Return of Horrible Educational Maps

Also "States", "Forums Uruguay", "Bolivar of Venezuel" and (my favourite) "SoDom and Prcipe" (Gomorrah sadly not available).

I suspect whoever came up with this didn't read English well and was picking names off an online list without understanding them.
from context, that's probably supposed to be "Sao Tome and Principe"--that West African island country
On the backside of a shower caddy installation guide, the somewhat wobbly States of America

@Albidoom I just temporarily lost consciousness looking at that please spoiler it my dude holy fuck o_O


At least the keychain globe ain't really meant to be educational.

However the following two maps (reposts from five years ago) are obviously meant to be educational.

For safety precautions I will post them this time as thumbnails only. Enlarge them at your own risk.

ottomanmap2.jpg badtturkmap.jpg