Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

The QBAM and worlda maps showing the Irkutsk Governorate are inaccurate.


Just from the shape of the Irkutsk-Yakutsk border, you can see that there's something wrong with Kirensk uyezd.


Edit: here is the original source of that map (site, pdf). Map of Siberia on pg. 237, Irkutsk on pg. 241.
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He means the rivers on the QBAM base, not my map specifically. I actually did use that exact map as a reference when I made mine, but differences in projection make translating the data difficult, and I had to constantly fiddle with it to try and make the rivers and borders for each principality match up. It’s probably far from perfect, but it’s the best I could do with what I had.
I found this on among your works. By the way, could you provide a link to the original map?

September 3, 1403: Death of Gian Galeazzo Visconti

(take Mesoamerica with a grain of salt, I had a hard time figuring stuff out down there)
If you don't mind, could you share the resources you used for the Amazonian states? I can't find any mention of them on (admittedly, a relatively cursory search of) the Internet.
Reconquista patches v1.1. Changes:
- Added pre-756 subdivisions
- Fixed "core" Asturian territory in 719
- Added territory of "Tudmir"
- Fixed some stuff in France
- Fixed Balearic Islands in some periods of time
- Other small fixes

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I feel like a load for asking this, but does anyone know if there's a q-bam map of the world in 13th of January of 1945? I thought there was one, but I can't find it. I'm coming to the conclusion that no one made such a map or if it did exist, it was erased. Can anyone please elucidate me?
Oh, I may use the Daniel Webster and John Bell Proposal as an inspiration for a map I'm making. If the brownish middle territory and small East-Texas remnant were merged, it'd make some decent borders for an idea I have in mind.

Thank you for making the proposals!
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