Religious M-BAM project

The Religious map was done almost completely by me (though not completed, lacking Volga Federal District, most of China, Subsaharan Africa and South America.
As @Redcoat was asking, is there support for such a project like this one?

The basic resources :
  • Where possible and information from censuses, use those, if at municipal level, best.
  • Where census areas are too large, show minorities as well by a couple of pixels , in the vicinity of their temples.


yellow: @Tomislav Addai
yellow-orange : @ST15RM


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Serbia, Macedonia and Republika Srpska.
Q: When I was looking up the map of Serbia, I found some places with "Christians" being the majority. In the article, it speaks, that there are some protestant Serbs adhering to Methodism, although it was refering mostly to Voivodina. I coloured those places with Methodist colour, although I somehow suspect, it was mostly Roma people who failed to specify their denomination. So, should I keep it Methodist or change to Orthodx?

Iraq (minor corrections) and Syria. Regarding Christians, I failed to find the denominations of the Christian communities. There fore everything in the west is Orthodox, I found a list of Syriac Orthodox villages, those are coloured in the Coptic colour, Armenian localities as well. Assyrian presence in Gozarto (Hasakeh) is shown in the Nestorian colour. Should anyone know better than me, give me feedback.