Return of Horrible Educational Maps


A warning had been given. Apparently it wasn't heeded.

To ease the mind have some Batman Comic showing the Eastern Europe nation of Markovia

It's probably from the American comic and not from the Turkish city of Batman ;)
Hahaha! I've wondered before if the good citizens of Batman have ever tried to capitalize on that name for some additional tourism revenue... but given its location way too close to some unpleasant border situations, I'm thinking the answer is "no" ....

Australia crossing the equator? I guess the continental drift finally caught up.

Also kinda funny that they marked out the Greenwich Meridian while at the same time not depicting the British isles at all...

Keychain largely unrelated (although that Queensland thingie seems to indicate that the yellow blob between Arabia and india is also some Australia north of the equator...)

Unified Ireland.

West German Denmark.

Funky Franco-Belgium border.

Greece East Thrace.

Independent Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily.'s not the worst map ever.
Spain was part of NATO and Finland was neutral so the colours are wrong there.

But you are like me you have missed the biggest error.

Yes the Communists are red so looks OK


Read the colour key at top left.
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