Return of Horrible Educational Maps

This is ungodly horrible...

T h i c c England
Was this map made at USC Upstate or by an alumnus? That Spartans Sticker is their mascot, and I swear that the handwriting was one of my professor's.
A) male or female?
B) if female, moderately attractive? :)
Seriously though, Spartans was my undergrad college's mascot too, but the colours were different....

I recognize this one! If you look at what should be Slovenia you’ll see it’s called “Molvania” with the capital at “Lutenblag”, this is from a humoristic fake travel guide to a made up Eastern European country. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the weirdness is intentional.

Edit: Yeah this one is parody for sure, just look at the Scandinavian cities like “Legoland”, “Koskenkorva” and “Surströmming”
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What's more worrying is the airline routes(?) with endpoints in the middle of the sea or the Sahara desert.

At least those do have endpoints. There is a bunch of thin lines going from London over southern Sweden into Finland... and then just fading out there.

Unfortunately reddit didn't give any information of what that map is about or from where it hailed, so what those black lines and dots are even meant to represent we have zero clue.

Anyways, have some fries: