QT-Bam possible map

Hey guys! This is my first post on the forum!
So if i correct There are 2 V Maps, V-Bam map and VT-Bam map. I am new i may be wrong but the difference between V and VT is that the latter is in equirectangular projection, making it easy for putting it on the globe.


Size of a Q-bam map
Projection of a -T Map

I know that a E-bam map exists but we should have some order. Also E-bam map hasn't updated in a long time


Sadly there are glitches (Noticable on Straight line eg: USA)

So i will try to correct them all. I am currently doing the Americas. If anybody would like to help i will definitely need some help. also as i am not a professional i will mainly just connect the glitched dots. All tips and help will be welcome
I want to add stuff to this but I dont know how. Could someone give me a basic idea on how to do this?
a quick rundown is that you find a vt-bam map, downsize it with a very specific number, and done
ofcourse this will make the borders dissapear so it is complicated than that. i reccomend you ask VT45, he knows a lot more than me