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    I certainly would love to see more.
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    Well that's good.

    Despite having similar plots to OTL Samurai Jack, Highland Jack is a much richer universe than it's real life counterpart, having a large cast of supporting characters and a rich cast of villains, each with thier own strengths and weaknesses, due to cultural differences between OTL and ITTL. There's also a lot of planet hopping that Samurai Jack doesn't have.

    Jack is also more powerful than his OTL counterpart, as ITTL, he's carving through large armies in his normal form, not even counting his form he takes with the Avatar of Neit, who can take on Warhammer 40k levels of ridiculously huge numbers and destroy entire planetary systems with his chest beam. (though that's only in a specific form and if Jack and Neit truly need to do so)

    This is largely because Balor of Highland Jack is a hell of a lot more powerful than Samurai Jack's Aku: despite being a large ham, just like Aku, Balor is a lot better at fighting, a lot better at conquering, and a lot better at organizing, with his own personal honor guard of gods, Warriors, and Assassins to protect him and enforce his will.

    This disparity in power is also shown in the form of the forces Jack fights. in Samurai Jack, Aku really doesn't seem to give a shit: he rules his empire more like a warlord than an actual emperor, sitting up in his palace doing absolutely fuck all whilst letting his subjects kill each other. Aside from his beetle drones and a motley crew of monsters, aliens, and bounty hunters, Aku doesn't really have a standing Army to throw at Jack.

    Meanwhile in Highland Jack, Balor rules his interstellar empire more like an actual emperor, and has a gigantic army to show for it, countless numbers of Combat Robots, Monsters, Demons, Regular Humans, Supersoldiers, Mutants, and War Beasts of all shapes and sizes.

    ITTL, Jack is more of a figurehead for the people to rise up rather than a guy that spooks the bogeymen, though it's true that Jack does most of the work, aside from his allies.
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    A return to the X-Men post, as what I wrote is cringe-worthy.

    Mutant Liberation Front

    The Mutant Liberation Front is a team of superheroes who fight for peace and equality between baseline humans and mutants, super-powered individuals. The MLF is generally split into two teams, often called Scholars and Warriors, although the term is not canon.


    Tasked with tracking and recruitment of mutants, the Scholars run the Metropolis School of Gifted Youngsters, often nicknamed The School. The team contains some of the physically and super-powerful individuals in the Front, including 40th century scientists, magic practitioners and psychical borderline-reality warpers. They're often underestimated (even by fans) for being perceived as Ivory Tower intellectuals. Initially ignored, they stepped into the limelight as the forefront of the Front during the Humanity Last storyline as they fought off a massive Sentinel invasion by themselves.

    Katherine "Kat" Pride/Shadowcat:
    A mutant with the ability to be become intangible and later on channel the mystical energies of the Shadow Dimension, she's the Principal of The School. Jewish and adept at hand to hand combat, Kat takes the School security very serious though earlier issues tended to play it up as comedy.

    Since Michael Bendis run in the late 1980s Kat has taken a more pro-active and sometimes brutal leadership, taking extreme measures to contain attacks against the School. In Mendis’ first major storyline Kat infamously ripped out the heart of an abusive mother. She used to date Iceman and Colossus but has remained single when she decided to focus on The School.

    Jean Grey/Marvel Girl: An Omega-level psychic and host of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey started as a member of the “Warrior” wing until she lost control over her powers, wrecking havoc and ultimately threatening the fragile peace between baseline and mutant humans.

    After such an event, Jean returned to The School to not only take back control over her own powers but also to ensure that no such event ever repeats. Because her destructive potential many writers decided to use her as a plot device to “spice up” mutant-baseline relations though such actions have become more frowned up after the infamous (and no longer canonical) No More Mutants storyline.

    Recently she uses astral projection to travel to the future and help her son Nathan “Cable” Summers fight against Apocalypse and other dystopian dictators. She’s become a source of memes such as #JeanHatesEquality (for nearly exterminating mutants) or #JeanIsRight (for showing contempt for magic, a controversial element of the Mutantverse fandom).

    John Proudstar/Thunderbird: An immortal Native American, he’s reborn physically and mentally stronger every time he’s killed. He serves as Physical Education and Martial Arts teacher. He’s considered the face of comic book death.

    He was killed in his first appearance only to re appear in issue #27 unharmed. It was later revealed that he was truly immortal, his soul mystically connected to the Earth thus he will be resurrected mere seconds after being killed and will get stronger every time that happens. How extensive his super-strength and super-stamina are depends on the writer, in some storylines (Fall of Mutants) being capable of causing an earthquake by punching the ground to sometimes being overwhelmed by others (War of Humanities).

    Currently he’s the head of the MLF’s Security Council, a small cabal responsible for creating emergency plans in case of another baseline-mutant war. His current storyline is helping Archmage contain an otherworldly Fae trying to causing havoc on Earth.

    Danielle Moonstar/Valkyrie: A mutant with bio-wings and the power to project healing energy shields, she’s also the Medical Health teacher at The School. A nurse, Dany’s powers remained dormant until she was attacked by Sentinels during the War of Humanities storyline.

    She’s not a real Valkyrie and she’s vulnerable to magic- her energy shields incapable of stopping spells or prevent magical creatures from physically fighting her. She often crosses-over to the Warrior wing when they need medical help.

    Henry “Hank” McCoy/Majik: A mutant with beastly appearance and super-strength, he’s from the 40th century. Brilliant and gifted with a thousand years of scientific foreknowledge, he’s the primary source of technological and plot devices. He first appeared in the Days of Future Past storyline, where his post-scarcity peaceful timeline contrasted with Cable’s dystopian timeline. He wields a robotic glove which allows him to create and project electro-magnetic energy and thus produce magic-like effects though later issues imply that he’s not a scientist but instead a sorcerer.

    His currently storyline is realizing that he’s being erased from the timeline as Cable’s dystopian timeline is becoming the dominant possible future thanks to Jean’s time traveling adventure.

    Illiana Nikolayevna/Archmage: A mutant with the power of resurrection, she’s the Mystical Arts teacher at The School. Learning to channel the dark energies of the Dormmandu’s Shadow Dimension, Archmage has developed an affinity to cast borderline reality warping spells at great mental cost.

    She was kidnapped at young age by a demon that wanted to use her powers to resurrect the Elder Gods and thought her dark magic. Successfully resisting the demon’s attempt to corrupt her, Archmage cast a spell that sent a warning signal to all psychics. The MLF’s Warrior Wing entered the Shadow Dimension and succeeds in rescuing her, and she was brought to The School.She remained in the background until Days of Future Past when she’s possessed by a future self from a dystopian timeline. She later helped Storm and Magneto laying siege to Deleon-Debs during the War of Humanities storyline and gained a dragon pet during the Slaughterhouse storyline.

    She’s currently being harassed by an Otherworld Fae who seeks to use her powers to “bring back magic”.
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    Is of much dark here
    Waververse character:

    Other: Xagrathulax: Xagrathulax is not bound to concepts of good or evil or order or chaos, such things are quite small to Xagrathulax. Indeed most things are very small to Xagrathulax, as the first thing that one will notice about Xagrathulax is that they are very, very large. The creature's somewhat centipede like body is enormous beyond comprehension, far, far larger than the entirety of the universe; which cannot be seen in any shot of Xagrathulax where they are visible as they crawl through the space between multiverses and it being explicitly stated that "to compare a universe to Xagrathulax is like comparing the smallest of subatomic particles to an entire universe". Xagrathulax is a fractal, a being that exists in more time and space dimensions than are familiar to most beings, and as such can traverse space and time and the void in ways that most beings find difficult to truly grasp. Their own body looks like "if you took a giant centipede and made it out of stained glass and then put that through a fractal pattern". Xagrathulax is unfathomably ancient, having existed long before any of the universes reachable to Columbia did and is so old that the lifespan of a universe destined to die of heat death instead of any swifter means is like the blink of an eye to them. Xagrathulax is not malevolent, as the affairs of singular realities or even whole metaverses are essentially meaningless to the colossus, but its passage through clusters of reality can cause destruction simply through passing through, and some of the fauna that live on or in Xagrathulax can be more openly malevolent. Every conversation with Xagrathulax has been strange with any words said by the behemoth not seeming to make sense until later thanks due to the creature's alien perspective and its nonlinear perception of time. And the fact that generally most conversations are only had with part of the creature as it is near impossible to have a conversation with the entirety of something so huge and so alien.


    Sangadian: The Daughter of a Japanese Water Dragon and the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl, Sangadian is meant to embody a more positive aspect to Japanese spirituality. In her "serpent form" she could best be described as a combination of an Aztec feathered serpent and a blue Japanese dragon with an intense glow to her eyes. In her humanoid form she is of clearly mixed racial heritage as well as mixed styles of dress; mixing old Japanese and Aztec outfits with modern Japanese and Latino ones, with the same sunlike glow with hair as black as the night sky and skin clearly kissed by the sun's warmth and light. Her battle garb in human form mixes the stylings of various kinds of Aztec warrior as well as Japanese warrior, and she actually prefers to fight with a club instead of a sword as one might expect. Fully amphibious, she not only has command over the power of the light and the water and has tremendous magical ability and physical prowess as one can expect from someone who is half spirit dragon and half god, but she is also deeply in tune with the spiritual world's ebbs and flows. It is often her who first spots trouble in the spiritual realms if Orobi isn't the first to do so. She also often helps to serve as a liason between the divine side of the setting and the more mundane or science fiction based parts of it. She is kind and motherly, but like the sea when angered her wrath is something terrifying to behold as she quickly reminds everyone of the kind of power available to her. She is a long time enemy of Idaina Kage, and has often fought long and hard against the Dark Goddess and her terrible father Amatsu Mikaboshi, and frequently tangles with the likes of Apophis and Set and helped to stop the attempt to free Typhon from Mt.Etna in one of the major events of the setting, battling the storm beast in his terrible glory in her own divine form.
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    Party of Soviet Germany - New Version

    Freie Demokratische Partei

    Ideology: Social liberalism (officially), Social Democracy (in fact).
    Political position: Rights (Germany), Center-left (International)
    International Affiliation: Liberal International
    Official Color: Yellow
    Youth Wing: Junge Liberale
    Party Newspaper: Licht der Vernunft
    Capital Punishment: universally opposed
    Civil Defense: Party platform calls for an end to the civil defense initiative.
    Cultural Stance: Maintain a policy Cultural Leap/
    Drug Policy: The legalization of soft drugs.
    Economy: In favor of limiting government intervention in the economy, for the privatization of Light Industry.
    Education: The Liberals favors increased local control of education policy, and the reduction of government involvement in educational standards, including lifting the ban on parochial and private schools.
    Environment: Support for environmental protection measures.
    Foreign Aid: Against any foreign aid.
    Foreign Alliances: Discharge with the Free State Alliance, open borders with West Germany.
    Reunification: Creation of the "Confederation of German Peoples", economic integration, while maintaining the independence of both Germanies.
    Law Enforcement: Transfer of powers of the Militias to Private Organizations.
    Social Welfare: They recognize the need for social protection programs.
    Taxation: Champions the institution of a national sales tax, to encourage savings and investment.
    Trade: Free Trade with neighbors.

    Christian Democratic Union of Germany (Christlich-Demokratische Union Deutschlands)
    Founded: 1945
    Ideology: Christian Socialism.
    Political position: Center-leftt (G), left (International)
    International Affiliation: Socialist International
    Official Color: Blue, Yellow
    Youth Wing: Christian Youth League (Christliche Jugendliga)
    Party Newspaper: Neue Zeit

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: universally opposed
    Civil Defense: It underlines the importance of civil defense programs for the education of young people, but believe allocated funds this means excessively.
    Cultural Stance: Currently support the feminist movement and the sexual minorities. However, consider the new cultural standards decadent and loose.
    Defense: Stand for peace with the West and the general disarmament.
    Drug Policy: Absolutely against.
    Economy: Support a mix of participatory and central planning, though some support is given for market reforms in luxury goods.
    Education: supports public education policy.
    Environment: Status quo.
    Foreign Aid: Support grant aid to third world countries.
    Foreign Alliances: Refusal to participate in military blocs, but maintaining close economic ties with the USSR and UASR.
    Reunification: Peaceful coexistence of two Germanias.
    Law Enforcement: Status quo
    Foreign Alliances: The Christian Democrats is categorically opposed to aggressive foreign policy and other destabilizing actions.
    Immigration: Generally favoring more open immigration.
    Social Welfare: The fight against poverty. Active promotion of social protection programs.
    Taxation: The East German CDU favors taxing socially destructive activities as part of its overall theme of social justice.
    Trade: CDU trade policy generally favors autarky in essential industries such as agriculture, mining, steel and energy, but free trade in less essential, more luxury oriented markets.

    The Socialist People's Party (Die Sozialistische Volkspartei)
    Ideology: Marxism-Leninism (officially), Left Populism, etatism.
    Political position: Center Right (Germany), left (International)
    International Affiliation: Comintern
    Official Color: Yellow, Red
    Youth Wing: German Youth Association (Deutsche Jugendvereinigung)
    Party Newspaper: Sozialistische Vaterland

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: The death penalty for the most serious crime and counter-revolutionary activities.
    Civil Defense: Emphasizes the need for such programs to mobilize the population and the education of youth.
    Cultural Stance: Criticized "anti-national" values of the new culture.
    Defense: Known as the militarist party.
    Drug Policy: Absolutely against.
    Economy: Centralized government planning.
    Education: They consider it necessary to put the learning process under the control of the state.
    Environment: Consider measures to prevent climate change is economically useless and harmful.
    Foreign Aid: The use of foreign aid for the promotion of the interests of the German people.
    Foreign Alliances: Close cooperation with the USSR and America. Opposition to the Free State Alliance.
    Reunification: Creation of a single, socialist state of the Germans.
    Law Enforcement: Centralization of the Militia department.
    Immigration: They demand the closure of borders with the German Empire.
    Social Welfare: The party proposes to expand the state-sponsored child care programs and an increase in food subsidies to the workers and collective farmers.
    Taxation: The SPP is most often the party of balanced budgets.
    Trade: The SPP strongly supports autarkic economic policy.

    Communist Workers' Party of Germany (Kommunistische Arbeiter-Partei Deutschlands)
    Ideology: Council communism.
    Political position: Left (G), Far-Left(international).
    International Affiliation: Comintern
    Official Color: Red, Black
    Youth Wing: Democratic Union of Youth - Spartak (Demokratische Einung der Jugend - Spartak)
    Party Newspaper: Freies Deutschland

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: Seek to maintain the use of the death penalty only in cases of treason, and in grievous international crimes such as war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    Civil Defense: Emphasizes the role of civil defense in ensuring the defense capability of the socialist society.
    Cultural Stance: Maintain a policy Cultural Leap.
    Defense: It is emphasized the need to strengthen the armed forces in case of war with West Germany.
    Drug Policy: Decriminalization in conjunction with measures to combat drug addiction and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle.
    Economy: The program is an extension of autonomy of enterprises. The introduction of the model "Matryoshka" in the German economy.
    Education: The party advocates increased local control of educational policy, in keeping with the party's strong support for participatory democracy.
    Environment: The Communists support attempts to contain climate change, and have in recent years worked to develop public policy to repair the ecological devastation caused by past industrial policy.
    Foreign Aid: Foreign aid to friendly regimes.
    Foreign Alliances: Expansion cooperation with UASR.
    Reunification: Creation of a Worker of the West German State. The program of gradual integration, to overcome cultural and economic contradictions.
    Law Enforcement: Decentralization of the Militia department.
    Immigration: generally favoring open borders
    Social Welfare: The architects of modern social security system. The truth is much inherited from the times of the SED dictatorship.
    Taxation: The Communists have remained categorically opposed to the institution of individual income taxes or general sales taxes, favoring union and provincial revenue to be derived from rents to publicly owned enterprises.
    Trade: The Communists have championed the development of free-trade blocs among socialist nations.

    I'll just transfer the green ones from the old version, so it seems to me that they will differ significantly from their Western counterparts ..

    Anarcho-Ecological Union (Anarcho-ökologische Einung)
    Founded: 1990
    Ideology: Eco-anarchism, communalism, libertarian socialism.
    Political position: Left Radicals (GDR) Ultra Left (international).
    International Affiliation: Green International
    Official Color: Gold, Black
    Youth Wing: Green student community (Grüne Studentengemeinde)
    Party Newspaper: Neues Deutschland

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: The AEU is categorically opposed to the use of capital punishment.
    Civil Defense: the Eco-anarchists consider civil defense programs as overtly militaristic and barbaric
    Cultural Stance: Maintain a policy Cultural Leap.
    Defense: Disclaimer centralized armed forces.
    Drug Policy: Decriminalization in conjunction with measures to combat drug addiction and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle.
    Economy: Refusal of central planning in favor of greater autonomy of enterprises.
    Education: Transferring control of education to local councils.
    Environment: The use of foreign aid for environmental protection at the global level.
    Foreign Aid: Foreign aid to friendly regimes.
    Foreign Alliances: Alliance with friendly regimes.
    Reunion: The creation of an independent, working state in the west.
    Law Enforcement: Elimination of a centralized system of law enforcement agencies. Expansion of the powers of local units.
    Immigration: supports open borders
    Social Welfare: opposed to government programs, which are to be transferred into the workers' councils
    Taxation: universally opposed
    Trade: supports greater autonomy for regional trade

    Postscript - I did not describe Dadaists and Futurists for the following reasons: Firstly, Dadaists can not be taken seriously. Secondly, I do not think that they will be very different from their Western counterparts. Thirdly, I do not like "actual art". Fourth, I'm not too sympathetic to futurists (an opponent of bionic implants, although I support the transplantation of damaged internal organs to artificially grown).
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    Ural People's Republic. Ekaterinburg.
    Where is she from? Reminds our name Nikolayevna.
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    So, I wanted an East German user during the West German Politics Thread, but instead of creating one, I coopted an older user I hadn't used since, well the beginning of the thread, and make him East German, since there was no real info on his origin.

    Username: DeadManRising
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality:Heterosexual (Kinsey scale 1)
    Ethnicity:East German
    Religion: Atheist
    Place of Birth: Berlin, Free Socialist Republic of Germany
    Currently Residing: Austin, Texas, Union of American Socialist Republics
    Political Affiliation: PSG-East Germany (East Germany), American Futurist Society (UASR)
    Occupation: Astronomer
    Favorite AH work: Lord Darcy by Richard Garrett/ Ministry of Space by Warren Ellis
    Favorite Book: Contact by Carl Sagan
    Favorite Film: Night of the Living Dead
    Favorite TV: Cowboy Bebop
    Favorite Music:Scorpions
    Favorite Game: Mass Effect 2
    Favorite Art: Spirit in the Sky by Jack Parsons
    Other hobbies: Writing, table tennis, Motorcycle riding, electric guitar, computer programming
    Likes: Astronomy, science, Zombie and horror films (especially of George Romero and John Carpenter), American hard science fiction, West German metal, the history of computers and the internet
    Dislikes: Public transportation, strangers who attempt to interact with you in public places, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, overt militarism, political fanaticalism (of any stripe),
    Favorite quote: ""A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
    — Robert Heinlein

    Demeanor: Calm, Sarcastic
    AH works on the board:

    "Tales of the West"- A look into the Europe described in Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt, which was decimated by the bubonic plague. It deals with the Muslim reconquest of Europe, the development of European Muslim society, the Long War, and the immediate aftermath.

    "Night and Day"- Zombie outbreak in 1969. 'Nuff said.
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    Today I found out that I was given an award to the artist who was developing a fairy tale about ... how the mole was looking for the one who shit him naked:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please - say that in an alternative reality there is no such nonsense!
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    "No", my dad said. I had learned long ago his "No" would be the final say on anything in the house. But sometimes, the stench of opportunity can break one out of their habits.

    "But dad-,"

    "No," said my father. "You're needed in the diner. I can't do this work without you."

    I turned to my mom, hoping for her reason to convince my dad. But she gave me this frown.

    "Harry," she said in her annoying motherly way, "we need you here. Besides, I don't want you to spend your whole summer just screwing around."

    I paused for a minute. Yeah, that was my main reason for going to America.

    "What do you mean, 'just screwing around' ", I replied, slightly flustered as this inadvertent insight, "it is a working vacation."

    "The commies just like lazing around," my dad grunted, "they expect government to work for them. Thus, they were robbed of any work ethic. I don't want that infecting my son. You'll come home expecting everything handed to you." He paused, as if searching for an argument. "And like your mom said, they just like screwing around. They don't know how to treat a lady, and they don't respect family."

    'Yeah, and you still kept love letters from your old girlfriend,' I thought. I found them when I was eight, during my old snooping phase. That phase came to an end when my dad found me going through his desk drawers. Any phase will end when your behind meets your father's leather belt.

    "Yeah Harry," my mom ,"Stacy broke up with you, which shows you still need to mature, which you can't do in the UASR."

    My face got a little red at my mom pushing the rumor. 'Stacy moved away', I thought to myself ,'Okay. Before she moved, we did have a big fight, where she said I wasn't considerate of her. Okay, I stood her up once, but she said she was over it, although I haveb.' Everybody saw that fight, and assumed she moved just to get away from me. It really was getting on my nerves. But I chose not to argue it, instead trying appeal to dad's business nature.

    "You know," I said earnestly, "you could hire a student from the UASR, if your short on labor. The Reds are also looking to send people to the-",

    "No," my father uttered," those Reds always argue with you. Even the maids and janitors feel entitled to make noise. I don't want some entitled lefty telling me what to do in my own damn diner."

    "Steven," my mom said glaringly. My dad instantly stopped with his Red-bashing.

    "Sorry, Marianne," he said regretfully. My mom was the kind of person who thought that swearing was the ultimate sin, or more specifically 'bad manners'. Born to an English descended family, she had the outlook of an English aristocrat: you can oppress people, as long as you are polite and well-groomed when you do it.

    "The point is," my dad said with a wide smile, "you've been working here since ten, and I highly value your contribution."

    "I'm not gonna be working here forever, you know," I said.

    "I suppose your 'C' in calculus last week was a sign you care about your future," my mom threw in.

    "The semester's almost over," I yelled back at her. "You know..."

    "Yeah you do the bare minimum," my dad yelled. "The bare minimum doesn't suffice in the real world. You need to do extra. I was..."

    "Working fifteen hours a day when I started my dinner," I finished for him. "Yes I've heard that line 300 times."

    "301," my Dad said ironically, "My point is, you don't seem to have much drive. Do you even know what you want to study?"

    "I haven't figured that out yet, but I will..."

    "Life is short Harry," my dad said, with an unusual amount of conviction. "It can sneak up on you before its too late. So 'now' should be..."

    "What's this 'life is short' speech," I interrupted, "have to do with me not going to Metropolis?!"

    "This has to do with how I see you," my dad said ,"and I believe you should wait before going to Metropolis.I don't think you are responsible enough."

    I held back a sigh. I almost erupted then and there, but I decided to use an ace in the hole.

    "Did you know the program gives you college credit," I asked my dad with a sly tone of voice, "it can help meet some Gen-Ed requirements."

    "Let me see," he asked, and I handed him the brochure. He poured over it with the interest a prospector would give a goldmine. He handed it to my mom, and looked at me.

    "Okay, Harry," he said, "I'll make you a deal. You can go, but in exchange, you'll have to spend month and a half working overtime. If you're not going to work this summer, you'll make up this spring. Deal?" He outstretched his hand.

    I held back another sigh and just shook his hand. My parents will be off my back this summer, that's my prize.

    Part 3: Parental Agreement, Memoirs of the Red Turn (2006), Harold MacDevon

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    The Mountainous Democratic Republic of Colorado
    Charge of the Ghadar Brigade: Indian Volunteers and militias during the Second American Civil War

    By Radha Gopal, Published September 28th, 2016, in Pioneer Magazine

    (The following is an article by a high school student in Sacramento, California, at first for a school assignment; Published in the the Official Pioneer Magazine)

    Asian Indians in the old Republic were one of the lesser immigrant groups, primarily concentrated on the West Coast, mostly Sikh farmers from Punjab. However, there was still heavy discrimination against them. In 1907, in the town of Bellingham, Washington, mobs of whites attacked the local Sikhs, driving them from town. The US based pro-independence Ghadar Party attempted to cement rebellion within the Indian armed forces in collusion with Germany during World War I to secure independence, resulting, among other plots, the Anne Larsen plot, where arms were run through the Anne Larsen from German sympathizing Irishmen to give to Indian insurgent. When the plot was uncovered, a trail resulted, where 8 Ghadar nationalists were convicted.

    However, Indian Americans became more socialistically inclined after the 1923 Supreme Court case of US v. Bhagat Singh Thind, where it was found that Indian immigrants could not become citizens under then current law, because they were "not white."[1] Immigrant Indians began to join the Worker's Party in an effort to reverse naturalization laws and finally gain their citizenship, as well as for better working and living conditions of their farms. The socialist faction of the Ghadar Party also allied itself with the Worker's Party.

    These new Sikh supporters sprung into action, when MacArthur's coup occurred. Under the lead of Dalip Singh Saund [2], Sundeep Sahansi*, and radical members of Ghadar Party, various militias formed from the community. Clad with rebel attire and traditional turbans, they helped the other California militias against their former farming master. Sahansi later said recalled "We knew that the time had come for us to take up arms. It was time for us to finally fight for our right in remain in this county, and hopefully, bring this fevour to our families in India." Thanks to the involvement of the Ghadar Party, they became known as the Ghadar Brigades. While not major participants, they were still involved for most of the conflict. Dailp Singh Saud, an Indian student turned activist, emerged as the leader of the rights

    Some foreign Indian radicals also joined the American fight via the International Brigades. Virendranath Chattopadhyaya (known as Chotto), an Indian radical, protege of Communist press heavyweight Willi Muzenberg, and writer for the Comintern Press organ Imprecor, came to the US to join his colleague Agnes Smedley (an American returning to help with the Communist war effort.), and following several volunteer brigades. Most notably, he fought alongside the Shivaji Battalion (named for the famed Marathi king and resistor to Mughal rule), a group of radicalized Indian volunteers during the Civil War, who fought in Southern California and Arizona, along with local militias.

    Following the victory of Communist forces in America, the various Asian Indian volunteers, fighters, and militias were awarded well. The rights of any to become citizens was confirmed, and many Indians would become members of the West coast branch of the WPA. Dalip Singh Saund would serve as a Representative from California from 1935 right up until his retirement in 1963. Indian volunteers, like many of the other International Brigade members, stayed, and became citizens. Chotto relocated to America, and continued to agitate for the cause of Indian independence (thus, greatly opposed to America attempting to scale down its support for radical elements of the INC, in exchange for Indian non-interference in Iran, and would later find the "Indian Socialist-Independence League" as an Indian expatriate advocate group). After World War II, Indian immigration steadily increased, mainly those fleeing persecution or poor living conditions. This spiked during the Emergency period today. While political and economic refugees still make up most Indian immigrant, increasingly, students and engineers are becoming a large faction, most coming in o take advantage of the cordial (though not necessarily friendly) relations with the UASR providing access to American education and jobs within the Space and infrastructure sectors, with the intention of going back home once their work or education had been complete . Many do decide to stay with the UASR, and raise their families. Both of the author's parents were students who came in the late 80's, and later settled in Sacremento.


    All the previous events described are OTL. This really did happen. Bhagat Singh Thind would not be reversed until the 1946 Luce-Celler Act and later the 1965 Immigration acts.

    [2] OTL, first Indian American Congressman, elected in 1957.
  11. traveller76 Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    Fort Worth, TX
    I have been thinking about Civil Rights for various groups in the UASR and the Comintern and wanted to ask some questions/your thoughts:

    1. Have we replaced Mr/Miss/Sir/Ma'am as a title with Comrade or Citizen? Would someone with more experience or that you respect be called a Senior Comrade or Respected Comrade?

    2. I figure dress codes in most businesses/factories would be concerned about safety and health reasons (no loose hair or jewelry, wear safety equipment). In many places uniforms may be common (Army, Hospitals). Regular clothing in warm climate or spring/summer may be short sleeves, knee length skirts/shorts and light fabrics like cotton or khaki. Beaches and more liberal cities may be almost or possibly topless or minimal clothing.

    3. Sex Ed will be common in most schools from 6th grade on and birth control will probably be available from the 50s-60s on. Would we see someone like Doctor Ruth on PBS or the radio to answer questions? How will this play out in the Alliance?

    4. Would youth in the UASR and Comintern wear retro or Victorian type clothing as a type of rebellion against authorities and parents?

    5. Since women have been in the workplace, military and government for over sixty years do we think there is still 'women's' or 'men's' work?
  12. Redshank Galloglass Literally Alasdair Mac Colla Banned

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    1. Yes, miss and sir have been replaced with Comrade, Brother, or Citizen.

    2. I'd imagine clothing would be a lot more revealing than OTL.

    3. Perhaps.

    4. Maybe it would be a goth-like counterculture.

    5. I think those terms are obsolete in ITTL Reds! But I'm sure that there's still certain professions that men or women are more likely to enter than the other gender, like the military for men or social workers for women.
  13. Mr.E The Man that Time Forgot

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    Or maybe steampunk is a big subculture in modern times.
  14. Redshank Galloglass Literally Alasdair Mac Colla Banned

    Nov 3, 2016
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    That's what I kinda figured.

    Any world where suspenders is cool is good in my book.
  15. Redshank Galloglass Literally Alasdair Mac Colla Banned

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    BTW, you're a zombie fan right? Would you lie to collab on a peice? I scrapped Crossed, as reading through the source material was a bit too much for me.

    Right now, we're working on a American-British zombie film set in Cuba.
  16. Mr.E The Man that Time Forgot

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    Not a huge one, but I've enjoyed some Zombie media.

    Nevertheless, I'm interested in collaborating. Just send me a PM.
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  17. WotanArgead God of Impalers Kicked

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    It should be borne in mind that a woman is usually smaller and weaker than men (even twins, with the same physical training). So the sexual diffirence will disappear with a higher level of automation. And yes - the reference "brother" to the girl will look strange.
    About ready - We have. with comrade Boot-on-face, there are a couple of ideas on this topic.
  18. Bulldoggus Socially Guelph, Fiscally Ghibelline

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    Oh Boy... I'm just going to warn you that this could very well end up going down a bad path...
  19. Nevermore A mind forever voyaging

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    If you wouldn't mind adding me too, I'd like to contribute. I think seeing how the subgenre take off ITTL is going to be quite interesting given that a lot of the subtext of Romero's movies is either not going to be there or very, very different (no 'mall shoppers = zombies' in Dawn of the Dead - no malls at all, actually, come to think of it).

    I can definitely see the anti-authority message still there, however.
  20. Redshank Galloglass Literally Alasdair Mac Colla Banned

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    You got it m8. As long as Kowashi is there, I'm good.