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  1. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Im considering creating a TL about an alternate world that, on the surface and to your average citizen, looks exactly like our world, but underground many many things are happening that in our world are mere conspiracy theories, I wanted to make a thread where people who know more about the conspiracy theory world then I do could help me gather some lesser known or just hard to find ones so I could put together a good story, so with that information, am I allowed to make one of these and if so which forum should I post it in? Thanks.
  2. Lalli Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2010
    At least you should point out clearly that you don't believe these conspiracy theories. Or at least keep things realistic and try explain how it could be true. And be careful what conspiracy theories you are taking.
  3. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    I will make that clear on the starting post, otherwise this is mainly a journal by someone working for the government, who is involved in all the stuff related to the conspiracy theories in some way, I will be taking from many, probably more then any real conspiracy theorist would, this is just for fun after all. Though what ones do you think I should avoid using in this TL? I am trying to make a list of some to check out to put this together, so why not have a list of some to avoid.
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  4. Lalli Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2010
    Any genocide denialism is of course big no. And I would too avoid making 9/11 and mass shooting conspiracies. Might be too offensive. And it is good too avoid Muslim related consipacy theories.
  5. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Agreed with the genocide denialism, even in a fiction TL, but 9/11 is too big a thing to avoid story wise, and the only mass shooting conspiracies I would ever use would be ones that say like the shooter was somehow forced to do it by outside forces, so none that say its fake, the only one I know of is a Sandy Hook conspiracy theory where somehow the Mayan Calendar conspiracy theory persuaded the shooter to do the shooting, I wasn't planning on outlining it either, just having some passing mention about it somewhere
  6. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm to me that chat is the place where I should make the thread asking for conspiracy theories for my story?
  7. CalBear Your Ursus arctos californicus Moderator Moderator Donor

    Oct 4, 2005
    That would be the place. I would, however, recommend extreme caution.
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  8. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. Gotta make sure noone thinks I actually believe this stuff of course. That being said, for the purposes of the submission thread, do you think this is a good intro post:

    Im making a story based in a world where a bunch of conspiracy theories are true, now I won't just be doing conspiracy theories, Ill also use my own imagination as well as myths and stuff, so if you have anything to recommend for the story even if it's not a classic conspiracy theory Ill definetely take it into consideration. Also if I end up using an idea you submitted I plan to mark down your name on the "thanks" section of the chapter(s) I used your idea in.

    Heres a basic summarization of what the story will be, if there's anything you wish to reccomend that you don't think will fit this mold submit it anyway, I may just be able to find a way:

    So the story is going to be told in first person through the use of journal entries by the main character, the main character being someone who works for the UN, specifically a secret UN military that is superpowered, not too sure of what power(s) the main character will have or what the limits will be, if there are any. Though Im also thinking this character is immortal because of the experiments done on him, so maybe this story will go back many years, IDK.

    So yea just submit anything you have in mind that you think could add a fun element or two in the story, especially consider the immortality thing because its very possible this character was given these powers in centuries past and was incorporated into the secret UN army once it was created, so there's no real time limit for these theories, so even conspiracy theories people believed in the 15th century could easily make it in here, in the past, in modern day, or both we'll just have to see, and hell you can even submit your own ideas, especially after I start the story in order to bring different ideas together. If you submit actual conspiracy theories for consideration, make sure to focus on lesser known ones if you can for obvious reasons.
  9. Caravels of Portugal Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2018
    Keep in mind, as said before, there are conspiracy theories that are not allowed in this site.
    1. Antisemitic and Islamophobic conspiracies
    2. 9/11 truthers and conspiracies
    3. Mass shooting theories
    4. White genocide conspiracy theory
    5. Holocaust and genocide denialism
  10. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Heres the question though: considering how fantastical and just overall fictional this story will be, are they still not allowed? I mean, the only 2 I would even want to use in this story are 2 or 3 because 2 is just a huge event, theres no way we dont use it, and 3 because there are conspiracy theories saying the shooters were influenced to do the shootings by supernatural or government forces or whatever, I dont plan on saying any are fake or anything like that. Would this be acceptable admins?
  11. Lalli Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2010
    Some people might feel 9/11 and mass shooting emotionally and perhaps personally too offending. Probably it is one of reason why these aren't allowed. And you can use earlier POD so you can avoid 9/11,. At least I would advise you ask via PM from moderators are such conspiracy theories OK.
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  12. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, just gonna say this though, the point of this world is to, on the surface be np different from our world, but underground things are alot more conspiracy and alot more crazy then our world would ever imagine, so while the POD is pretty early, its hidden well enough that nothing really changes for anyone without this top secret knowledge
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