Religion in a British America

The same thing goes for the massive immigration of mostly Eastern European Jews in the late 1890's/early 1900's. Seeing England's ties with Russia, they might be less enthusiastic about emigrating to an English colony rather than an independent US.
Actually, quite a few of them settled in Britain itself instead of going further. My maternal grandfather was a child in London's 'East End' in the 1880s, and apparently became quite fluent in Yiddish just from interaction with Jewish youngsters living in the same neighbourhood.
People need to keep in mind OTL Montreal has a large enough Jewish community that it is famed for the local variety of bagels and "smoked meat" (ie pastrami). Same with Toronto (my professor was a Jewish man from Toronto) which also received a good amount of Italian immigration.

Some of it is American influence, but Evangelicalism also seems stronger in Canada compared to the UK as seen by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper being one. I think one potential divergence is a larger Anglican church that retains a significant low church evangelical wing and is much more theologically conservative compared to the OTL Episcopalian Church.