If there is none, can anyone make it? Thanks in advance.
since Switzerland joined the UN, that would simply mean the entire world save for areas like Kosovo, Palestine or Transnistria which are either partially recognised or not recognised. They tend to be small enough though that most of them would only show up on a regular size map as a dot with a line indicating what the dot is.
Can someone fill the emblem of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea with the following:
  1. The petals will be filled with the same color as the emblem of the Republic of Korea.
  2. Its center will be filled with white.
Could someone make me a Habsburg Netherlands flag please:
white flag with the red Cross of Burgundy. At the center of the cross, there is the black lion with a red tongue and claws with 3 tails, the top one is black, the middle one is red and the bottom one is yellow.

so based on these flags:
Can someone leave the scroll/ribbon part of the emblem of the Republic of Korea, eliminating the "flower" and make it transparent? Thanks!
a Sun In Splendor. What about the chain around the shield ? What order is that meant to be ?

I'm quite sure I saw the sheep/fleece of the Order of Golden Fleece but there was another order outside of it, which I'm not sure about.

I'm pretty sure I see lions and castles in the chain, so one should check the orders of Spain/Castile-Leon.