Return of Horrible Educational Maps


Has Ascension as Assuncion,the Dead Sea replacing the Red Sea and no South Sudan.From 2018,when the Romanian government decided that the state publisher would be in charge of all textbooks.
Yeah, it looks right when flipped. The only problem is that whoever approved must have never seen a map in their life
Or maybe he looked at the globe from the inside, could have been a hollow-earther, who knows?

Well, since I have ventured into the surreal the following one is more than appropriate, even if it was deliberate:

it was lagging on my computer, and loading slowly, each second I was like "thy can't fail anymore, right?" , followed by "oh fuck it".
Furthermore, what do you expect of a retired bridges and roads inspector when it comes to migration maps?

(the worst parts are probably north america and the Indian ocean, made me mentally puke)
« retired bridges and roads inspector », is this ironic?

I know that I'm answering an old post (though not necromancing the thread), but you are writing here about none other than Charles Minard, the man who made the “best graphics ever” — he is very well-known for the 1812 retreat from Russia map/graphic. The map posted in the thread is a modern fac-simile from a 1858 map of global migrations which, though a bit less ugly, shows the same deformation of continent shapes. However, given the considerable talent usually shown by Minard throughout his excellent work, we can safely assume that these deformations were introduced on purpose, to leave some room for the main point of the map, which is the alluvial diagram of migration. (This certainly explains at least the displacement of the British isles).
Now for a map that is rather odd than bad.

It is accurate enough but reducing just about anything to straight lines and angles only either 45° or 90° is a bit weird.

After looking over the map for a while, I think I found something that isn't quite right. It appears that Belize and Honduras border denying Guatemala its Caribbean Coast.