Return of Horrible Educational Maps

No, they've just impartially discarded all the islands (Cuba, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Japan, New Guinea....)

You talk as if Islands would actually exist. They don't, it's all peninsulas:

Australia inexplicably being upside down and Greenland still being separate are the worst parts of this IMO

The shape of Greenland is not easy to determine...

(found on Reddit as usual)

Although what's especially odd about this wall decoration is that Australia, Borneo, Celebes and New Guinea are reasonably accurate but for the rest of the world it seems to have been a game of "wobble the coast"
Yes it was a real thing but not a big blob like this map lol
It covered quite a bit more than just the town of Avignon: Comtat Venaissin
Though of course Avignon was in the enclave, not just outside it!
Also amusing that while the mapmakers realised that the eastern border of France has changed over the centuries, they forgot/didn't know/didn't care that in the 13th century, Gascony was English, Navarre was independent and Rousillon was part of Aragon, so even their blue blob isn't right...
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Definitely not meant to be educational considering it's in a Superman comic (Superman: Red & Blue #5, specifically the "Generations" story if anyone is interested) but holy hell that Earth
superman earth.jpg