Return of Horrible Educational Maps

Then again there are no historical sources stating that the elephant was used there as a war elephant, so coloring it yellow is a rather generous interpretation.
Sure but from memory the author admitted that and tbh it was probably included because its an interesting, if spurious, sidenote.

'Meme history' if you will. :p
Well, the M!X are obviously part of the company/brand name and as such are no map error in itself.

But that doesn't excuse neither the rather novel location of the Black sea nor that gigantic Madagaustralindonesian superblob or whatever you might call that agglomeration in the lower right...

Sorry Romania and Norway - Europe has snubbed you for part of North America...! :eek:
Missed that Norway has dropped into the sea as well. Note, the fact that New England has been added to Europe but the Canadian Maritimes haven't means that this map was probably made by a Texan.
I don't know if it's right for this thread, and I was going to say that's it's mean to repost others' work, but then I saw the overuse of the 40th parallel and "Mexican slavery" and I lol'd
All of Oceania has been flipped, which explains the shape and position of Australia with relation to New Guinea and New Zealand. Russia has been… punished… as has North America. I wonder if all the extra land was just scattered in the Pacific.