Rewriting Alternate Histories

Well, there is ways to write them betterly.
True like seriously why do alternate history novels have to always have at least one sex scene wtf tho I usually don't mind the parallelisms as long as they make sense within the story already being told.
If only the bonk stick existed when How Few Remain was written (Mark Twain sex scene moment)
You know I remember seeing a meme on the althist subreddit like 4 years ago about some innocent kid buying How Few Remain hoping for a normal althist novel and was horrified by the 2 page long sex scene.

I laughed at it before going my own way, buying several Turtledove Books roughly a year and 3 months ago. To my horror, i realized too late one of them was the one that one of theese was the same one in the meme.

But except for that overall decent book, 7/10.