Q-Bam Borderpool Improvement and Core Thread


central asia extra borders
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The Balkans should be redone to account for the occupation zones and border proposals that followed the First Balkan War.
Alright, sorry for being rude, but the borderpool is a fucking mess, it's got several colors, and I will attempt to fix this conglomeration:
-Mostly Fixes the Lake Borders
borderpool 5.pngborderpool1.pngborderpool2.pngborderpool3.pngborderpool4.png
Finally made one Basemap:

REVAMPED BODERPOOL (because currently borderpool's a mess)
-Unified border colors (please no ruin)
-Lake changes are no longer nightmares
-No colors (Unless you want them let me know)
Let me know if I'm missing anything
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I'm gonna be that guy (gal) that makes a request, because I'm much too lazy. But, could somebody with a kind heart please do the eastern Mississippi River drainage basin (includes Tennessee and Ohio, actually it would probably be a good idea to even split them)? Many thanks!