Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

hey im running a campaign and i need an idea for flag. its this seedy city full of crime, gambling, drugs and all sorts of sin, and i want the flag to somewhat reflect that yet still be something a city that respects itself would erect. i was thinking maybe a demon and angel something, eve and the snake maybe? anyhoo id love if you could help me out
If the city is in the US:
- The NYC flag but with the arms replaced by an apple with a worm sticking out of it
- A municipal seal on a field that is horizontally striped black and white (like a stereotypical US prisoner suit)
I am actually wondering if anyone can help me find the full list of castle names associated with this map. Or if someone can name any of the forts that would be much appreciated.

Could someone get me a nice blank worlda of the Korean Peninsula? I need one for a map of if the Japanese won the Imjin War. I want it to be largish, like 2156x2156, but a little smaller would be find. I don't really care if parts of japan or china are in it, I pretty much just want a detailed coastline. Thanks!
I've looked around a bit, only found these (1) (2) in regards to a detailed linguistic qbam map. Is there anything better out there that I haven't seen? If not, I might take it upon myself to make something detailed.
hey I made a flag and it came out looking shoddy and unprofessional. I would love if one of you guys could clean it up a bit, maybe change the colour scheme make it look not so amatuerish?
seedy city draft.png
@Flagbearer i cleaned it up a made a few changes to the elements, so it has better contrast and they're better positioned.

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Jeez man it looks great and absolutely 100% awesome! thanks a heap. I was just wondering if you could add a snake pearingover venus's shoulder like in my crappy original one? you rock!
what would be the arms of a Plantagenet/Lancastrian dynasty ruling over France and England? would it just be the fleur-de-lis or would it also feature the three lions in some fashion? like quartered or impaled with the fleur-de-lis?