Requesting the 44-star American flag design here ( but in the modern Wikipedia png format they use for their flags.
btw wikipedia flags are actually SVG vector graphics, you just get them as png when you try to download the page-rendered version.

I've also attached an SVG



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  • kampuchea white and blue.svg
    kampuchea white and blue.svg
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Well thank you almost close! I think to be more specific, I wanted it to be white and blue :D but thank you still @PolishMagnet
That didn't clarify anything. What did you want to be white, what did you want to be blue?

There are like 8 elements in the image - "white and blue" could mean anything. White text on a blue banner? Blue text on a white banner? Blue corn?
Hi. I need a map of the aral sea and the german/danish coast at the 500-800 AC. Other regions within my map are also highly rated.

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Full scale image.
You could have a look at Bob Hope's [Historically correct Coasts and Rivers] Blank Maps by @Bob Hope - there are AD500 and AD800 maps there. Make sure you give appropriate credit if you use them though - depending on what you want them for, you might need to ask permission first.
Made these coat of arms for the post-UK breakup nations of that 2056 world i made up for a comic, but the worldbuilding got out of hand. Scotland is not included because it canonically just reverts upon independence to it's 1603 Coat of arms.
Kingdom of England (Had to make a Wiki and a link to the file because my computer kept rejecting the English coat of arms as too big) (Link to the actual file: Here)
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United Nations Mandate of Northern Ireland.
Wales (Same problem as England, link to actual one: Here )
this is the request thread, are you requesting something?
this is the request thread, are you requesting something?
Crap, i had both the request thread open and the coat of arms thread open (wanted to delete my old request here cuz it was obselete) and i think i closed the actual heraldry thread thinking i had already deleted my request and posted it here thinking it was the heraldry thread. Will move. Sorry.
^Maybe I'm missing it, but no Comanche?

Text on the map (in the Atlantic, under the title "A Snapshot in Time, west/left of the zoom in of the Long Island-Connecticut area) notes them among others (such as the Seminole) as not being included as they had not been formed.