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    (I'm not 100% sure if Nod would keep it's black and red colour scheme in this universe, anyone know a better one? Perhaps GDI swaps its Yellow and Blue colour scheme with Nod?)

    One of the most iconic enemies in gaming history, the Brotherhood of Nod was created at first to be a pastiche of the various terror and anti-status quo movements that arose from the chaos of the Communist bloc's consolidation in the 90s as the USSR's government shifted massively towards the left and China's government decided to stop playing the other blocs off against each other and go all in with the rest of the comintern. Freely mixing both secular and religious anti-establishment terrorist groups in its influence; the Westwood strategic gaming collective made the brotherhood; along with the rest of rise and revolt, as a satire of the foreign policies of the 90s and its enemies.

    Lead by a mysterious man known only as Kane, the brotherhood would wage world war after world war with the People's Global Defense initiative and the Forgotten Confederacy of Mutants; the latter of whom it hypocritically oppresses and discriminates against despite its message of tiberium based ascension for all mankind; a commentary on the general hypocrisy of race based fascist movements. Like the reactionary movements Nod draws influence from, (With Westwood workers describing Nod as an "internationalist reactionary organization and a militant cult) Nod is strongly centralized. The seemingly immortal and charismatic Kane is Nod's absolute leader, a man whom the eventual billions of Nod's faithful hail as the new Messiah and chosen of god; with Nodism being proclaimed as the fourth Abrahamic faith and the heir of the eastern religions both. Beneath him is his inner circle who compete and squabble for his favor like running dogs.

    Nod works with a broadly populistic message and governance system meant to enthrall its controlled populations into its control and provide a massive recruitment base for its army, but its military essentially exists in tiers. The bottom rung of the military are masses of chaff and fodder, little more than fanatics given bombs or even suicide vests or light vehicles and monkey model tanks and aircraft and told to attack the enemy; usually to soften them up for the elite core of Nod's regulars and its paramilitary militant religious orders to mop up the mess left by the chaff thrown at their enemies. Enamored of terror as a tactic, Nod calls to mind the disregard for civilian death that many movements the UASR opposed were known for; freely using incendiaries, cyborg conversion camps (until CABAL's split from Nod), chemical warfare, terror bombing, or even outright nuclear weapons.

    In essence, the Brotherhood of Nod was meant to be quite symbolic of what the American populace feared most at the time; with it's evolution being both further explorations of the concept and in response to America's shifting fears. Underground reactionary movements, religious fundamentalism, fascist militarism and more all blend together to give birth to one of the most iconic foes in any technothriller work, and it seems likely that Nod will continue to threaten the world of computer gaming for years to come.

    As a note: Nod are totally the bad guys in the Tiberium franchise. It really wasn't until Tiberium Wars that any moral greyness was added to them at all, before then they really weren't doing anyone any good. And Nod always struck me as being heavily fascistic; meanwhile from what we can tell of GDI, by Tiberium Sun; it seemed that what we know as the capitalist system largely died out due to the benefits of Tiberium production (there's like; no mention of economics and if you can churn out a tank in a few minutes from an on field factory from self replicating green space rocks harvested a few minutes ago; you've completely changed the resource ball game.) In other words, the world of C&C Tiberium presents to us a post-scarcity world...albeit one where the road to post-scarcity is an invasive terraforming agent that's literally killing the carbon based biosphere and replacing it with one utterly inimical to our existence.
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    Honestly I can imagine the last bit being one of the big talking points of main C&C series.

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    On one hand, you have the greatest gift to production ever given to mankind that allows nanolathes to produce nearly anything you want from a self-replenishing fuel source...on the other hand it's incredibly toxic, it causes horrendous mutations, and it's killing the planet. It's an interesting moral dilemma I think that the series should have explored more in our timeline. I think the Reds! version of C&C definitely would touch on how Tiberium both made the greatest technological revolution in human history possible and came within hair's breadth of wiping out all carbon based life (at the start of firestorm, the earth would have been uninhabitable in a year were it not for the decoding of the Tacitus allowing for the reclamation of large portions of the planet) on the planet.

    Post-scarcity Utopia (well if it weren't for Nod starting a world war every generation); but at what cost?
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    I watched Spectre a few days ago, and I remembered a brief mention of James Bond, and in particular,one novel:

    The Man with the Golden Gun

    The Man with the Golden Gun is the final novel written by Ian Fleming about British secret agent James Bond. It was published in 1965, over eight months after Fleming's death. As such, it was unfinished, with most of the detail Fleming was famous for missing. Parts of the novel

    The book opens immediately after You Only Live Twice, after Bond defeats SPECTRE head Blofield, but is kidnapped by American operatives in Japan. They brainwash him into becoming a double agent, sending him to kill his boss M. He almost succeeds with a cyanide pistol, but is defeated. MI6 is able to "deprogram" Bond. In order to re-prove his worth, Bond is sent to Jamaica by M to kill Dominican assassin Francisco Scaramanga, known as the "Man with the Golden Gun", because of a gold plated Colt .45, which fires solid gold bullets. He had killed several British agents, often on behalf of Section 9 or the KGB. Bond finds Scaramanga in a Jamaican borello, disguised as a local, and is hired as his assistant. Scaramanga is involved in a hotel development, which is funded by investors, mostly fronts funded by Communist governments. They plan to destabilize capitalist interest in the region, by devaluating Jamaican and Cuban sugar, (increasing the value of Haitian and Dominican sugar as a result), and sending drugs and prostitutes into Cuba, thus eventually causing enough discontent in the region to start a revolution.
    However, Bond's cover is blown by his recurring enemy, Section 9 agent Felix Leiter, who is Scaramanga's American contact. Leiter recognizes the scar he gave Bond back in Casino Royale. Scaramanga plans to eliminate Bond by the end of the weekend. However, Bond is able to outsmart the assassin, and kills the conspirators. After a brief shootout, Bond is able to accomplish his mission by killing Scaramanga. However, Leiter grabs the Golden Gun, and escapes into the Jamaican swamps. Wounded, Bond pursues him, which results in an epic shootout. While Leiter makes another hit on Bond, Bond gains the upper hand, and after getting several hits, is able to kill Leiter.

    You know, I realize that the Trotskyist leanings of the UASR make it a perfect compliment to the Soviet schemes described in the Bond novels.
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    Some ideas I've had.

    SEATO (placeholder name): A term for an arrangement between the Southeast Asian parts of the Alliance of Free states that have forged a pact quite similar to the WEU while falling under wider AOFS military command. Much like the WEU, SEATO has largely come under the shadow of a single member, in this case the Greater Indian Commonwealth due to its overwhelmingly huge population and abundant resources. SEATO is on paper, deferential to the FBU and it's WEU organization, but they are allowed sufficient autonomy to be regarded as being their own bloc in the wider AOFS. SEATO currently consists of the Greater Indian Commonwealth, Thailand, Indonesia, the dominions of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and New Zealand, Portuguese East Timor and Macau, and assorted pacific island dominions of the FBU. SEATO considers China as its primary strategic concern with lesser but still important worries being afforded to Korea, Japan, the Indochinese nations, and the pacific elements of the USSR and the UASR. Due to Indian dominance of the organization, it is often disparagingly called the Indian Empire.

    Greater Indian Commonwealth: Once known as the British Raj, the GIC still remains the crown jewel of the AOFS' vast membership. With a vast and diverse population, the GIC is the rising star of the Capitalist bloc and while formally a dominion of the FBU, acts with a substantial degree of independence in foreign and internal policy, though it accepts the FBU's oversight in military affairs and considers itself as more of a "child that must shoulder some of its parents responsibilities" than entirely independent of the FBU. Heavily opportunistic, India is not above trading with just about anyone it sees as having something worth offering despite its general antipathy towards the comintern. Its relationship with China is particularly complicated, simultaneously antagonistic with numerous points of contention and yet both being regarded as rather loose cannon members in their own wider blocs and trade partners despite pointing huge arsenals at one another. In recent years, India has become increasingly hardline in its anti-communism to the point of surpassing the Brazilian and European commitments to the job.

    The Greater Indian Commonwealth is a frequent enemy for usage in future works such as the Fallout series where America's clashes with India for the dwindling resources of the world lead to global catastrophe in the form of a nuclear apocalypse. Or the Rise and Revolt: Generals series where India is one of the seven factions for play in the game, alongside China, the USSR, America, the Empire of Brazil, the European Continental Federation, and the Global Liberation Army; a ragtag band of anti-status quo rebels drawn from all ends of the political spectrum meant to reflect the political turmoil of the early 2000s and the fear of terrorism. Other such series include Crysis; where Indian forces provide the nanosuit clad warriors of the American army their human enemies in the battle for the Lingshan Islands before the Alien Ceph are revealed; and this just scratches the surface of India's perception as a cold war enemy.

    Part of this is due to cold war roles in American culture. Much as how the Franco-British Union and the Western European Union inherited the cultural role of Nazi Germany and its Axis allies in Europe in the minds of the comintern's blocs; India and ASEAN inherited the roles of Imperial Japan and its "Co-prosperity sphere". Having fought Soviet, Chinese, and American backed insurgencies and conventional wars and contributing heavily to the Indochina wars and conflicts in the middle-east, the GIC also clashed with American forces in the horn of africa conflict and risked a great deal of brinksmanship in its conflict with Iran and Afghanistan as well as border conflicts with China over Tibet. India's primary strategic concern at the moment is to ensure that the Indian ocean and the Southern pacific remain in capitalist hands and has aggressively sought to contain or roll back communist expansion in the region; making it regarded as perhaps the most dangerous of the Capitalist big three beyond the enormous manpower available to SEATO and Indian backed African dominions.
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    A dramatis persona of in-universe discussion board commentators

    (Since I introduced some new posters in my prior alternate AH posts)

    Username: CyberDoctor
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Italian
    Religion: Atheist
    Location: Palermo, Italy
    Political Affiliation: Libertà
    Occupation: General manager of a chain restaurant (position granted by Father)
    Favorite AH work: Rollback! (Realistic Alternate History) Blue Alert 3: Paradox and assorted expansions (Unrealistic Alternate History)
    Other hobbies: Flipping through the Thesaurus, reading economics books, Cooking, strategy computer games
    Likes: Verbosity, Capitalism, Good Food, the Roman Empire
    Dislikes: Socialism, Feminism, "Statism",
    Favorite quote: “ It is said he will talk to a wanderer, to the man without a home, a lonely god.” ~Novice Haime, Doctor Who.
    Demeanor: Wordy and Smug
    AH works on the board: “Il Futuro è Adesso!” - An attempt to bring the Nova Roma Syndicate; a hypercapitalist heavily cyberpunk influenced faction in Blue Alert 3's popular Paradox expansion (and it's many follow up expansions) into reality with a radical ultracapitalist takeover of Italy in the midst of world war two. Generally seen as dystopic by others not of his political beliefs.

    Username: tenebrousGuile
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Russian
    Religion: "IDGAF"
    Location: Leningrad, Soviet Union
    Political Affiliation: Worker's League, USSR
    Occupation: Student
    Favorite AH work: The eternal Viking age (Realistic Alternate History) American Ice Age megafaunal survival! (Unrealistic Alternate History)
    Other hobbies: Games, parties, dancing, game modding, programming, enthusiastically posting about her favourite fandoms on social media.
    Likes: Coding, flirting, pranks, ironically bad jokes, vikings, Nikolai Tesla
    Dislikes: Pretentiousness, sexism, classism, racism, LGBTphobia, musclebound men, unneeded seriousness
    Favorite quote: “Shit is fucked” ~Dave Strider, Homestuck
    Demeanor: Playful and catty
    AH works on the board: "Immortal Iran" Via avoiding one of many Romano-Sassanid wars, the Sassanid Empire manages to repel the attempted arabic invasions of itself and Zoroastrianism remains a major force in the world. By the modern age, Persia is the beating heart of one of the worlds superpowers and claims both the thrones of old Persia and Rome. However, by now a more modernized rebirth of Mazdakism has become the dominant faith of Persia.

    Username: Rear Admiral Jingles
    Age: 45
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: English
    Religion: "Agnostic
    Location: Chemlsford, FBU
    Political Affiliation: Labour Party
    Occupation: Video Game Streamer
    Favorite AH work: Tanks a lot! (A world war 2 ATL that looks into tank designs that never made it off the ground and theorizes where they may have gone; has expanded to aircraft and ships recently)
    Other hobbies: Video gaming, Sailing, Model collecting, Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000
    Likes: Tanks, Ships, Planes, the Imperial Guard, Military History
    Dislikes: Nitpicking, Fascist apologism, Stalinist apologism, the Liberty Party
    Favorite quote: “Well there's your problem!” ~ Adam Savage
    Demeanor: Snarky and Sarcastic
    AH works on the board: "Churchill's war" An attempt to look at how the second world war and the early phase of the cold war would have been managed under Churchill's conservative league for action as the governing party instead of Attlee's Labour party.

    Username: otakitten
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Russian
    Religion: Buddhist
    Location: Leningrad, Soviet Union
    Political Affiliation: Worker's League Party, USSR
    Occupation: Student
    Favorite AH work: The Blue Alert series
    Other hobbies: Cartoons, Comics, Shipping, Working with Animals, Video Games, Role Play
    Likes: Animals, Generally cute things, Metroid, Anime, Blue Alert, Love, the environment, Mental Omega
    Dislikes: Bigotry, Hatred, War, Anti-Environmentalism, Dispassion
    Favorite quote: "Inside the heart of every evil person, every Hitler, Mussolini and Salgado in our world; every Vozhdrak and Hyrsalia, Sauron, and Palpatine in fiction; is a frightened child, alone and afraid who does not understand what it is to love or be loved. They don't understand kindness or mercy, so they spurn it and seek to destroy it, for if they truly understood it they would cease their efforts. The duty of good people is thus to make sure that no one is alone and afraid anymore, to drive out the darkness of hate and replace it with the warm light of compassion." - Mental Omega
    Demeanor: Excitable and cheery
    AH works on the board: None, contributes to the Blue Alert 3 Paradox wiki and those of its further expansions.

    Username: The Red Dragon
    Age: 33
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Nationality: Han Chinese
    Religion: Chinese Folk Religion
    Location: Sanya, China
    Political Affiliation: Communist Party of China
    Occupation: National Revolutionary Army Captain (Reserve), History Teacher
    Favorite AH work: Harry Turltedove's Worldwar
    Other hobbies: Tabletop wargames and role playing games, painting, gardening, Bird watching
    Likes: Clubbing, Neatness, Philosophical debates, Talking about strategies
    Dislikes: Conservatives, "Anarcho" Capitalism, Imperial apologism, Monarchists
    Favorite quote: “To Understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy.” ~ Sun Yat Sen
    Demeanor: Polite but Stern
    AH works on the board: "Sun Yat Sen lives!" Sun Yat Sen avoids an early death and helps to reconcile with the CCP and reunify China substantially earlier, allowing it to resist Japan on more even grounds and pursue a more independent policy during the cold war.

    "The Unsetted Sun" Imperial Japan surrenders to the FBU before Japan can be fully crushed allowing for a Capitalist presence in the northern parts of the Pacific and Taiwan to remain intact; greatly increasing tensions in the cold war.

    Username: Mental Omega
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: "Pan-baltic Mongrel"
    Religion: Romuva
    Location: Leningrad, Soviet Union
    Political Affiliation: Worker's League Party, USSR
    Occupation: Student
    Favorite AH work: Harry Turltedove's Worldwar/Blue Alert
    Other hobbies: Strategy computer games, Webcomics, Web Media, Tabletop wargames, Role playing games, checking internet videos, writing
    Likes: otakitten, other friends, internationalism, trashy fandoms, writing, self deprecation
    Dislikes: Nationalists, people who use obfuscating language, bigots, apologists of all stripes, Jingoism, Fascists
    Favorite quote: “The high stage of world industrial development in capitalistic production finds expression in extraordinary technical development and destructiveness of the instruments of war.” ~ Rosa Luxembourg
    Demeanor: Nice but outspoken
    AH works on the board: Contributes to Kaiserreich, a central powers victory scenario; and to Blue Alert wikis.

    The Eternal Viking Age: Pagan Scandinavia, instead of converting to Christianity, instead uses its lessons to reform its faith into an organized, evangelical religion leading to it converting Russia and Eastern Europe and not the Byzantines or the Catholic Church and the formation of a unified Scandinavia that plays a great power role in European politics and colonialism before eventually being overshadowed by its own converts. Currently being revised for a merger with "Immortal Iran".

    (If you haven't guessed; Mental Omega, otakitten, and tenebrousGuile are based on me, my girlfriend and one of my best friends)
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    Non-Federation of Earth
    This a proposed breakdown of the post-democratization Soviet Union's parties, inspired by Jello's breakdown of the UASR's parties as shown here.

    Libertarian Party of the Soviet Union

    Founded: 1998
    Ideology: left-wing libertarianism
    Political position: left-wing (USSR), far-left (International)
    International Affiliation: Libertarian International
    Official Color: Blue
    Youth Wing: Free Youth
    Party Newspaper: Lenin's Heirs

    General Description: the LPSV is at the forefront of the anti-statist movement in the Soviet Union, and the dominant party of the anarchist left. The party was largely a grassroot movement throughout the 90s amongst the the youth of Gen X and thus become a major player in the early 2000s as a party. The Libertarians have adopted an uncompromissing stance regarding the government, and have "starve the beast" program in which they obstruct any government budget until the government shuts down. In its ballot, the Libertarian party has the middle-aged people, women, queer people and ethnic minorities.

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: universally opposed
    Civil Defense: the Libertartians consider civil defense programs as overtly militaristic and barbaric
    Cultural Stance: strong supporter of the Cultural Leap's values, the Libertarian Party is the hotbed of feminist, queer and racial and religious minorities' identity politics
    Defense: opposes standing armies, and supports the dismantling of the armed forces and replacing it with militia-system
    Drug Policy: total decriminalization of all drugs, combined with civilian-run programs to combat addiction
    Economy: universally opposed to any government role in the economy, which is to be run by workers' councils
    Education: support for increased regional control of education
    Environment: opposed to legislation to combat polution and ecological degradation
    Foreign Aid: the Libertarians support foreign aid to be used to promote democratic values in developing socialist states
    Foreign Alliances: isolasionists
    Health Policy: support a council workers'-run health system
    Immigration: supports open borders
    Social Welfare: opposed to government programs, which are to be transferred into the workers' councils
    Taxation: universally opposed
    Trade: supports greater autonomy for regional trade

    Workers' League

    Founded: 1984
    Ideology: neo-conservatism, international socialism
    Political position: far-left (USSR), left-wing (International)
    International Affiliation: Communist International
    Official Color: Orange
    Youth Wing: Proletarian Front
    Party Newspaper: United!

    General Discription: Historically the dominant internationalist and socially progressive party, the WL has moved to the left during the late 90s with the rise of isolationist Libertarians. The WL has ideologically embraced neo-conservatism and, while in power, has pushed measures to finance revolutionary activities across the world, and often clashes with the Libertarians due to the WL's support for a strong, centralized military. In its ballot, the WL includes the "old vanguard", scientists, a significative portion of the middle-aged vote and military personnel.

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: the Workers' League continues to support using the death penalty against counterrevolutionary crimes and opposes efforts of provincial governments to abolish it
    Civil Defense: supports a strong, state-sponsored military training program for minors
    Cultural Stance: strongly supports the Cultural Leap's values, although doesn't support identity politics as much as the Libertarian Party
    Defense: supports that each state-member keep a standing army and its plataform supports preversing the Soviet Union's military strenght
    Drug Policy: supports decriminalization of soft drugs, combined with programs to combat addiction
    Economy: universally opposes any government role in the economy, which is to be run by workers' councils
    Education: increased support for regional control of schools and universities
    Environment: mostly a back-burner issue for the WL.
    Foreign Aid: supports using foreign aid to built strong alliances that benefit the people of the Soviet Union
    Foreign Alliances: supports tighter military relations with China and the UASR
    Health Policy: supports a workers' councils-run health system
    Immigration: generally favoring open borders
    Social Welfare: supports transfering social programs from the central government to the provincional governments
    Taxation: supports replacing taxes with production quotas, with substancial material to be requisitioned by the state to sustain the military
    Trade: The WL is regarded as the party of free trade, although it favors communist states over capitalist ones

    Liberal Democrats (Kadets)

    Ideology: liberal socialism
    Political position: center-right (USSR), left-wing (international)
    International Affiliation: International Democrat Union
    Official Color: Purple
    Youth Wing: Liberal Youth
    Party Newspaper: People's Power

    General Discription: While historically they have competed with the Workers' League for domination of the progressive vote, the Kadets have moved to the right with the rise of Libertarians. As architects of the Soviet welfare state, the Kadets are ideological enemies of the anarchist left that seeks to destroy the state. In their ballot, the Kadets have students, intellectual property advocates, farmers and fishermen, and the suburbia.

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: Universally opposed
    Civil Defense: the party supports a state-sponsored military training program for youth similar to the Civil Defense Initiative in the UASR.
    Cultural Stance: strong support for the Cultural Leap[1] movement, and strenghtening of civil liberties
    Defense: Supports a multilateral international nuclear disarmament program
    Drug Policy: middle-of-the road, supporting decriminalization of soft drugs
    Economy: supports a mixed economy with independent workers' councils handling most economic affairs except essencial goods like heavy industry
    Education: supports a state-sponsored educational program to preserve standarts, and opposes parochial schools
    Environment: the Kadets have pushed for strong government regulations regarding enviroment degradation, but it's mostly a back-burner issue
    Foreign Aid: the Kadets supports using foreign aid in order to foster democratic values in developing socialist states
    Foreign Alliances: support of increased cooperation with the People's Republic of China to form a cordon sanitaire against the FBU-aligned India
    Health Policy: support a government-sponsored free healthcare system
    Immigration: the Kadets have favored highly permissive immigration policy, including offering asylum to anyone from war torn or oppressive regimes.
    Social Welfare: the Kadets have been the architects of the modern Soviet welfare state, from child support subsidies, universal healthcare and public ownership of housing programs
    Taxation: the Kadets are opposed to income taxes on individuals, and support progressive production taxation on workers' councils
    Trade: supports an autarkic economic policy

    Communist Party of Ukraine

    Founded: 1981
    Ideology: council communism, left-wing populism
    Political position: left-wing (USSR), far-left (International)
    International Affiliation: Socialist International
    Official Color: Black
    Youth Wing: Radical Patriots
    Party Newspaper: Foward!

    General Description: As heir of the Ukrainian branch of the CPSV, the CPU was an easy target in the late 70s. Accused of being Stalinist if not anti-communist, the CPU was adrift until it found its footing amongst the 80s' reforms. Adopting a populist stance and seeking protection of the new liberties, the CPU strenghtened its position in Ukraine until finally it was the dominant voice in that particular SSR.

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: the CPU supports the death penalty regarding counterrevolutionary acts or war crimes
    Civil Defense: supports a goverment-sponsered military training program for minors
    Cultural Stance: middle-of-the road, but strongly conservative-leaning
    Defense: supports the creation of a Ukrainian standing army
    Drug Policy: supports criminalization of most drugs
    Economy: supports a mixed participatory economy, with greater government role regarding essencial goods like the agriculture
    Education: supports increased regional influence over educational policy
    Environment: while the CPU has made important steps to fight climate change and polution in Ukraine, it has remained a back-burner issue
    Foreign Aid: supports using foreign aid to built strong alliances
    Foreign Alliances: support the creation of cordon sanitaire with the People's Republic of China against India and closer economic ties with the UASR
    Health Policy: supports a workers' council-run (private) universal healthcare system, with strong government regulation to ensure preserving the standarts
    Immigration: has supported a permissive immigration policy, especially for people fleeing war-torn regions
    Social Welfare: supports a strong welfare program and the Communist Party is the founder of the modern housing and subsidies programs in Ukraine
    Taxation: universally opposed
    Trade: the CPU supports increased control over trading praticses

    Radical Syndicalists

    Ideology: libertarian socialism, syndicalism
    Political position: center-left (USSR), far-left (international)
    International Affiliation: Communist International
    Official Color: Red
    Youth Wing: United Front
    Party Newspaper: Freedom!

    General Discription: The Radical Syndicalists are neither a party or a political alliance, but a political machine with the purpose of influencing national elections in favor of Caucassian SSR. The roots of its creation were planted in an international congress of soviets in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, where many Caucassian political parties and trade unions created a political pact to promote their values. It was not until the early 80s that the Radical Syndicalists entered national politics as single boc, after many successful electoral victories in the Caucasus.

    Political stances

    Capital Punishment: universally opposed
    Civil Defense: supports a civilian-run military training program, financied by the workers' councils
    Cultural Stance: strong support for Cultural Leap's [1] values, with stronger focus on supporting Soviet culture, arts and heritage
    Defense: universally opposed to state-controlled military, the RSP believe in a militia-based defense
    Drug Policy: supports the status quo
    Economy: universally opposed to any government involvement in the economy, and supports greater independence for the workers' councils
    Education: the RSP supports greater regional control of educational policy
    Environment: the Radical Syndicalists support the creation of a workers' council-run committee to develop public policy in order to combat enviromental degradation
    Foreign Aid: the RSP often support cutting foreign aid in order to trim the government budget
    Foreign Alliances: support greater autonomy for the state-members regarding international affairs
    Health Policy: support a council workers'-run (private) universal healthcare system
    Immigration: generally restrictive immigration policy
    Social Welfare: the party supports public programs in order to combat homelessness and hunger at home
    Taxation: universally opposed
    Trade: supports greater autonomy in regional trading praticses

    Soviet Values

    Founded: 1985
    Ideology: social conservatism, economic libertarianism
    Political position: far-right (USSR), center-right (International)
    International Affiliation: International Democrat Union
    Official Color: Gold
    Youth Wing: the SV does not have a youth wing
    Party Newspaper: Always Forward!

    General Discription: the Soviet Values is a political alliance between various "Values" parties of all member-states except Ukraine. It was initially a PAC seeking to guide the various "Values" parties that rose during the first period of the Cultural Leap. However as the CL took a sharp shift to the left during the early 90s, the Soviet Values PAC centralized under the increased pressure of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The SV is truly reactionary, although it embraces the economic consensus of the left, and in its ballot the largest demographic are Orthodox Christians.

    Capital Punishment: the SV supports using death penalty against rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers and counterrevolutionaries
    Civil Defense: supports increased regional autonomy regarding civil defense programs
    Cultural Stance: universally opposed to the values of the Cultural Leap as "hedonistic" and "anti-Soviet". The Soviet Values also supports granting a greater status to the Ortodox Churches - specially to the Russian Orthodox Church- and supports criminalization of homosexuality, opposes abortion and contraceptives
    Defense: the Soviet Values supports that each member-state of the Soviet Union to have its own standing army
    Drug Policy: universally opposed to any softening regarding drugs
    Economy: the SV supports a mixed economy, with economic sectors linked to national defense being under the government's administration while all other economic sectors controlled by workers' councils
    Education: the SV supports increased local control over educational policy, in order to remove "satanic" and "counterrevolutionary" values
    Environment: the Soviet Values considers efforts to limits climate change and ecological devastation to be harmful to the communities' economic well-being
    Foreign Aid: supports using foreign aid to build strong alliances that benefit the people of the Soviet Union
    Foreign Alliances: supports strenghtening relationships with the UASR and the People's Republic of China
    Health Policy: SV supports a fully state-controlled healthcare system
    Immigration: middle-of-the road, leaning towards tight border control
    Social Welfare: the SV supports welfare at state level, controlled by the regional governments.
    Taxation: supports revenue to come from renting of public property to workers' councils
    Trade: supports trade that favors national an regional production

    [1] Made-up name for the USSR's own cultural revolution
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    Is of much dark here
    Well, may as well change the poster's party affiliations to fit.
  9. Mr.E The Man that Time Forgot

    Aug 2, 2012
    The Mountainous Democratic Republic of Colorado
    I was going to do something exactly like this, but I held off. Might as well do it now, with the three most prominent users I use:

    Username: NestorMakhno
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ethnicity: Russian-Jewish
    Religion: Agnostic
    Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado SR
    Currently Residing: Boulder, Colorado SR, UASR
    Class: Freshman
    Political Affiliation: Social Ecology Union
    Occupation: Paleontology student at University of Colorado, Boulder
    Favorite AH work: Warlord of the Air by Michael Moorcock
    Favorite Book: Foundation by Isaac Asimov
    Favorite Film: The Land Before Time
    Favorite TV: The Central Committee Office
    Favorite Music: Sinclair's Ghost*
    Favorite Game: Rise and Revolt series
    Favorite Art: Guernica by Pablo Picasso
    Other hobbies: Strategy games, multi-instrumentalist (harmonica, piano, violin, guitar), writing articles, aspiring anarchist
    Likes: Dinosaurs, science fiction, dinosaurs, works by Anarchists, dinosaurs,romantic teen films... Did she mention Dinosaurs?
    Dislikes: Fascism, Capitalism, Pseudo-science (particularly New Age or religious variety), anti-environmentalism
    Favorite quote: "It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."
    -Carl Sagan
    Demeanor: Enthusiastic and positive
    AH works on the board:
    "Rise of a Party: 1948-1960": Deals with a different splitting of the Worker's Communist Party, where the far left faction, which forms the core of the Liberation Communist Party itself begins to split, with various smaller parties, including (most notably) an independent ANC, forming in its place. Deals with the political implications, as the UASR steadily descends into turmoil over the more fractured political climate in the 50's. There is more repression, as even radical politicians from the DFL and DRP are persecuted by the secret police. The FBU grows even more repressive, under a near dictatorial Conservative Party, which all, but outlaws communist parties, and even left leaning parties, resulting in an exodus to the UASR. Ends with an ANC- "Communist Unity" coalition, under Malcolm Little, taking power in 1960.
    "The Center Cannot Hold: 1960-": Sequel to Rise of a Party, dealing with the ANC-CU ruled government during the Second Cultural Revolution. The political chaos turns out worse in this decade, as radical socialists and government forces duke it out in major cities, while the AFS and Comintern slowly build up their arsenals. The FBU is rocked by internal revolts, and conflicts between Britain and France threaten to dissolve the Union entirely. The news of missile deployments to Ireland doesn't necessarily help matters....
    "Age of Reptiles": A much more fun Timeline, dealing with the discovery of an island full of Dinosaurs outside of the Congo by German U-Boats during World War II, and the eventual aftereffects after American and Soviet forces find information about the island. During the Kongo Crisis, the island (called
    île des Lézards (or Island of the Lizards in French) is particioned between the FBU, the UASR, and the USSR. It follows field reports from each of the spheres documenting the local flora and fauna. She freely admits that this was simply a way to indulge her love of prehistoric life. Sure enough, the reports are very detailed, and scientifically accurate in how dinosaurs and other creatures may have evolved and survived in such an isolated climate for millions of years. Most events outside the island are OTL, although in more recent years TTL, the superpowers are forced to team up to battle the scourge of dinosaur trafficking, forming an international team to combat it. Nestor is considering making a spin-off about the adventures of that team.

    Username: Kalki
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ethnicity: Tamilian
    Religion: Hindu (non-practicing, for the most part)
    Place of Birth: Manchester, United Kingdom, Franco-British Union
    Currently Residing: Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Franco-British Union
    Political Affiliation: Labor Party (formerly Conservative)
    Class: Middle-Class
    Occupation: Aerospace engineer with British Aerospace
    Favorite AH work: The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson and Stars and Jacks by Stephen Baxter
    Favorite Book: Watchmen by Alan Moore, illustrated by Dave Gibbons
    Favorite Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey**
    Favorite TV: Centauri-1
    Favorite Music: Her Majesty's Royal Heart Band***
    Favorite Game: Kerbal Space Program
    Favorite Art: Saturn from Titan by Chesley Bonestall
    Other hobbies: Comic collecting, biking, traveling, reading, spacecraft model collecting, saxophone
    Likes: Rock music, superheroes, space and space exploration, animation
    Dislikes: Bureaucracy, the military, Dogs,
    Favorite quote: "Man will not always stay on Earth; the pursuit of light and space will lead him to penetrate the bounds of the atmosphere, timidly at first, but in the end to conquer the whole of solar space."- Konstatin Tsiolkovsky
    Demeanor: Serious and Curious, as it were
    AH works on the board: "Ad Astra": Werhner von Braun is captured by the Americans rather than the FBU. Instead of killing him, the UASR keep him alive, but locked up in Huntsville, where he secretly advises American and Soviet rocketeers. This results in the Americans gaining the upper hand in Space race, and eventually developing a large space infrastructure, while the FBU struggles to get its own program off the grounds. Features very detailed descriptions of the rockets, and the technicals of each of the missions described.

    Username: TotalBrit
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual
    Ethnicity: English
    Religion: Anglician
    Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom, Franco-British Union
    Currently Residing: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
    Political Affiliation: Progressive Conservative Party
    Class: Upper Middle Class
    Occupation: Manager at IT company
    Favorite AH work: Anno Dracula, written by Kim Newman, drawn by Kevin O'Neill
    Favorite Book:Kim by Rudyard Kipling
    Favorite Film: Dracula's Castle****
    Favorite TV: Doctor Who
    Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin
    Favorite Game:Call of Duty: Secret Ops
    Favorite Art: Victory! (online photo of a soccer victory)
    Other hobbies: Gaming, Weight lifting, clubbing, firearms enthusiast, Cartographer
    Likes: Classic literature, women, soccer, horror films, Doctor Who
    Dislikes: Living in Newfoundland rather than home in Britain, the upper management at his company, neo-Nazis, ultra-conservatives,
    Favorite quote: "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost."
    -J. R. R. Tolkien
    Demeanor: Bemused and sardonic
    AH works on the board: N/A, contributes short scenarios with maps.

    First two are based off me, or rather half of me


    UPDATE: Annotations

    * The Dead Kennedy's
    ** Major film collaboration between the UASR and FBU during the late 60's detente
    *** Queen
    **** 1964 Hammer Dracula film, starring Christopher Lee in the lead role
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  10. Derekc2 Marxistball 9

    Jun 14, 2011
    Seattle, WA
    You know what I'm wondering, presuming 1632 is still published in Reds! how different would it be since Eric Flint who wrote it is already a Trotskyist in real life and you can tell the references to Marxist historiography if you have a bit of understanding for it, so how much more obvious would the Marxist political beliefs be and how would any of the characters be different if any are?
  11. tuxer I am not a Grammar Nazi, I am a Alt-Writer

    Feb 25, 2014
    Non-Federation of Earth
    Considering 1632 is about an American small town being ISOTed into Germany during the Thirty Years' War, I say it would be blatant.

    For one thing the Second Cultural Revolution rejected orthodox marxism so the characters, who are from the year 2000, would seek to implement communism in the past right away, instead of attempting to following the marxist orthodox's dogma that capitalism must come first in order to exist a proletariat to revolt.

    The changes regarding sexual liberty will create a lot of friction between the ISOTed characters and the people of the historical past. The ISOTed characters would still want to create an American Revolution, but it would be a socialist revolution. The effects on the Enlightment liberal thought would be fascinating.:D
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  12. ANARCHY_4_ALL Evolution and The Revolution

    Jan 7, 2011
    South Carolina
    Speaking of Carl Sagan, I wonder what he would be like ITTL. On a semi-related personal note I recently found out I'm having my first son(I have two daughters btw) and we are considering naming him Zeppelin Sagan(after Led Zeppelin and Carl Sagan two of my favorite things).:D
  13. Mr.E The Man that Time Forgot

    Aug 2, 2012
    The Mountainous Democratic Republic of Colorado
    Congratulations! And you and me have similar tastes, my friend....

    As for Sagan, I assume he is mostly like his OTL counterpart. Interesting fact, though, to consider. His first book was actually a collaboration between him and a Soviet astrophysicist named Iosif Shklovsky, about extraterrestrial life. With America and the USSR allies now, could they help create a large SETI style program between the two countries.
  14. The_Red_Star_Rising Homestuck Trash

    Jan 6, 2014
    Is of much dark here
    Username: Allende Fan
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual (2 on the kinsey scale)
    Nationality: Chilean
    Religion: Trinitarian
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Political Affiliation: Socialist Party of Chile
    Occupation: Military history teacher at the La Escuela Militar
    Favorite AH work: Timeline 191 (Realistic Alternate History) the Blue Alert series (unrealistic alternate history)
    Other hobbies: Non-Anglo/French rooted Fantasy, Transistorpunk literature, History themed games, Latin American history
    Likes: Mapuche culture, Latin America's history, Increased ties between the nations of the Latin Confederation, Obscure historical trivia
    Dislikes: People who can't tell the South American countries apart, Integralists, Conquistador apologism, People who make impossible requests of his game mods.
    Favorite quote: “We start from different idealogical positions. For you to be a Communist or a Socialist is to be totalitarian; for me no... On the contrary, I think Socialism frees man.” ~ Salvador Allende
    Demeanor: Reserved but occasionally snarky.
    AH works on the board: "La Plata!" In which a Latin America influenced by a unified Chile and Argentina's path is examined

    Username: BellicoseRooskie
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Polish-Russian
    Religion: Zoroastrian
    Location: Leningrad, Russia
    Political Affiliation: Worker's League Party, USSR
    Occupation: Student
    Favorite AH work: Tanks a lot!
    Other hobbies: Meme culture, Games (of all kinds, but quite excels at vehicular combat and first person shooters), Bad movie night, Critiquing
    Likes: Trolling neo-fascists, trolling objectivists, trolling conservatives, picking apart subpar works, getting into arguments with cold warriors, Military vehicles.
    Dislikes: Dishonesty, Rightist apologism, Stalin apologists, "People with no sense of humor", Denialists of all stripes, Anti-Drug hardliners,
    Favorite quote: “I believe Empathy is the most essential quality of civilization” ~ Roger Ebert
    Demeanor: Brash and foul mouthed but sweet at heart
    AH works on the board: Contributes to the Eternal Viking Age and Immortal Iran. One of the main contributors to Kaiserreich and the Blue Alert fan wikis.

    Username: Eiffel deMaroon
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: French
    Religion: Catholic
    Location: Paris, Franco-British Union
    Political Affiliation: Parti d'Ouvriers
    Occupation: College Student
    Favorite AH work: The Rulers of Europe! (The Karling Empire endures)
    Other hobbies: Theology, French history, engaging in fandom trash, Garden work
    Likes: Cute guys, Trashy fandoms, Dogs, Horses, Fashion
    Dislikes: Bonapartists, Liberty, the People's Alliance, Religious Fundamentalism, People who feel it's okay to pick on someone just for what they like, Chauvinism, Strawmanning
    Favorite quote: “Oh howdy! Nice day today huh? The birds are singing, flowers are blooming! Perfect weather for a game of catch” ~ King Asgore, Undertale
    Demeanor: Nerdy and accepting
    AH works on the board: The Holy Reich! The Holy Roman Empire is not dismantled by Napoleon, and the crown is left in place for the future reichs to take place, with the equivalent of the fascist movement being started by a much more radicalized Teutonic Knights (or rather their Hochmeister who enters politics to become Holy Roman Emperor). The world war started by the Reich feels very much like a series of "crusades" that devastate Europe, leading to a different view of religious extremism in their aftermath. Hochmeister Otto von Hoffman is considered one of the more memorable "villains" of an alternate history work. Ultimately regarded as not being particularly realistic, but having a strong point to make.

    Username: Zeppelin Overlord
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: English
    Religion: Anglican
    Location: London, Franco-British Union
    Political Affiliation: People's Alliance
    Occupation: College Student
    Favorite AH work: Churchill's War
    Other hobbies: Westwood Strategic Games, Science Fiction Novels, Warhammer, Horseback riding,
    Likes: The British Armed Forces, World War 2 history, Modern weaponry, Democracy, Horses, Military science fiction
    Dislikes: Hitler apologists, Cold Warriors, Determinism
    Favorite quote: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill
    Demeanor: Calm and (generally) reserved
    AH works on the board: A more populous dominion: A timeline looking at how heavier English settlement of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa would have affected their character and history. Currently updated to 1981.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2015
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  15. ANARCHY_4_ALL Evolution and The Revolution

    Jan 7, 2011
    South Carolina
    Well thank you and it sure seems like we do.

    He would def push for a large SETI program not to mention efforts for expanded research, exploration, and colonization programs. But I see his main focus being international scientific education and awareness. It makes me envious to see TTL's Cosmos and Contact. He would also be open about his marijuana use as there are no harsh laws condemning it. Not to mention he will likely live alot longer with a better healthcare system.
  16. Ravenclaw Jewish Socialist

    Mar 18, 2013
    Zionist Moon Colony
    Maybe Sagan, Shklovsky, and Stephen Hawking (or some other FBU physicist) could start a movement of scientific collaboration across Cold War lines. Speaking of which, what would happen to Hawking ITTL (assuming he's still born and still has Lou Gehrig's disease)?
    What about Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye? (maybe Bill Nye can finally achieve his dreams of becoming an astronaut ITTL)
  17. The_Red_Star_Rising Homestuck Trash

    Jan 6, 2014
    Is of much dark here
    So, should I have an alt-AH thread on the second Sino-Japanese war or the South American theater?
  18. Ravenclaw Jewish Socialist

    Mar 18, 2013
    Zionist Moon Colony
    How about South America? We haven't seen much of it so far.
  19. ANARCHY_4_ALL Evolution and The Revolution

    Jan 7, 2011
    South Carolina
    Is it just me or would anybody else like to see Tyson as First Secretary at some point? :D
  20. Mr.E The Man that Time Forgot

    Aug 2, 2012
    The Mountainous Democratic Republic of Colorado
    I always imagined TTL Stephen Hawking would be arrested after the 1979 Crisis for speaking out against the government's nuclear policy, along with other notable scientists.

    I did something with Neil deGrasse Tyson a few pages back, if you want to read it.