Richard III wins at Bosworth - what happens to Edward IV's daughters with Elizabeth Woodville?

Richard III of England b 1452 d 1505 m a)Anne Neville b 1456 d 1485, b)Joanna of Portugal b 1452 d 1490, c)Jeanne de Bourbon b 1465 d 1511

a) Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales b 1473 d 1484

b) Richard IV of England b 1486 d 1530 m Catherine of Aragon b 1485 d 1535
Anne of England b 1487 m James IV of Scotland b 1473 d 1520

c) Edward, Duke of York b 1493
Edmund, Duke of Glouchester b 1495
Joanna of England b 1498
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Richard III, King of England (1452-1508) married a) Anne Neville (1456-1485), b) Joanna of Portugal (1452-1489), c) Anne, Duchess of Brittany (b. 1477)
  1. a) Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales (1476-1485)
  2. c) Richard IV, King of England (b. 1492) married Isabella of Portugal (b. 1488)*
  3. c) Anne of England (b. 1495) married James V, King of Scotland (b. 1493)**
  4. c) Margaret of England (b. 1498) married Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1500)
  5. c) Edward, Duke of Brittany (b. 1502) married Isabella of Austria (b. 1501)

*eldest daughter of Manuel I of Portugal and Elizabeth of York
**son of James IV of Scotland by Anne de la Pole
Eh, you prefer Northumberland as Catherine's husband as a way of rewarding him, I prefer Arundel as a way of consolidating the South, fair enough. OP gets final say anyways.
I do not think who Richard III would be inclined to marry the daughter of Edward IV to any of their cousin (including their maternal ones) and Arundel‘s mother is one of Elizabet Woodville‘s sisters. And with Lincoln, his heir presumptive, already married to Arundel’s daughter, Richard III has no reason at all for give Catherine of York to Arundel’s heir
Ah, I do not knew that... then either of that pregnancy can result in a living son

Isabella I of Castile b 1451 d 1503 m Ferdinand II of Aragon b 1452 d 1516


-Isabella of Aragon, b 1470 d 1498 m a)Alfonso, Crown Prince of Portugal b 1475 d 1491, b)Manuel I of Portugal b 1469 d 1521

-Juan, Prince of Asturias and Girona b 1478 d 1497 m Margaret of Austria b 1480 d 1530

-Juana of Castile b 1479 d 1550 m Philip II, Holy Roman Emperor b 1478 d 1527

-Maria of Castile b 1482 d 1520 m Manuel I of Portugal b 1469 d 1521

-Catherine of Aragon b 1485 d 1535 m Richard IV of England b 1486 d 1530

-Ferdinand VI of Castile and III of Aragon b 1488 d 1539 m a)Germaine of Foix b 1488 d 1510, b) Marguerite of France b 1492 d 1549

-Infante Alfonso b 1490 d 1506