Some sort of alliance between the United States and Russia, along with others. Not sure of the timeline yet.
my advice, figure out the timeline *then* try to figure out symbols. What sort of country / alliance you have and the type of politics they have will have a large impact on the type of symbols which would make sense.
my advice, figure out the timeline *then* try to figure out symbols. What sort of country / alliance you have and the type of politics they have will have a large impact on the type of symbols which would make sense.
This was originally for something else I came up with but I lost the information for it - until I rediscovered it now. It's actually different than what I wrote there. Is more or less intended to be a different United States than the one in our timeline. I do not have much more information for the timeline for this, so perhaps it would be better for you to make a flag or something that represents this idea. My best guess for this timeline, is that it is a world in which the expansion of the United States out west and the creation of new states differed somewhat. Native Americans in this timeline also achieved better outcomes as well. There was no civil war either, with the United States gradually abolishing slavery by the early 1900's. WW1 did occur, though the United States joined the Central Powers, leading to Canada facing invasion and occupation by the United States after WW1.

The Central Powers did not win in Europe, though the Bolsheviks lost the Russian Revolutionary war. The Monarchy in Russia conceded to various demands, leading to them to give up a large margin of their power (becoming something akin to a Constitutional Monarchy). After WW1 settled, there were increased Communist presences in Western Europe, leading to the rise of Communism in France, the low Countries, and eventually Germany. The United Kingdom would have their own war against the Communists in Europe in the 1930s, of which they would lose to their own internal Communist Revolution, of which the Monarchy did not survive. The Empire itself would collapse, with Australia and New Zealand breaking off as Republican nations aligned with the US.

There was no WW2, with there being a pacific war between Japan, Russia, China, and the United States in the 40s. Japan would face total defeat, with no Nuclear Weaponry having been used. Without there being a European war, the Japanese were defeated quicker. With Europe having fallen to Communism, the Russians and Americans created their own bloc to oppose the expansion of Communism, leading to an alternate Cold War between the two blocs. Unlike the USSR, the European Nations do not waste their funds on many foreign wars and open up to Capitalism earlier. The European Union exists, as a Communist Bloc between the various European nations. Poland, Hungary, and much of Eastern Europe is part of the "Compact of Aligned States" with Russia and America, with the Mediterranean nations also being Communist. There is largely a detente by 2000, with European Communism being a prominent force in the modern world.

Various states have broken off from their counterparts such as the ones that follow here.

- Hudson (Upstate NY)
- Jefferson (Northern California)
- Superior
- Absaroka
- Sequoyah (Eastern Oklahoma)
- Cascadia (Eastern half of Oregon and Washington)
- Franklin (The Eastern bit of Tennesse)

After WW1, the United States annexed Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta. Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces were spun off as independent allied countries to relieve American occupational forces. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador were spun off as an independent nation known as the "Maritime Confederacy".

Various Native American nations also do not face much Federal oversight, and face almost exclusive independence within their own borders which are now separate of that of the states.

Taxation and political involvement in daily life have been cut back substantially, with most citizens focusing on immediate work and their immediate surroundings rather than the affairs of national politics, which is usually left for the more capable and intelligent to handle. Most politicians are kept in check by non-political forces in the country, who evaluate them regularly based on their performance and competency in dealing with various matters. The more generally lax government creates a state-centered approach to political thought, with the majority of politics being aligned with regionalism rather than national policy.

The United States of America prioritizes various aspects of Social Conservatism combined with Secular governance. With a fairly non-aligned, but pro-Russian policy, the country seeks to repair the damage of its various foreign wars and has cut back its military budget by a substantial margin to pay for healthcare and infrastructural costs. The dominant political thought process in the country currently is the informal alliance between Center-Right Conservatives and the more socially conservative factions, with Libertarians and more moderate Liberals having minor sway over some states. Having a staunch Anti-Immigration policy, the nation focuses on enriching its citizens' lives through various public works programs.

The nation has an alternative system of voting, based around those who actively contribute to political society and have passed a civics and literacy test. The nation is in favor of meritocracy based around highly skilled leadership. The most skilled of leaders are those having widespread political power based on their own personal achievement. Corporations and corporate involvement within the government have decoupled, with many Private Ventures leading the way to space exploration and the advancement of medicine. The government has busted many tech and corporate monopolies as well.

The country has formed its own bloc along with Russia called the "Compact of Aligned States", of which various Latin American countries have joined. The nation actively works with Latin American governments to Communist influence. Across the world, the country has good relations with Russia, and seeks to increase trade and sharing of technologies with Russia and it's allies.
Does anyone here have a QBAM map of the Republic of Texas? This one specifically
1241px-Republic_of_Texas.svg (1).png
Hi people, need help designing a flag. I want the classic justice woman with scales only not blind and male. I want him to be surrounded by six stars. Thanks in advance!
Is there anyone I could commission to make flags?
do you mean professionnaly or just to use on a website for a non-profit purpose ?

If the latter, just make a list of what you need and various people might answer your request.

If the former, write a brief and the amount you're willing to pay and people might PM you if interested. Another option would be to look back through this thread (and other flag-related thread) and see if someone's style interest you and then reach out to them.
So uh, I've been trying to make a Wikipedia-style physical map for this NationStates project, but I haven't been able to emulate that style well enough, so I wonder if anyone here could try and do that. On one hand, there's a lot of canonical information about the climate and environment of the country in that page, so that has to be taken into account but, on the other hand, the finer details of the country's physical features aren't set in stone yet, so you can do whatever you want on that smaller scale.

If anyone wants to take a stab at it, if you have questions, ask away. :p
Can anyone find me an 2nd-level administrative division map of the Korean Pennisula? and make sure it includes the borders of China, Russia, and Japan, I also want borders of the countries and i want the map to show cities as white circles outlined with a black color.
Can someone make a digital version of this logo here? Only including the two American flags, and put it on a red rectangular banner, with a white border? And have some sort of eagle clutching both of the flags?