Return of Horrible Educational Maps

The map doesn't seem wrong to me? It seems to me the arrows are just pointing at specific locations (from which the reformation spread), rather than suggesting movement from one end of the arrow to the other (direction of the reformation's spread).
Yes, but even with that assumption some of the arrows are decidedly off target. The arrow for Henry VIII does visibly not point at neither London nor Canterbury, and most of the important stations of Luther's life were in what would be East Germany on that map yet the arrow goes clearly past it, and even if the creators of that map deemed the Diet of Worms to be the most important event... well that arrow also misses that.

Also the map is not really that much informative. They could have completely omitted those arrows and simply print the names directly into the countries.

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But now back to genuinely bad maps:

Given the size of Svalbard they started with the mercator projection and then got worse...

Especially weird is the fact that there are two Japans.
"Alright how do phillipines look like"
"I dont remember man"
"Hold on i got an idea"
This is really a failure of cataloguing rather than cartography, but it's a failure nonetheless.
Given that the map says "Eastern Europe" while it is rather obviously Scandinavia there is some cartography error in there as well.

Onwards, have a truly byzantine map now: