Realistic Reverse Sealion

Normandy, France
May 10, 1940

The Phony War was over. To the east, Germany had started to outflank the Maginot Line by invading the Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, just like in the Great War. And the Luftwaffe simply flew over it. Now the British were landing at Normandy! Wondering how the Brits had managed to defeat the French Navy, the local military commander attempted to contact Paris for reinforcements when he felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of his head, then lapsed into darkness...


The White House
Washington D.C

In another timeline, President Ulysses Grant might have deiced not to sent federal troops to Mississippi to stop racist paramilitary groups that were stuffing ballot boxes. The result would have been KKK rule in the state. But in this timeline, he would send in the troops.

"We can not be reluctant anymore, gentlemen. If Reconstruction is to succeed, we need to defend it."

Little did Grant know that his actions, through not affecting anyone outside the U.S at first, would butterfly the world into a bigger Second World War.


Any comments?
Alt Reconstruction will butterfly away WW2, sorry.

I'm all for selective butterflies, really.

Besides, all we know is that it's a second World War, the Brits have landed in Normandy, and the Germans have broken the Maginot line. Who says they're under Hitler, who's to say they didn't win the FIRST World War?


Comes to that, we also don't know yet just how much Grant's order affects Reconstruction - it may be that the Federal troops he sends completely balls their task up, and Grant goes back to getting hammered*, so only a little butterfly is born.

*(I'm not libelling anyone's special hero there, am I? I just seem to remember reading somewhere that old Ulysses was a bit of a soak irl.)