ourselves. We'd get a basic track down with guitar, bass and drums and then we'd go back and add my guitar and John or Paul would add an extra bit of guitar, so it was four musicians doing the work of five. It came out sounding a bit like Revolver really [5]. Except, we didn't bother with any reverb, so that gave the whole thing a really nice punch. Best of all, it was a laugh to record. We hadn't been that close for a long time; close enough that John sang one of mine and I sang one of his[6]. Paul was all written out, [it was] his own fault for doing a solo album. We felt sorry for him and let him have one of the covers, so apart from Ringo's one, we all got three vocals each.”

    George Harrison, Anthology, 1995 [7]

    “I loved that one, even though I only got one song on it. I was heartbroken when the reviews came in. The critics hated it. I think because it was only half an hour long. You weren't a serious musician in those days if you didn't release the longest album you could. Didn't matter to us in the end…it sold and sold and sold.”

    Ringo Starr, Wogan, BBC1 1983

    [1] I've avoided using the word "punk". The Beatles accidentally releasing a starkly stripped-down rock album will have bent the timeline somewhat. I'm not saying punk wouldn't happen, but I tried to sidestep answering the question.

    [2] Confession, I just didn't want to clutter this album with three covers, so I used the change in timeline as an excuse. I know John Lennon still didn't manage to get all three agreed upon songs released IOTL, but I just thought I'd tidy it up completely.

    [3] So the sessions never get as far as being turned into an album.

    [4] This is in the same timeline as the one where Paul and Brian Wilson have worked on some songs together. It seems to have resulted in an invitaiton to take advantage of Brother Studios if Paul or his friends were in the neighbourhood. I know Brother Studios was in Santa Monica, not LA. Paul is either misremembering or just using the name of the city people are more likely to have heard of.

    [5] So while I've used Beatles solo numbers from OTL, the recordings sound very different ITTL.

    [6] I just love the idea of John singing Crackerbox Palace in a more acidic tone. George takes Steel And Glass in return. Paul sings Ya Ya.

    [7] The Anthology still happens in 1995, even though the still together Beatles being happy to be interviewed together should bring it forward, their being together also means there's more history for the show to cover, so it takes until 1995 to get it done.

    With thanks to my friend Gary for editing this for me.
  7. cortz#9 Obrltnt of Kampfgruppe Seelöw

    Mar 14, 2011
    Love this idea, very cool.:cool:
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    May 1, 2018
    The Beatles- Get Back! (With guitar work done by Eric Clapton)

    Some things concerning this album
    1. Magical Mystery Tour doesn’t happen in this TL, Sgt. Pepper was a double album with the other songs added onto it.

    2. George quits in this TL, Eric doesn’t officially join but does guitar work alongside Lennon and McCartney


    Side 1
    1. Two Of Us (Lennon & McCartney)
    2. I’ve Got a Feeling (McCartney)
    3. Dig a Pony (Lennon)
    4. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (McCartney)
    5. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Lennon)
    6. Octopus’s Garden (Starkey)

    Side 2
    1. Flying (Instrumental)
    2. Don’t Let Me Down (Lennon)
    3. One After 909 (Lennon & McCartney)
    4. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Jam)
    5. Teddy Boy (McCartney)
    6. Let It Be (McCartney)
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    May 1, 2018
    Off The Beatle Track!- The Beatles (1963)

    Side 1
    1. I Saw Her Standing There (McCartney)
    2. Anna (Go to Him) (Lennon)
    3. One After 909 (Lennon & McCartney)
    4. Do You Want to Know a Secret (Harrison)
    5. Ask Me Why (Lennon)
    6. Love Me Do (Lennon & McCartney)

    Side 2
    1. Boys (Starkey)
    2. A Taste of Honey (McCartney)
    3. P.S. I Love You (McCartney)
    4. Chains (Harrison)
    5. There’s a Place (Lennon)
    6. Twist and Shout (Lennon)

    Off The Beatle Track!
    Became an instant success in Britain upon release, but it took a little while for The Beatles to get any attraction in America.
  10. Hulkster'01's number 1 Hulkamaniac

    Nov 18, 2017
    It's Just A Matter Of Time

    Side 1
    1. It's Just A Matter Of Time
    2. I'll Come Home to You
    3. A Big Hunk o' Love (live)
    4. How Long Have You Been There
    5. Honest John (The Working Man’s Friend)
    6. Baby There's A Fire Burning Down Below

    Side 2
    1. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin
    2. Long Black Limousine (remix)
    3. You'll Never Walk Alone (re-recorded)
    4. Yesterday's Whine
    5. Just Call Me Lonesome (Alternate Take)
    6. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

    During the making of this album long time friend and producer Felton Jarvis suffered a stroke on December 19, 1980. He was admitted to a Nashville hospital where he died on January 3, 1981, at the age of 46. Elvis was deeply affected by this and the album was delayed as well as concerts, Elvis finished it in memory of Felton including the song Baby There's A Fire Burning Down Below which Felton wanted Elvis to record for years. Another Album would not recorded for a few more months.
  11. RedBeetle Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2018
    Pink Floyd- Observations (1968)

    Side 1
    1. Let There Be More Light (Waters)
    2. Vegetable Man (Barrett)
    3. Corporal Clegg (Waters)
    4. Julia Dream (Gilmour)
    5. Clowns and Jugglers (Barrett)
    6. See-Saw (Wright)

    Side 2
    1. Set the Controls for the Heart Of the Sun (Waters)
    2. In the Beechwoods (Instrumental)
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    May 1, 2018
    The Narrow Way, Pink Floyd’s 3rd album, and 2nd with 2nd guitarist David Gilmour in the band.

    Pink Floyd- The Narrow Way (1969)

    Side 1
    1. The Narrow Way, Pt. 1 (Gilmour)
    2. The Narrow Way, Pt. 2 (Gilmour)
    3. The Narrow Way, Pt. 3 (Gilmour)
    4. Lanky Pt. 1 (Barrett)
    5. Lanky Pt. 2 (Barrett)
    6. Grantchester Meadows (Waters)

    Side 2
    1. The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party, Pt. 1 (Mason)
    2. The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party, Pt. 2 (Mason)
    3. The Granx Vizier’s Garden Party, Pt. 3 (Mason)

    “Lanky Pt. 2” is “John Latham Version 8”
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    Jul 6, 2017
    United Kingdom
    This is my go at it:

    David Bowie - Janine (1979)

    Side 1
    1. Janine (no relation to other song)
    2. Night Flight
    3. The Boys Of London
    4. Keep On Movin'!

    Side 2
    1. Bliss
    2. Lady Jayne (dedicated to Jayne County)
    3. Young Americans (concert version)
    4. The Fires
    5. It's A Small World


    Not sure how this would fit in, attempting an ATL version of a Bowie album.
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    Mar 30, 2019
    The smiths reunion album "How soon is never" 1992

    R.E.M live album "berlin calling" recorded in united germany 1990
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    May 1, 2018
    07317E1A-7D8C-4FCA-AB55-EED522DC9F72.jpeg 8652C2F2-D17B-409E-9612-208B3089C4AA.jpeg
    The hypothetical 1974 album
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    May 1, 2018
    K.A.O.S.- Pink Floyd (1987)


    Side 1

    1. Radio Waves
    2. One Slip
    3. Sunset Strip
    4. Home

    Side 2
    1. Learning to Fly
    2. Yet Another Movie
    3. Terminal Frost
    4. The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)

    Originally began as a Roger Waters solo album, this 8 track record was the revival of interest in Pink Floyd after the widely criticized The Final Cut.

    While the reunion of The Beatles was the spectacle of Live Aid, Pink Floyd reunited the original 4 members with Syd Barrett. They decided to make an album made up of songs almost like a duo album between Gilmour and Waters.

    Concerning The Album...

    1. Syd Barrett continued with his solo career in this TL (No matter how unlikely that sounds)

    2. Pink Floyd (and not only Gilmour) preform at Live Aid

    3. John Lennon lives and The Beatles reunite at Live Aid
  17. RedBeetle Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2018
    High Hopes- Pink Floyd (1994)


    1. Three Wishes
    2. Take It Back
    3. Coming Back to Life
    4. It’s a Miracle
    5. Too Much Rope
    6. Marooned
    7. A Great Day for Freedom
    8. The Ballad of Bill Hubbard
    9. Keep Talking
    10. Lost for Words
    11. High Hopes
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    Mar 30, 2019
    ACHTUNG MONSTER ...U2 and R.E.M join forces on a full studio album
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    Sep 26, 2016
    You put in Lost for words twice
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    May 1, 2018
    Oh I didn’t notice that, I’ll change that