Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

I saw somebody a few months ago was asking about a QBAM around 629 AD- did anything ever happen with that? If so I'd love it if you could post that here, otherwise I'll wait till y'all get around to it lol
also has anyone been updating the list? because that (and not this thread) is my go to for historical source maps. this thread really needs threadmarks

THICC QBAM of the Umayyad Caliphate in 732. Shoutout to Sharklord1 on deviantart for this, I just added borders and removed the rivers, and changed the color.
1900 qing patch.png

so with the help of the map that was sent by kolchak, i believe i've correctly updated the qing boundaries. i have:
- changedthe borders between qing proper and the substates
- added the border in tibet
- added provinces to inner mongolia and manchuria (as best as possible, they're not perfect)
- added the territory that once belonged to mongolia
- made dzungaria a province of qing proper
- corrected the yunnan-sichuan border (well, attempted to.)
- updated anhui and jiangsu
- upon closer inspection, the ahnui-jiangxi border seems to be correct,but i could be wrong.

i'm posting china alone here first for any other input before i update the deviantart post
i checked on other maps and it seemed to be different so i edited it accordingly, here you go.
I guess he was referring to the odd border between Brandenburg and West Prussia. In most maps I've seen it looks something like this. Posen seems to somehow "fall short".

after being told a bunch of time this image is too big (for some reason, it's only slightly over 500kb?) i've managed to upload my otl 1900 map here.
Venezuela/British Guiana is wrong. There was an arbitral ruling in 1899. Venezuela expressed displeasure with it but didn't actually denounce the arbitral awards until November 1962.

EDIT: So basically the Venezuelan claim shouldn't be shown between 1900 and 1962.
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I have been working on a map for 1066. I actually managed to finish the Americas, Africa, and a vast majority of Asia and Europe but then my computer blue screened and I lost it, as well as other wips including 632, 1556, 1300, and 1400. I managed to recreate the 632 map but as for the other ones, I've only begun 1556 and 1066 and I've barely scratched the surface with them and I don't really know if i want to do all these maps at a time, especially since all of them involve the HRE. So, I'm posting my progress on 1066 if anyone wants to continue it while I work on 1556, just to get the maps out possibly quicker.

If you are going to, don't forget about these patches that are directly for 1066 or around that time.
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A fairly historically accurate map of the North Sea upon the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066 - made using the RCS Color Scheme by @LSCatilina. I unfortunately could not find any reliable subdivisions for the Holy Roman Empire around this time and since it's not the focus of this map I decided not to bother with it.
Vaguely inspired by what Viralword posted, here's my attempt at an approximation as to what the HRE looked like in 1032; I didn't change the coastlines, but the internals should be mostly accurate. Lighter outlines denote marches. I used THICC:
Style 1:
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Style 2:
View attachment 463365

and that's 1100 all done

btw, what do y'all think of the color code on the side with no labels on the actual map thing I've been doing with this and 1930?
that way its sort of a labelled and an unlabelled map at the same time

EDIT: quick change to the map, the original was missing the Nizari Assassins
Working on 1848 Indian Reservations, not sure what to do with the Sioux, as there were several tribes that "shared" land within the greater Sioux area, but idk if I should map that.