Qbam Geographic Maps Thread

Didn't know lake Van was an endorheic basin. Otherwise cool map!
(Why are you this allergic to borders?
They get in the way if I decide to do further edits, especially with never river basins, but I can do them.
Also, for the more minor endorheic basins, do you want them to be a part of large basins or should we have them individually?
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Greece, Albania, and some extra rivers for Macedonia (Vardar and Styrmon)
Btw, if anyone else wants to work on this thread, the site I use to find all these little basins and rivers is called "Databasins". They have a google earth type map with "datasets" which layer onto that map. You can zoom in and out and get the borders for the rivers and can get them to correspond with the political borders as well. For the purposes of this thread, the maps we'll need are called Hydrosheds which show basin boundaries or natural river flows, including showing pathways through reserviors and man-made lakes.
Here's how you use it:
1. Go to datasets
2. Type in the continent (e.i. europe) or just "hydrosheds"
3. Click on the one you want and then click open in map
4. It'll layer onto the map for you, so just add the other corresponding dataset to the one you have and you'll get the full river map

It's pretty easy to use so you won't need to reread this.

Southern italy with a little extra in southern provence
Also, why is the Adriatic the only sea separated from the Mediterranean?
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Yes. I'd definitely need separate smaller seas. Also sub-basins within basins. (Sorry for necro.)
For sub-basins I personally thought of using an internal subdivision border (border between basins be color of national border, border of sub basins can be first-level internal)