Return of Horrible Educational Maps

Hey! As a resident of the Holy Roman Empire (or technically the successor of the successor of the successor) I am very proud of what Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan did there:

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Come to think of it, since the title of Holy Roman Emperor currently is vacant, couldn't they claim it then?

(although technically it is wrong to post this map here, since for a change this is actually a correct map)
I mean,

It's horrible.

I've never seen the border up close before so it's debatably educational.

And it is, indeed, a map.
Well, I got a little trick. I got a very old image viewing program (once installed under Windows 98 to give you an impression of how old it is) I copy&pasted the program files from drive to drive and for unknown reasons reasons it keeps working (to a fashion, occasionally it does crash but by and large it does what I want)
And when I now open an image I saved from the internet with it and choose the option save as jpeg it does so of course, even if the image is already a jpeg (though I do rename it a bit just to be safe) and often enough the newly created jpeg has a much smaller file size (up to 80% smaller) without losing much (or any) detail. I have to admit that occasionally there is a notable loss in detail or the filesize didn't get much reduction, but for most images it does work satisfactorily, bringing down the file size to levels which can be attached here.

So maybe see if you can get an old image viewer this might do the trick.

Image kinda related to topic

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i guess Mongolia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Austria, and maybe a few others all tried dividing by zero and sent themselves to another dimension. i wonder how many of them turned into stumps? :p
To make this puzzle correct the states are expected to change their borders accordingly:

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  • Detroit is in NY now
  • New Orleans is in Alabama
  • Washington is in Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia has consumed Delaware, who has taken over Maryland in response
  • Lake Michigan is just straight up gone
  • Boston has seceded from Massachusetts, who has gone missing, and proceeded to eat southern New York.
To make this puzzle correct the states are expected to change their borders accordingly:
“Ey, boss.”
“Outta room.”
“‘m outta room.”
“Oh, on the puzzle piece?"
“I see a lot of room. Can’t you push the text up a bit?”
“No can do, boss. Printer has a physical run-over limit. That’s right up against the edge.”
“Ah, mmm... Well, just... take out any letters that don’t affect pronunciation.”
“‘Chu mean?"
“Like... here, these two.”
“Oh, that capitol’s spelled wrong. I’ll just fix it quick...”
“Shh, I’m working... And this, see, it’s pronounced the same. And this... and this... aaaand... here we go.”
“Boss, the word’s on there twice... and it would have enough room to be correct for one of them."
“Eh? Oh, whatever. Just ship it.”
“Couldn’t... I just make the font smaller to begin with? Look, see, here, I found room for an EXTRA letter to make up for all these spelling errors!”
“Sure, sure, whatever you need.”
“Hey, what’s the capitol of Kansas?”
“And where’s the state of Philadelphia?"
“Oh, it’s out by New Jersey.”
“Right, right... and Detroit?"
“Whoo... sounds like a New York thing, isn’t it?”
“You’re the best, boss.”