Question: Were USA and Napolenic France seen like the USSR was seen in the 1920s?

In the 1920s the USSR was seen as something new, mysterious and possibly dangerous to world order
It was exotic and many people, even the far right wingers studied it and took some points from Stalin and his policies

My question is 'Was the USA and Napolenic France' seen as a similar thing in the early 1800s?
Exotic, new and unknown but also dangerous
The US was very peripheral to early 1800s Europe. Outside of educated circles (who were very much sympathetic, at least in Germany), the average European had about as much of an opinion on the United States as your average modern American has of South Africa or Argentina - those sure are countries that exist.
Revolutionary and Napoleonic France yes, very much so. The USA not so much or not at all.
This one here. France at that time period promised (and delivered) an entirely new world order and systems of government/legitimacy, not to mention new ways of making wars. Much of this was copied even by their most implacable foes.

The USA was distant and far less dangerous when it was founded. France was the very heart of the geopolitical world and aggressive right from the start. It was a thunderbolt. The USA was merely a curiosity from quite a long time.