Question: Daughters of Ottoman Sultans?

The ottoman harem is rather famous, as is the succession of the empire (i.e Sultan picks the best son, Best kills the rest when the time comes). The ottomans went the whole of their five hundred existence without a Sultana on the throne, which makes sense to be honest, for no other reason than their successions.

But what happened to their daughters? While i'm sure for a long time they were married off for alliances, after a time the Ottomans were easily the hegemon of Islam and their vast amount of children made such marriages less essential for them. Eventually they were one of few independent states in all the muslim world, and the others were pretty hostile to the Turkish Caliphate(they claimed the title after the conquest of Mecca if i remember).

Were the Sutlan's daughters left to their own devices? Were any able to make history in their own right? Or were they all married off to nobles to get them to be quiet and not revolt?