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Just the island off Tunisia and the part of Czechoslovakia, right?
There's something that I had asked you to do earlier but which we had both forgotten - I asked you to do the Treaty of Sevres, and somehow the provisions giving territory to Greece kinda got forgotten in all the other requests. The territory colored in yellow here was alloted to Greece under the Treaty of Sevres. Can you add it to Greece?


Recolor Tunisia, give that stuff to Czechoslovakia I mentioned earlier, and give Greece East Thrace and Ionia and that's it.

i would ask you to undo the "Lebanon independent from Syria" thing and have you give it back to Syria, but I assume you're not really wanting to do *more* stuff after I've utterly overwhelmed you with requests, so I won't ask you to do that. If you *do* feel up for making that change, though, go ahead.

(EDIT: I accidentally duplicated the Greece image, I edited this post to delete the second image)
Hey, @Peebs map reminds me. Could anyone make me a map of an alternate US west coast, with

-East Oregon, east Washington and Idaho one state. (as Idaho)
-West Oregon and Washington made into Cascadia.
-California split into a Bay Area state, South California and North California
-Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota all merged into one big "Dakota"
-A "Navajo" state, similar to the one on @Peebs map.

Thanks in advance.
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