Return of Horrible Educational Maps

North and South Yemen. And one can't forget the State of Caspian, wedged between the -stans of the Caucasus and Central Asia lmao

I mean, North and South Yemen did exist, DRC being called Zaire and existince of Yugoslavia indicates the meant that time period to me.
Speaking of different languages it's been a while since we had an italian map in here:

Looks like the Ottomans decided they had enough of Eastern Europe
Or that they didn't have enough so they ate Ukraine and Poland and a lot of Lithuania (at that time Lithuania I know its technically Belarus + bits of Russia and stuff but y'all should know what I mean lol)
Have another webfind from reddit:

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The Sublime Porte roots out the Hussars at the source.

Hey, at least they got the coastlines right and didn't forget any islands.

There are enough maps that can't even do that.

Specter of Communism poster (also from reddit) somewhat on topic:

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For a moment, I thought this was an anti-communist poster by the White Russians or a Muslim separatist state. Wasn't expected it to be published by the Soviets.

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