Richard 3rd in the 1930's

One of my favourite films of all time is the 1995 film of Richard 3rd (see link beow)
It follows the play, and real events, but is set in an alternate Britian of the 1930's rather than the 1700's.
The battle of Twesksbury that the film starts with happended in in 1471, rather than the film's 1931.
One of my projects is to write a "War of the Roses" 20th century timeline based on this movie.
Any ideas or comments as always welcome.


In the '30s? Hrmm, that might be a touch difficult. Britain was certainly in a state in the 1930s, but nothing that would really lend itself to outright civil war, especially over something like "Who belongs on the throne?"

I suppose the best chance for this would probably be the Abdication Crisis in 1936; that really polarized British society, or the government at the very least. On the one hand you had the leaders of the Tories and Labour and the Libs saying they wouldn't form governments if Edward didn't step down. On the other hand you had people like Churchill and Mosley (a friend of Edward VIII and his wife, Wallis) who said they would support the monarch come hell or high water.

Again, not the best scenario for a civil war, but perhaps have Edward refuse to step down. If nothing else, this really buggers up the British political system.

Here's the Wikipedia link on the crisis:

Oh, and I love that adaptation of Richard III, too!:D:D:D
The film had Richard 3rd as a facist like leader.
My idea is to have the civil war take place within the framework of the film and the real events up to 1930.