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    That would only really work for Warhammer 40K. I'm aiming for a broader term that encompasses the dark and gritty current in British culture that will probably be much more pronounced ITTL: cynical and pessimistic about the future, distrustful of authority and anti-establishment, extremely violent, transgressive, irreverent and iconoclastic, and with a very dark sense of gallows humour.

    Ah but if he's in the AFS sphere, then we can get adaptations of Lord of the Rings, Discworld, and The Ballad of Halo Jones (which ITTL will be fully completed).
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    If they are made before 1978, maybe Nelvana could do it.
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    AH Thread:What does Yule mean in a Communist society?

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    And my profile is now updated. Took a bit to wrangle it right.
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    The Greatest Gift (1948)

    George Pratt (Jimmy Stewart) is dissatisfied with the why his life turned out. When he was young, he saves his brother Harry from drowning, but he ends up deaf in one ear. After their father's death, George is forced to give up his aspirations of going to college to take over his father's job as a factory foreman to support their ailing mother, while Harry goes into the military. George also has to battle banker Henry Potter (Lionel Barrymore) over their home in Bedford Falls, with Potter attempting to gain possession of it from the Pratt family. In one shining moment, George does marry his childhood sweetheart Mary Thatcher (Donna Reed). During the revolution, George takes a secondary messenger position due to both his youth and his bad ear. During one of his excursions, however, he comes across his old enemy Potter proudly boasting to several visiting fascist dignitaries about the strategic point of his bank, which could be used by the fascists to launch a surprise attack on Antifa forces in the South of the town. George relays this information to Harry (Todd Karns), now the main commander of the Red Army, who leads a surprise attack at Potter's bank. Potter is captured to be tried for his role in fascist financing, and Harry and George are both honored. However, Harry gains more commendation for his role, while George's role is relegated to a footnote.

    George becomes part of the worker's cooperative in his old factory after the revolution, and becomes one of its leaders. However, he is increasingly marginalized, and he feels bitter that he has little to no role in the everyday workings of the factory. Though, he is able to convince his uncle to support him in stopping an expansion, which would've had disastrous consequences for the factory and its workers. Once again, his bad ear precludes him fighting in the Second World War. Mary, along with many of George's friends, instead go off to fight in the war, leaving George to raise war bonds and the like. Harry becomes a major war hero, at one point saving a battleship from a Japanese plane, which results in a Hero of Socialist Labor award.

    In the current year of 1948, George, while generally well-liked by the community, is frustrated by the seeming lack of impact he has, especially with the more collective leadership of his surroundings. After a particularly bitter meeting at the co-op, he has a large argument with his wife in front of their children, and he storms off. Having little inclination to live anymore, he heads to a bridge overlooking a river, and prepares to jump off. Just then, a mysterious figure (Henry Travers) comes and saves his life. They have a brief discussion, where George questions his worth to people, the man makes cryptic comments as to a mans worth, and invites him to stroll with him across town.

    When they arrive, George is shocked to find that the town is almost completely abandoned. The mysterious figure reveals that the town had been abandoned since the Civil War, and a passerby jokes about it being called "Pottersville." He visits his mother, who coldly rebuffs him, while revealing that his beloved Uncle died due to an accident during the expansion, which had caused the co-op to break up, and its members to move to other co-ops in other towns. He finally comes to a cemetery, which is much larger than George remembers, where the stranger finally reveals that without George's intel, the fascist attack had been a success, with Potter being given brief reign over the town (thus a new nickname of Pottersville). Harry had been rejected by the Army due to his child pneumonia leaving him severely weakened. He had gotten the pneumonia because George had not been there to save him in time. He, along with most of the residents of Bedford Falls, had been killed during the initial attack. The stranger reveals all the soldiers on the battleship that Harry had saved were all killed without Harry's interventio. The town had only been retaken after a particularly brutal battle. That, and the closing of the factory, left Bedford Falls a virtual ghost town. George is particularly grief stricken to see his wife among those who had died to retake the town for the revolution.

    The stranger tells George that while he may not appreciate it all the time, he has the greatest gift of all. The gift of life. George begs to be brought back to life, and wakes up on the bridge (leading to the idea that it was a dream, a concession to social realism for the time). He proceeds to embrace his family, and many people, including his brother (now a commissar after his retirement from the military) come out to celebrate the Yule season (a major issue with George earlier is that no one seems to appreciate him enough to celebrate with.) While celebrating, he sees the stranger outside his house....

    A perennial Christmas favorite, through its airing on television, it went through several drafts. One draft had the stranger be a guardian angel, which was changed to remove the religious connotations. Potter also played a larger role, with him taking over the town in one version, before being relegated to a background role.

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    Lost Wages
    The Commie Squad: A list of AH posters, based on some of my real life friends.

    Username: La Bandera
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Religion: Trinitarian
    Place of Birth: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Socialist Republic of Mexico
    Currently Residing: Honolulu, Hawaii ASR
    Political Affiliation: Liberation
    Class: N/A
    Occupation: Elected Chief of Management at Golden Paradise restaurant, Cuerpo Marina Republicano Socialista* armor crewman (Ret.Sergeant, LAV Gunner)
    Favorite AH work: The Two Georges
    Favorite Book: The Great War: Walk In Hell
    Favorite Film: Leyendas de la caída**
    Favorite TV: The Walking Dead
    Favorite Music: Punk, Spanish Classical, Rap
    Favorite Game: War Chronicle:1918***
    Favorite Art: Streets of Mexico
    Other hobbies: hanging out with Red_DevilDog, going to the shooting range, surfing, making traditional Mexican food for his wife and daughter, binging War Chronicle when his Wife and Daughter are not home.
    Likes: Hawaii, working in the restaurant business, traveling to Metropolis, discussing military history and military science fiction, The Workers' and Farmers' Revolutionary Marine Corps, the Cuerpo Marina Republicano Socialista, rugby, the War Chronicle series.
    Dislikes: Racists, association football, Impolite customers, AvengeUlster, the UCC, the Franco-British Army, The Franco-British Marines, snow.
    Favorite quote: "Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." Emiliano Zapata
    Demeanor: Cheerful, Witty, "socialist dude bro", dad-like works: Contributes to the Final Conflict AH thread by Red_DevilDog

    * Mexican Marines
    **Mexican made English language film about the son of a Wealthy Conservative Mexican Landowner who joins the U.S Army to fight in the First World War. After the end of the war, he comes home a changed man and committed Revolutionary.

    Username: Mr.CarlCastro
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ethnicity: Italian
    Religion: Atheist
    Place of Birth: Chicago Commune, Illinois ASR
    Currently Residing: Houston, Texas ASR
    Political Affiliation: Communist Labor Party
    Class: N/A
    Occupation: Auto Mechanic, Workers' and Farmers' Revolutionary Army Airborne Paratrooper (Ret. Specialist, Sharpshooter)
    Favorite AH work: The Day the Revolution Died
    Favorite Book: The State and Revolution
    Favorite Film: 8/8/88
    Favorite TV: Band of Brothers
    Favorite Music: Metal
    Favorite Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Favorite Art: A Porn Star's Life
    Other Hobbies: Video Gaming, getting together with Red_DevilDog and Boat, watching TV, overeating, building motorcycles,weightlifting, cooking, staying in top athletic condition, overeating some more, studying his family's history.
    Likes: Eating Italian food, Eating American food, the British, East Italy, East Germany, Comedy and Action movies, working on Cars and Bikes, video gaming, Rugby, Swimming, The Arditi.
    Dislikes: Those West Italian Fucks, those West German fucks, those French fucks, those Capitalist fucks in charge of Britain, Eastern European Food, his dumbass teenage neighbors, Romantic and Musical Movies, Cars and Bikes he fixed breaking down, people who actually think his name is "Carl Castro"
    Favorite Quote: We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want the people to emancipate themselves.”- Errico Malatesta
    Demeanor: Brash and Vulgarian
    AH works: O la vittoria, o tutti accoppati!- AH work about a much more brutal Italian front in WW1, where a better organized and better led Austro Hungarian Army wreaks havoc on the Italian Army in a series of bloody campaigns through 1915-1917. The Italian Army becomes radicalized and leads an Italian Revolution in 1920, with the famed Arditi spearheading the push to Rome. Italy becomes a staunch ally of the UASR and cements itself as a major socialist power on the European continent.

    Username: DontRockTheBoat
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ethnicity: Irish-Italian
    Religion: Agnostic
    Place of Birth: Chicago Commune, Illinois ASR
    Currently Residing: New York Commune, Metropolis ASR
    Political Affiliation: Social Ecology Union
    Class: N/A
    Occupation: Creative Director at a Gaming Design Cooperative, self proclaimed "Professional Stoner"
    Favorite AH Work: Blues! A Reactionary Timeline
    Favorite Book: The Stoner's Cookbook
    Favorite Film: Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke
    Favorite TV: Happy Days
    Favorite Music: Rap
    Favorite Game: Warhammer 40k: The Great Crusade*
    Favorite Art: A Blunt at Dawn
    Other Hobbies: smoking lots of weed, playing video games till dawn, basketball, hunting down "foreign sex starved babes" at the bar, drinking too much, getting into "Mano a Mano" karate fights with Chinese tourists.
    Likes: Smoking Weed, drinking beer, getting together with his high school bros Red_DevilDog and Mr.CarlCastro, video gaming, coming up with ideas for video games at his job, practicing "Kay-ra-teh", Anarchism, hot female European tourists.
    Dislikes: Statism, Chinese popular opinion on drugs, the Franco-British policy on marijuana, Nazis, hot female European tourists that won't have sex because of "religion", the UCC in general, his nickname from high school "Boat"
    Demeanor: Stoner-like, laid back and friendly, but prone to saying odd and somewhat irritating things, usually involving babes and booze.
    AH works: Jane Schafer- a sex freak out of time: AH work about Major Jane Schafer being injected with a serum that makes her immortal, however, a side effect is that she turns into a hypersexual nymphomaniac. In the modern day, she travels the world having sex with various famous people. Considered to be a humorous peice, however, many feel that the story is disrespectful to Major Schafer. Most that know him, however, know that the piece is only meant for humorous enjoyment.

    *video game made by his cooperative- basically a battlefield like shooter set in the 40k verse during the great crusade.

    Username: Julianos
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Ethnicity: French-Norweigan
    Religion: Trinitarian
    Place of Birth: Dodgeland County, Wisconsin ASR
    Currently Residing: Shanghai, Socialist Federation of China
    Political Affiliation: Social Anarchist Party of China
    Class: N/A
    Occupation: Nautical Engineer
    Favorite AH work: The Final Conflict
    Favorite Book: The Middle Earth series
    Favorite Film: any Star Wars or Warhammer 40k film
    Favorite TV: South Park
    Favorite Music: Rock and Roll, Rap
    Favorite Game:Warhammer 40k: The Great Crusade
    Favorite Art: The Battle of Terra
    Other Hobbies: writing 40k fanfiction, going to a nerd conventions, playing video games, designing yachts
    Likes: The Fantasy genre, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, going to Hawaii, being a Nerd, being an Engineer, living in China, military sci-fi
    Dislikes: Franco-British businessmen, Architects, Star Trek, obnoxious pacifists
    Favorite Quote: "For the Emperor, Knights of Caliban, the Lions anointed Angels of Death! No forgiveness, no retreat."- unnamed Space Marine Librarian
    Demeanor: Child-Like on the forums, mature in real life
    AH Works: For the Emperor, Knights of Mankind!- Warhammer 40000 work where the Horus Heresy does not occur and the Emperor leads the universe into a new golden age.

    In case you didn't know, La Bandera is based on my college roommate and Mr.CarlCastro and DontRockTheBoat are based on two of my real life High School Friends. Julianos is basically my cousin through bond relations.

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    Some ideas I had regarding one of the biggest companies in the capitalist sphere ITTL

    The website for the Maggie Pie corporation says this about the company's history:

    "The story of Maggie Pie begins in 1958, with a little meat pie shop in Dundee called 'Magpie's Insta-Baker.' The original owner, a war veteran named Alastair MacDuff, boasted that his kitchen had a new sort of oven, one that could make traditional meat pies faster than ever. The shop was popular, especially with football fans, because it was cheap and tasted good, especially for something of that price. Word soon spread of the Insta-Baker, and other restaurants all across the United Kingdom wanted one. He refused to license the new oven, until he was approached by a wealthy outsider...

    In 1963, Richard Finlay, an advertising executive from Santiago de Cuba, stopped by Dundee on a business trip. While searching for a late night snack, he asked a local what the best place to eat was. The local told him of Magpie's, which he called 'Maggie Pie', and the Insta-Baker, which was 'one of the fastest things I've seen!'. He took notes. Upon arriving at the restaurant, he found MacDuff at the counter, and asked him 'how fast can your machine cook a chicken pot pie?' MacDuff smiled, and remarked: 'Sae fest they willnae ken what's comin'! He stared at him, confused, until MacDuff spoke again: 'Oh, I forgot, you're not from around here.' He cleared his throat, and bellowed: 'It cooks them so fast they won't know what's coming!'

    According to Finlay's memoirs, 'The Hustle', 'that chicken pot pie was the best darn thing I've ever tasted in my life. I called Mr. MacDuff over and told him 'there needs to be a shop like yours in every street corner in Scotland!' and he smiled and said 'Why just Scotland? You've got the business sense, we can take over the world together with these things!'

    So, the two went to work. A second location opened in Edinburgh, with the shortened 'Maggie Pie' name that Finlay heard at the airport. Next to a photo of the original Insta-Baker was a sign: Sae fest they willnae ken what's comin'!

    From there, Maggie Pie stores opened all over Scotland in the rest of the sixties. Starting in 1969, they made headway into Northern England, opening branches in Manchester and Liverpool. The seventies saw massive expansion, with a national television and cinema ad campaign starring Alastair MacDuff extolling the virtues of Maggie Pie and the Insta-Baker. The city of London saw its first Maggie Pie open in 1974, the same year the first locations outside Britain opened in France and West Germany. 1976 saw the first store outside Europe, with a location in Havana's Hotel Capri. It was so popular, that the store ran out of stock in under 4 hours! This was followed by equally successful launches in the rest of the South American market, and in Australia and New Zealand.

    Asia's first Maggie Pie opened in New Delhi in 1978, with the menu changed to fit Hindu and Islamic diets, followed by a Hong Kong outlet in 1980 and a Bangkok outlet in 1981. It was in 1982, at a Maggie Pie in Goa, that a chef invented one of the most popular dishes at Maggie Pie: the Angry Pie, with spicy fried onions, prawns, and vindaloo sauce. In 1983, Nicola Pierre, husband of Trinidadian franchisee Alexander Pierre, started offering a discount combo called the "Little Meal" for families with small children. This caught the attention of executives at Maggie Pie headquarters in Dundee, who suggested adding a toy. This led to the creation of the first ever Fun Meal in 1987. That same year, the first Middle Eastern Maggie Pie opened in Jeddah, followed by an outlet in Lagos. The world's largest Maggie Pie restaurant was built in Manila in 1994, made to resemble a Spanish colonial villa.

    While we've changed throughout the years, one thing's for certain: we've always been the same restaurant that Alastair and Richard founded. We're still devoted to family, friends, and above all, good food. That's one of the many reasons why Maggie Pie was, and still remains, The World's Favorite Family Restaurant®"

    Of course, that's just what they want to tell you....


    Sound pretty good so far? I had to go through, like 50 corporate web pages to get the tone right.
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    Makes it sound like the pies are made of human flesh lol

    Par for the course, damn baby eating Capitalist pigs!
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    Well, no, but I am planning some shady shit involving Mr. Finlay...
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    Nah, too expensive.
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    Yankee propaganda!
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    Shit, changing it now...
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    One company I'm wondering about the fate of ITTL is Hershey's. While there was a strike in the 1930s that led to the company's workers unionizing, it seems like Milton Hershey was fairly progressive in a lot of ways.
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    Hershey just becomes a chocolate cooperative. I mean, the whole community is pretty much owned by the company, so it wouldn't be hard to collectivize the community, and turn it into a communal chocolate town.
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    Well, first of all, ever since I saw Sweeney Todd, the idea of a meat pie makes me feel ill. :confounded:

    But I think you did create a realistic corporate enterprise. But I imagine that a Scottish franchise would sell fried what-ever, not pot pies.
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    AH Polchat: I came across something terrible six weeks ago. I still don't understand what the fuck it is.

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    Happy 100 pages!
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    The Movie Psycho (1960) in Reds:

    Psycho is one of my favorite movies, and an important film in OTL movie history. But I don't think you could make it in Redsverse, or at least the specific story.

    One of the factors of Psycho to happen is the extreme isolation of the Bates family from human beings. This isolation allowed for two things: Norman's only human relation being his deranged mother is really what warped him. There was nobody else he could relate too, tragically. The other factor was that his isolation allowed him to maintain his delusion of his mother being alive.

    Let me shed some light on the latter: while tourists who came to the Bates Motel would often hear Norman and "Norma" arguing with each other, the people in the town nearby knew Norma was dead. There was a funeral held for her and her dead lover, but Norman somehow was able to steal her body, preserve it, and implant his memory of her on it.

    In the UASR, people don't exactly have the ability to be a hermit. You're required to participate in all levels of society. Norman and Norma would be required to participate in community life, which allows Norman the ability to build a life away from Norma. I also don't think Norman or Norma would be allowed to be isolated in their home. If everything is communally owned, then their hotel would also include another employee. Even in OTL period of the 1940s, Norma's treatment of Norman would disturb anybody. ITTL, preventing child abuse is far more important, so this hypothetical employee would report Norma's abuse.

    But it is not just a potential employee that could expose Norma and save Norman. In Psycho IV, they show the beginning of Norman's killing spree. A teenage girl was attracted to Norman's quiet demeanor, so much so, that she literally broke into the Bates home just to be with him. This ended in her demise. ITTL, people are a lot more loose. Maybe before he even gets it into his head to kill his mother and her boyfriend, some female classmate comes on to Norman, even following him home. This hypothetical girl sees how brutal Norma is, and takes it upon herself to rescue him.

    But let's say that somehow, Norman and Norma were able to stay isolated from everybody, and Norman was able to still poison her and her lover without leaving evidence of the crime. I'm going to guess the crime was committed around 1948-1949. Norman at this time was still a minor. While in OTL, he would have been allowed to keep running his family's hotel, I don't the authorities would just leave him alone ITTL. I think they, the servants of social democratic society, would take custody of this poor child who, as far as they know, has had his mother taken from him, and they would put him in an orphanage. If psychological damage with Norman is still present, if he starts re-creating his mother in his mind, there would enough people who would notice, and try to stamp it out. In an orphanage, he would required to do all kinds of communal activity. He would receive a progressive sex education, which would dispel Norma's poisonous and hypocritical beliefs about woman and love, and potentially, he'll meet a girl that will pull him back from any remaining darkness.

    Considering all these factors, how do you tell the ITTL story of Norman Bates.
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    Well, they can nominally participate at the bare minimum, and still largely be left alone in isolation, if they don't bother anyone else. They live in the Southwest, which has large expanses in between towns, so it's easy to be more isolated in such a location, even in a socialist society. Also, small family owned businesses run only by family members still exist, so it's not like they are required to have an employee by law. That also means he could run the hotel by himself.

    I suppose Bates would be older, just so that he could kill his mother at an age where he could inherit the hotel. The Bates in the novel was in his 40's, apparently, as was his real life inspiration Ed Gein when his mother died. I suspect he would be in his 30's in that case, just to keep the actor charming and handsome. They could also skewer closer to the novel, or to the real Gein case (the TTL version of it, of course).