Red Dawn 2012: Rest of the World

You know the 2012 remake of Red Dawn, you know it sucks, but this hasn't stopped me from wondering what is going on in the rest of the world. What are your thoughts. Mine right here:

The common theory I hear is that the DPRK is less of an Italy in the conflict to China's Germany and more like Hungary (Or maybe Nicaragua or Cuba from the original). From what we hear in exposition, Russia (under Ultranationalists according to the intro) has taken the East coast, and China is hinted to have taken the rest of the West Coast. My theory is that the DPRK troopers the Wolverines are fighting are actually just occupation forces to supplement the PLA as they fight in the Rockies and occupy the rest of the country (I recall it actually being mentioned that the North Koreans actually got to America using Russian Aircraft actually, so this goes with my theory).

Europe is mentioned to have gone the way of Greece, which could potentially leave them open to a major assault. In fact, it's possible that the 2008 recession evolved into a second great depression in this universe, which resulted in the Eastern Powers expanding into the desolate countries unopposed. The lack of concern over potential conflict in the starting scenes of the movie indicate that, possibly, while China expands in Asia and Russia expands into the caucasus, the West is only focusing on Appeasement while continuing their wars overseas, ala WW2. It's also possible that this economic crisis led to a breakdown in relations between the US and China, which led to them going to war with eachother in the long run (The original opening mentioned stuff about Chinese "repossesion" of American loans, possibly due to said economic crisis. And the original PLA propaganda poster props talked about "Rebuilding the Economy" and "Saving America from Corporatism" as well).

The intro also hints that the financial crisis and EMP weapon used was actually caused by the invading powers (or, initially, the powers that would come to lead them) to give them an edge in the coming conflict.

The intro also mentions North Korea joining the "Pacific Rim Cooperation Organization," which is hinted to be opposed to the US and EU and mostly consists of Post-Soviet nations (Many of which are nowhere near the Pacific, so good job on naming that one). Going with the possibility that the original concept for the movie is semi-canon, it is fully possible that China joined the PRCO and this organization would go on to become the enemy powers of the Western Allies.

Back to Russia, it is mentioned that Ultranationalists have taken power from the old regime in a "Blink and you'll miss it" newsclip during the intro, as well as that Terrorist Attacks (Evidently comparable to 9/11 according to the articles) occured against the old government. It's likely that these attacks were what got the Ultranats as popular as they did, and it's just as likely that these attacks were false flag attacks carried out by the Ultranats themselves.

As for the war itself, it's hinted to start in Georgia, with another "blink and you'll miss it" moment showing that the US is deploying troops abroad, with Georgia specifically being mentioned to be an intervention spot. Georgia is also shown in a newsclip to have been invaded by Russia. US troop deployments are also mentioned to be occurring in South Asia (Probably to counter China) and the Korean Peninsula (To counter Kim).

Also, map based on in movie dialog:
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