Rewritten Alternative Championship Games

Hello, some of you fine folks of this website might recognize me as that sports TL guy who can’t finish about half of them. Due to real life activities, especially nowadays, lack of interest or just my creative ADHD making me begin the shiny new idea as soon as it pops in my head, but getting that itch to write full games out again, this thread has been born. An idea to fix that itch and to avoid the time consuming planning of a full TL.

Generic PODs will be introduced, I.E what will tag along with the first game that will be included in this introduction post just so I don’t feel like I’m really reply-stuffing. Some of them will also have no reasoning, sometimes I have to force you to read a Mark Sánchez vs. Caleb Haine Super Bowl 45.

Long story short, enjoy a game I've always thought about:

POD: Tom Brady avoids his ACL injury, the Patriots pick up an extra game to win the division, and manage to win the AFC Championship over the Steelers, continuing their torment against the Patriots.

Super Bowl 43: New England Patriots vs. Arizona Cardinals


Shots of Kurt Warner warming up

“He’s been here before, both in the Super Bowl and in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Of course, back then he was a member of the St. Louis Rams, shortly being released following that Super Bowl loss, perhaps he can get a measure of revenge by winning his second Super Bowl today.

Shots of Tom Brady warming up

“And on the other side, the fifth Super Bowl under Belichick and Brady, and their second straight. We all know how last year ended for them, but today they can redeem themselves, and it should be a fun one.”

-cut into the 1st quarter-
“And now, Neil Rackers can cap off the first drive of the game for the Arizona Cardinals with a 38 yard field goal. Warner just threw that pass away to avoid the sack and keep them in comfortable field goal range.”

“The snap comes in, and the kick right down the middle. So the Cardinals get the first points of the game, and lead now 3-0.”

-cut into the 1st quarter-
“2nd and 7th, at the Cardinals 32 yard line after the three yard pickup from Morris. Brady in shotgun, the snap, drops back and he’s going for...the endzone! Right in the hands of Welker, wide open over the middle for the touchdown. The Patriots get their first score in response to the Cardinals field goal, and the PAT will make it a 7-3 game.”

-cut into the 2nd quarter-
“Warner nearly throws an interception in the endzone, perhaps trying to force it to Fitzgerald in double coverage, so once again Rackers has to come on out to try to salvage 3 points for the Cardinals.”

“The snap, hold and kick will all be...perfect from 41 yards out, so now a 7-6 game, with 10:33 left in the first half.”

-cut into the 2nd quarter-
“An explosive rush forward by Hightower, now at the Patriots 6 yard line, 1st and Goal as well. Warner in the shotgun formation, snap comes in, drops back, pressure and he throws...picked off! Bruschi comes over to cut off the route, and he’s now going down the field, gets a block past Warner, he’s still going, and past the endzone as Fitzgerald tried his best to chase him down, but Bruschi returns the interception 100 yards for the touchdown!”

-cut into the 2nd quarter-
“So with a 14-6 lead, with only 0:20 seconds, the Patriots are lining up in the kneel formation, looking like...NO! Instead, Brady’s dropping out and he’s going to go for Moss! Moss goes up for the catch over two defenders, and now they’re in field goal range!”

“They call their final timeout, 0:11 seconds left a fake knee can get them 3 points to add onto their halftime lead, what a gutsy idea by the Patriots!”

“Gostkowski needs to nail this kick from 46 yards out to capitalize on that crazy play call by Belichick, and the kick will...sneak in, but still good, so barring anything crazy on this coming up kickoff with 0:06 seconds left, the Patriots will go into the break with a 17-6 lead.”

-cut into the 3rd quarter-
“With that punt from the Patriots, the Cardinals will get the ball at their own 34 yard line. Warner under center, drops back, gives-no a fake to James, before he finds Fitzgerald over the middle, shrugs off a tackle by Sanders and he’s now in a foot race with Meriweather, and he into the endzone! Just like that the Cardinals score a 66 yard touchdown!”

“Now, it appears they will be going for two! Warner is in the shotgun with Hightower next to him, and the snap goes over his head! Warner scrambles back, and he picks it up and goes for the endzone...batted down by Meriweather. The snap was off, and because of that, it will remain a 17-12 game.”

-cut into the 3rd quarter-
“Brady and company take the field following the kick off going out of bounds, at their own 20 yard line following that quick strike by Fitzgerald. Brady under center, will drop back to give it to Morris, as he...balls out! Scooped up by Dansby, Brady gets blocked and the Cardinals get a scoop and score right after their touchdown! Two touchdowns in probably only about 14 seconds!”

-cut into the 4th quarter-
“Brady misses Moss in the corner of the endzone, so another Gostkowski kick will have to try to salvage some points. A 46 yard kick, snap and kick will...bounce in! Nearly goes off the right upright, but now it’s a 20-19 game, with 8:21 left to go in the game.”

-cut into the 4th Quarter-
“3rd and 5 for the Patriots, at their own 43 yard line, 4:11 to go in the game, still holding onto a one point lead at 20-19. Brady under center, drops back for a..fake to Faulk, and he goes for Moss, as Rodgers-Cromartie falls, and Moss will be able to walk in for the score! A mistake by rookie Rodgers-Cromartie falls down trying to look back at the ball and that will lead to be able the Patriots to make their lead 8 for the Patriots.”

-cut into the 4th quarter-
“Following a 27 yard return by Arrington, Kurt Warner and the Cardinals will have to march 73 yards in 3:49 or less, and then go for two to tie this game, and have a hope for an Overtime.”

“Warner starts in shotgun, no secret what their game plan will be on this drive, snap comes in drops back looks for Fitzgerald, but that’s off to the outside, and so second down comes up.”

“Warner again in shotgun, drops back, pressure in coming so he steps up and a dump off to Hightower who is able to get about six before being brought down, now 3rd and 4, at their own 33 yard line with 3:38 and ticking.”

“Warner under center, drops back, and he’s going deep...over the head of Fitzgerald, but a flag is down.”

“Pass interference, number 29 on the defense, that’ll be 15 yards from the spot of the foul, automatic first down.”

“Sanders, what on earth is he thinking? The reply shows him clearly just jumping onto the back of Fitzgerald, and impedes his path to the ball, and so now he just gave the Cardinals a free 35 yards! Now 1st and 10 at the Patriots 27 yard line!”

“Warner, shotgun, drops back, pressure comes in and he..ball comes out, but a Cardinal is able to jump on it. Warner stepped up, got stripped and nearly could’ve been the sealing turnover, instead Brown was able to dive on it, and he was the one who gave up the sack, almost a disaster.”

“2nd and 14 now after the four yard loss and near fumble, 2:59 to go. Warner drops back, more pressure, this time he steps up and finds Pope over the middle, who is quickly brought down for a gain of about 8, and the Cardinals hurry back to the line. 3rd and 6 now, Warner drops back, nobody is open, rolls out, takes it himself, and dives for the first! You don’t think of a Kurt Warner scramble often, but he gets the first, and they again hurry to the line.”

“1st and 10 from the Patriots, 16 yard line. Warner drops back, another blitz, he steps up again, rolls off a defender and away from the pressure, and fires...right for Fitzgerald! A step on Sanders, across the back of the endzone, and they get the touchdown! Now they need those two points!”

“They went for two following their first touchdown back in the third quarter, and a bad snap stopped the idea. Warner, back with James to his right, and the snap is again over his head, wait no a fake, it was a direct snap to James, and stuffed! He tried extending for the endzone, but enough Patriots sniff the fake out and stop him inches short! They tried to fool them, it didn’t work, and now they need the onside kick!”

“Rackers needs to make sure it goes 10 yards and make sure it stays out of the hands of Patriots, the kick is high caught by Moss! He got the ten yards, tried to make it bounce enough times to confuse them, it didn’t work, and now the Patriots need to wind down the clock as much as they can!”

Final Score
New England Patriots 27 Arizona Cardinals 25

Super Bowl MVP: Randy Moss
POD: CP3 trade to the Lakers isn’t vetoed, the Lakers still lose to OKC the first year, but manage to flip Andrew Bynum and a bunch of assets for Dwight Howard and the three live up to expectations.

2013 NBA Finals Game 7: Los Angeles Lakers at. Miami Heat

“The entire season comes down to one night. Tonight, either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat walk away with a championship. Will Kobe Bryant tie Michael Jordan with six rings or will the Miami Heat repeat as champions?”

-cut into 1st quarter-

“Bryant gets past Wade, and up and under and the layout goes in.”

“Paul the lob to Howard, and he slams it home!”

“Blake’s three pointer is off, but Howard slams it back in!”

“Bryant pulls up, bang! Three points, and the Miami Heat call their first timeout, as the Lakers start the game with a 13-3 run.”

“Chalmers, misses, rebound by Bosh and goes out to James, he nails the three pointer from the corner.”

“James goes right by the defense, and slams it down with authority!”

“James, another three pointer! Now the Lakers call a timeout, as Lebron James has just scored straight 8 points to cut into their lead.”

“Wade pulls up, nails that mid range shot, and the Heat now take their first lead of the game.”

“Paul, goes past Bosh, instead kicks it out for Bryant, and he nails the three pointer.”

“James gets the rebound, and puts the layup in.”

“Chalmers will miss the half court shot, and at the end of the first quarter, the Los Angeles Lakers hold onto a 25-23 lead, Kobe Bryant with 11 points, and Lebron James with 13 points. We could be in store for a duel of the ages.”

-cut into the 2nd quarter-

“James goes down the lane, and he’s brought down hard by Peace, and the layup still goes in! A major and one opportunity.”

“Wade drives, stops, and another mid range goes in.”

“Chalmers’ three pointer goes in!”

“Miller for three, bang!”

“James down the lane, kicks out to Battier, another three pointer for the Miami Heat goes! The Los Angeles Lakers call a timeout, as the Miami Heat are finding their range here in the second quarter, a 15-4 run.”

“Bryant, guarded by Wade, tries to get past, can’t, backs up, and nails that three pointer!”

“Paul up and over Bosh, and it...falls in!”

“Peace lines up for a three pointer, bang!”

“Blake nails a three pointer! Only his second of this series!”

“Battier gets the pass from James, and another three pointer goes in!”

“As we go into the half, the Miami Heat lead the Los Angeles Lakers 58-52, both teams finding their three pointers in this quarter.”

-cut into the 3rd quarter-

“Bryant gets stripped by Wade, both dive for it, Wade gets it and kicks it up for James, and he slams it in!”

“Paul gets a screen by Howard, and nails the mid range.”

“Battier, another three pointer! He has four on the night.”

“Bryant gets past Wade, but he gets blocked from behind! Bosh gets the ball, kicks it up the court for James, and kicks it out to Miller, bang!”

“Howard’s second free off! Bosh gets the rebound, kicks it out for Wade as he brings it up the court, as he’s guarded by Bryant, he tries to get around…he’s stripped! Bryant gets the loose ball and throws it up for Howard, and he slams it down!”

“Jordan Hill gets the three pointer to fall!”

“Chalmers lines up his own three, and that goes in! Both teams are nailing outside shots here!”

“James gets a switch from Bosh, and now guarded by Bryant, makes a move but Bryant stays on him, it misses, Bosh gets the rebound, out to Wade and he puts the floater in. The Heat now extend their lead to 6.”

“Another miss by Paul, that makes it five in a row for him, but Howard is there and slams it home again for the putback!”

“James double teamed! He kicks it over to Cole, who swings it to Miller, and he nails another three pointer for the Miami Heat!”

“As the quarter comes to an end, the Miami Heat have a 82-75 lead, as they continue to find their groove from outside shots, as Lebron James has 29 points.”

-cut into the 4th quarter-

“Bryant down the lane, and the layup goes in.”

“Wade misses, rebound by Peace, he throws it up to Paul, who lobs it for Bryant!”

“Bryant lines up a three pointer, bang! The Miami Heat call their fourth timeout, as Kobe Bryant has just scored 7 straight points to tie the game at 82-82 to start the fourth quarter.”

“Wade pulls up, misses and Bosh grabs the put back.”

“Hill for three, no! Howard gets the rebound, but blocked by Bosh! Wade gets the loose ball, throws it up for James, and he slams it down again.”

“A 93-90 lead for the Miami Heat, 7:22 left to go, inbound goes to James, he’s met with an immediate double team and he gets out to Wade, goes down the lane, and a layup!”

“Paul, down the lane, stops, passes it around Bosh for Bryant, who nails the dunk!”

“Battier’s three pointer, off, Howard grabs the rebound, but Wade strips it! He picks it up, goes back out to Battier, and he nails that three pointer!”

“James nails another three pointer! He now has 38 points, and extends the Miami Heat’s lead to 100-94, as the Lakers call another timeout.”

“Bryant nails the three pointer, his 6th of the night! He now has 32 points, as the Lakers play tight defense on the inbound, goes to Wade, pushes it up the court, stops outside the arc, hard pass to James, another three pointer!”

“Howard gets a wide open dunk, cutting into the Heat’s lead, 107-102 with 2:21 left to go in the game, more tight defense, Bryant deflects the pass! He and Wade dives for it, Wade gets it, tries to throw it over to Cole, but Paul intercepts it, and lobs it for Howard! Now a 3 point lead, and the Miami Heat take a timeout.”

“James winding the clock down, as he has Peace on him, the clock down to 6 seconds, and he pulls up, bang! A mid range shot that goes down, and he now has 43 points on the night.”

“Bryant’s three pointer doesn’t go! Rebound Wade, he throws it up for James and another dunk! The Heat’s lead is now extended to 111-104.”

“The Miami Heat have won back to back Championships! Winning 113-107, on the back of Lebron James’ 43 points as well as, Dwyane Wade’s 29. The Los Angeles Lakers come up just short, Kobe Bryant did his best, having 37 points himself, but it wasn’t enough as the celebration begins for the Miami Heat!”

2013 NBA Finals
Miami Heat 4 Los Angeles Lakers 3
Finals MVP: Lebron James